About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

october 25, 2017


                                 1:00 P.M.      Room 250
                                                Environment and Transportation
                                                House Office Building
                                                6 Bladen Street
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  Interim Study on Market Share Liability for Damages Caused by
             Lead-Based Paint
             Interim Study on Polystyrene

             For more information contact: Cristen Flynn, Dept. of Legislative
             Services, at 410-841-3990


                                 1:00 P.M.      Room 230
                                                House Economic Matters
                                                House Office Building
                                                6 Bladen Street
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  Potential impacts on the State of the federal budget and relevant
             federal initiatives


                                 2:00 P.M.      Room 130
                                                Ways and Means Committee
                                                House Office Building
                                                6 Bladen Steet
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  Board Requested Legislation

             Briefing on the State Retirement Agency study regarding vesting

             Briefing on the State Retirement Agency report on Investment
             Division Staffing and Compensation


                                 9:30 A.M.      Room 120
                                    to          House Appropriations
                                 5:00 P.M.      Committee Room
                                                House Office Building
                                                6 Bladen Street
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  Work session

             (Full agenda will be posted online prior to the meeting.)

                                 6:30 P.M.      Largo High School
                                    to          505 Largo Road
                                 8:30 P.M.      Upper Marlboro, MD

   Subject:  Public hearing for parents, students, teachers, and any other
             interested individuals to share their views on improving the
             public education system in Maryland.

             Individuals who wish to testify must sign up by either emailing
             PreK-12InnovationandExcellenceCommission@mlis.state.md.us or
             calling Mindy McConville or Kim Landry at (410) 946-5510 or
             (301) 970-5510 by NOON on the day of the hearing.  Please provide
             the following information:  (1) name and contact information; (2)
             location/date of the meeting for which you are signing up; and (3)
             if you are speaking on behalf of a group, please include the name
             of the group.

             While testimony will generally be limited to 3 minutes per person,
             the Chair has discretion to make adjustments depending on how many
             people sign up.  While it is not necessary to bring a written
             statement, if you do, please bring 40 copies with you to the
             hearing.  Staff will collect and distribute to the Commission
             members.  Please note that the hearing will be recorded and posted
             to the Commission's web page.  If you are unable to attend but
             wish to submit written testimony, you may email your testimony to
             the email address listed above.


                                 11:30 A.M.     3 West
                                     to         Miller Senate Office Building
                                  2:00 P.M.     Budget and Taxation Committee
                                                11 Bladen Street
                                                Baltimore, MD

   Subject:  Public hearing on the issues around tax sales in Maryland

October 19, 2017 12:21 P.M.