About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

march 29, 2017


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 351    Del Carr          RESCHEDULED -  to MAR 30, 1:00 PM

 HB 792    Del Barkley,      RESCHEDULED -  to APR 4, 1:00 PM
           et al
 HB 83     Del Luedtke,      Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Discharged
           et al             Student Loan Debt
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 194    St. Mary's        St. Mary's County - Licensing and Operation of
           County            Amusement Devices - Repeal
   ADDED   Delegation        MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 302    Del Jacobs, et    Kent County - Property Tax Credit - Commerce Zones
   ADDED   al                MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 349    Del Miele, et     Income Tax Credit - Wages Paid to Qualified
           al                Veteran Employees (Hire Our Veterans Act of 2017)
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 431    St. Mary's        St. Mary's County - Tax Exemptions - Repeal of
           County            Local Provisions
   ADDED   Delegation        MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 530    Del M.            Sales and Use Tx - Tax-Fr Period for Back-to-Schl
           Washington,       Shopping - Sale of Backpacks and Bookbags
   ADDED   et al             MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 713    Chr W&M (Dept)    Sales and Use Tax - Light Rail Vehicles -
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 762    Del Platt, et     Income Tax - Earned Income Tax Credit -
           al                Eligibility Awareness Campaign Pilot Program
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 822    Del Kipke, et     Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Police
           al                Auxiliaries and Reserve Volunteers
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 873    Dels Carey and    Income Tax Credit - Security Clearances - Employer
           Lisanti           Costs - Extension
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 199    Chr APP (Dept)    Capital Grants for Senior Citizen Activities


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 987    Del W. Miller,    RESCHEDULED -  to APR 5, 1:00 PM
           et al

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 12     Del S. Howard,    Senatorial and Delegate Scholarships - Individuals
           et al             on Active Duty - Eligibility and Use of Funds
 HB 669    Del Arentz, et    Public Schools - Boards of Education - Anonymous
           al                Two-Way Electronic Tip Programs
 HB 715    Chr W&M (Dept)    Institutions of Higher Education - Teacher
                             Preparation Programs - Accreditation and Approval
 HB 725    Del Cullison,     State Board of Dental Examiners - Death of a
           et al             Licensed Dentist - Ownership of a Dental Practice
 HB 760    Del Arentz, et    State Real Estate Commission - Real Estate
           al                Brokerage Services - Duties and Obligations
 HB 786    Del Angel, et     Education - Individualized or Group Behavioral
           al                Counseling Services - Establishment
 HB 920    Dels              Primary and Secondary Education - School Personnel
           Fraser-Hidalgo    - Training Requirement
           and Pena Melnyk
 HB 950    Del Pena          Unvrsty Sstm of Md - Constituent Institutions -
           Melnyk, et al     Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rcvry Program
 HB 1022   Del West          Health Occupations - Vltns of the Md Dentistry Act
                             - Penalties and Cease and Desist Orders
 HB 1058   Dels W. Miller    Business Regulation - Home Improvement Contracts
           and Adams
 HB 1061   Del A.            Education - Emergency and Evacuation Plans -
           Washington,       Individuals With Disabilities
           et al
 HB 1261   Del Wilkins,      Barbers - Criminal Penalties for Violations of
           et al             Barbering Law - Repeal
 HB 1283   Del Branch, et    Alcoholic Beverages - Class 5 Brewery License
 HB 1287   Del A.            Commission on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and
           Washington,       Restorative Practices
           et al
 HB 1522   Del Hill          Needs Assessment for Student School Based
                             Behavioral Health Services


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 1194   Sen Klausmeier    Public Health - Substance Abuse Treatment Outcome
                             Partnership Fund
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 SB 1197   Sen Miller        Public Health - Maryland Medical Cannabis
                             Commission - Membership, Licensing, and Studies
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 HB 506    Del Carr, et      HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 132    Chr HGO (Dept)    Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program - Regulations
 HB 135    Chr ECM (Dept)    Unemployment Insurance - Electronic Transmission
                             of Information and Documents - Authority
 HB 137    Chr ECM (Dept)    Unemployment Insurance - Recovery of Benefits -
                             Collection by Assessment
 HB 139    Chr ECM (Dept)    Unemployment Insurance - Employer Determinations -
                             Process and Appeal Rights
 HB 141    Chr ECM (Dept)    Unemployment Insurance - Eligibility for Benefits
                             - Business Operation Closings
 HB 146    Chr HGO (Dept)    Secretary of Aging - Administration of Commodity
                             Supplemental Food Program and Regulatory Authority
 HB 147    Chr HGO (Dept)    Healthy Aging Program
 HB 149    Chr ENV (Dept)    Transportation - Light Rail and Metro Subway -
                             State Safety Oversight Authority
 HB 154    Chr HGO (Dept)    Insurance - Pharmacy Benefits Managers -
                             Registration Expiration Date
 HB 167    Del McCray, et    Counties and Municipalities - At-Will Supervisory
           al                Employees - Residency Requirements
 HB 182    Chr ECM (Dept)    Commissioner of Financial Rgltn and St Collection
                             Agency Licensing Brd - Licensees - Revisions
 HB 185    Dels Rosenberg    DHMH - Dstrbtn of Tobacco Products to Minors -
           and               Prhbtn and Enfrcmt
 HB 188    Del Morhaim,      Public Health - Advance Dirctvs - Witness
           et al             Requirements, Advance Dirctvs Services, and Fund
 HB 285    Del Korman, et    Washington Metrorail Safety Commission Membership
           al                Act
 HB 298    Del Kelly, et     Health Insurance - Licensed Clinical Professional
           al                Art Therapists - Reimbursement
 HB 498    Del Hettleman     Hlth Care Decisions Act - Advance Dirctvs and
                             Surrogate Decision Making - Disqualified Indvdls
 HB 507    Del Luedtke       Community Colleges and Local Governments - Unfair
                             Labor Practices - Prohibition
 HB 522    Del Barron, et    Md Inst for Emrgncy Med Srvcs Sstms - Automated
           al                External Defibrillators - Stdy (The Joe Sheya Act)
 HB 586    Del Hettleman,    Maryland Farms and Families Act
           et al             (Jointly assigned to FIN and EHE)
 HB 591    Del Conaway       Task Force to Study the Local Economic Impact of
                             Bank Deserts in Maryland
 HB 860    Del Lierman,      Transitional Sprts for Ex-Offdrs - Alteration of
           et al             Rstrctns (Md Equal Acs to Fd Act of 2017)
 HB 1294   Del Valderrama    Workers' Compensation - Permanent Total Disability
                             - Survival of Claim
 HB 1468   Del Valentino     Medical Records - Disclosure of Directory
           Smith, et al      Information and Medical Records
 HB 1476   Del Glenn, et     Workers' Compensation - Failure to Report
           al                Accidental Personal Injury - Penalty
 HB 1517   Dels Glenn and    Maryland Nonprofit Development Center Program and
           M. Washington     Fund - Bridge Loans


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 133    Chr ENV (Dept)    Environment - Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing -
                             Notification of Elevated Blood Lead Level
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 SB 1195   Sen Oaks          Environment - Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing -
                             Blood Lead Level
   ADDED                     MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 7      Del Holmes        Environment - Lead Hazards - Environmental
                             Investigation, Reporting, and Risk Reduction
 HB 220    Baltimore         Foreclosures - Balt Co - Crtfct of Vacancy or
           County            Crtfct of Prprty Unfit for Hmn Habitation
 HB 749    Del Malone, et    Annulment and Divorce - Property Disposition -
           al                Pets
 HB 789    Del Cullison      Condominiums and Homeowners Associations -
                             Amendment of Governing Documents
 HB 970    Del               Real Property - New Home Sales - Information on
           Fraser-Hidalgo,   Energy-Efficient Options
           et al
 HB 1156   Del Stein         Residential Property - Foreclosed Property
                             Registry - Notice of Registration
 HB 1297   Del Valentino     Domestic Violence - Petitioner - Attorney for
           Smith, et al      Child
 HB 1321   Del Valentino     Child Protection - Reporting - Threat of Harm
 HB 1487   Del Rosenberg     Landlord and Tenant - Repossession for Failure to
                             Pay Rent - Procedures


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 32     Chr FIN (Dept)    Insurance - Cancellation of Policy or Binder -
                             Notice Requirements
 SB 290    Sen Middleton,    Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Policies -
           et al             Placement and Reinstatement
 SB 897    Sen Astle         Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class
                             H Beer and Light Wine Licenses
 SB 910    Sen Middleton     Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund - Operations
 SB 924    Sen Serafini      Cmsnr of Fincl Reg and St Collection Agnc Lcnsng
                             Brd - Surety Bond Rqrmnts for Lcnss and Rgstrnts
 SB 1086   Sen Conway        Baltimore City - Alcoholic Beverages - Residency
                             and Registered Voter Requirements
 SB 1088   Sen Astle         Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class
                             B Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licenses
 SB 1138   Sen Zucker        Alcoholic Beverages - Family Beer and Wine
                             Facility Permit


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 386    Sen Nathan        RESCHEDULED -  to MAR 30, 1:00 PM
           Pulliam, et al
 SB 817    Cecil County      Public Safety - Agritourism - Permit Exemption
   ADDED   Senators          MAR 29, 2017 1:00 PM

 SB 1080   Sen Simonaire     HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 266    Sen Conway, et    Environment - On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems -
           al                Best Available Technology for Nitrogen Removal
 SB 269    Sen Lee, et al    Emergency Veterinary Care - Immunity From
 SB 273    Sen Edwards,      State Forest, State Park, and Wildlife Management
           et al             Area Revenue Equity Program
 SB 365    Sen Young, et     Task Force on the Forest Conservation Act Offset
           al                Policy
 SB 422    Sen Pinsky, et    Keep Antibiotics Effective Act of 2017
 SB 703    Sen Middleton     MALPF - Participation in the Readiness and
                             Environmental Protection Integration Program
 SB 713    Sen Young, et     Prdcts That Cntn Mercury - Prhbtn on Sale of
           al                Elctrc Swtchs, Elctrc Relays, and Gas Valve Swtchs
 SB 885    Sens Rosapepe     Environment - Recycling - Special Events
           and Kagan
 SB 964    Sens              Aquaculture - Leases - Submerged Aquatic
           Klausmeier and    Vegetation
 SB 1040   Sen Ready, et     Environment - Water and Sewer Plan Approval

                                 3:00 P.M.

 Environment Subcommittee Work Session

 Housing & Real Property Subcommittee Work Session


Changes made to schedule through addenda

                                 11:00 A.M.

 Public Health and Minority Health Disparities
 Subcommittee Work Session:

      - HB 1158

                  *Room 240*

 Health Occupations and Long Term Care
 Subcommittee Work Session:

      - SB 41
      - SB 47
      - SB 50
      - SB 169
      - SB 195
      - SB 503
      - SB 814

                  *Room 218*

 SB 385    Sen Nathan        Maryland Nurse Practice Act - Revisions
   MOVED   Pulliam, et al    From MAR 28, 1:00 PM to MAR 29, 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 44     Chr EHE (Dept)    Records Management and Preservation - State Units
                             and Public Officials - Responsibilities
 SB 88     Sen Simonaire     General Provisions - State Designations - Great
 SB 309    The Pres          State Finance and Procurement - Small and Minority
           (Admin), et al    Business Participation
 SB 310    The Pres          Improving the State Procurement Oversight
           (Admin), et al    Structure
 SB 450    Sen Manno         Open Meetings Act - Annual Reporting Requirement,
                             Web Site Postings, and Training
 SB 509    Sen Peters        Prince George's County - Orphans' Court Judges -
 SB 517    Sen Zucker, et    Scrtrs of Principal Depts - Sprvsn and Review of
           al                Decisions and Actns by Units Within Depts
 SB 700    Sen Robinson,     St Govt - Ofc of Minority Affairs and Intrdprtmntl
           et al             Advsry Cmt on Minority Affairs - Renaming
 SB 792    Sen Smith         Maryland Trust Act - Notice and Reporting
                             Requirements - Exemptions
 SB 793    Sen Smith         Maryland Trust Act - Representatives of
 SB 989    Sens Nathan       State Board of Physicians - Physician Licensure -
           Pulliam and       Prohibition on Requiring Specialty Certification
 SB 1057   Sen Lee           Public Information Act - Denials of Inspection -
                             Explanation Regarding Redaction
 SB 1084   Sen Waugh         Task Force on Veteran-Owned Small Business
                             Enterprise Participation in Procurement
 SB 1144   Sen Robinson      Procurement Preferences - Blind Industries and
                             Services of Maryland - Janitorial Products

                                 1:00 P.M.

 *Oral testimony by sponsor only for
 the following crossfiles:

      *309, 310, 450, 517, 700, 792,
       793, 989, 1057, 1084, 1144


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 217    Sen Kelley, et    Criminal Law - Sexual Offenses - Physical
           al                Resistance
 SB 272    Sen Kelley, et    Grdnshp and Child in Need of Assistance Prcdgs -
           al                Jurisdiction and Athrty of Jvnl Crt
 SB 348    Sen Kelley, et    State Compensation for Erroneous Conviction and
           al                Imprisonment - Certification of Error
 SB 505    Sen Kelley, et    Civil Actions - Child Sexual Abuse - Statute of
           al                Limitations and Required Findings
 SB 790    Sen Smith         Criminal Law - Animal Cruelty - Applicability
 SB 794    Sen Smith         Legal Advice to Corporations - Clarification
 SB 941    Sen Smith, et     Public Safety - SWAT Teams - Standards
 SB 944    Sen Smith         Criminal Law - Sexual Offenses - Classification
 SB 949    Sens Smith and    Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Possession of
           Madaleno          Marijuana


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 178    Sen Peters, et    Horse Racing - Racetrack Facility Renewal Account
           al                - Eligibility and Capital Expenditures
 SB 235    Sen Guzzone       Sales and Use Tax - Declaration of Legislative
                             Intent - Services
 SB 295    Sen Peters, et    Incm Tax - Sbtrctn Mdfctn - Military Rtrmnt Incm -
           al                Indvdls at Least 65 Yrs Old
 SB 318    The Pres          Cybersecurity Investment Incentive Tax Credit -
           (Admin), et al    Eligibility and Sunset Extension
 SB 597    Sen Guzzone,      Income Tax Subtraction Mdfctn - Retirement Income
           et al             of Law Enfrcmt, F,R,& ES Prsnl
 SB 1006   Sens Jennings     Senior Citizen Activities Centers - Bingo Games -
           and Manno         Authorization


                                 12:00 P.M.     Room 150
                                                House Office Building
                                                6 Bladen Street
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  FY 2017 Call for Proposals - presentations by invited applicants


                                 1:00 P.M.      Training Room
                                    to          Office of Health Care Quality,
                                 3:00 P.M.      (DHMH)
                                                Floor One - See Guard
                                                Spring Grove Hospital
                                                (Catonsville Campus)
                                                Bland Bryant Building
                                                55 Wade Avenue
                                                Catonsville, MD

   Subject:  Regularly Scheduled Meeting

March 28, 2017 3:55 P.M.