About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

february 13, 2018



 3 West, Miller
           * Public Debt
           * State Reserve Fund
           * Governor's Office for Children & Interagency Fund


 3 West, Miller
           * Capital Capital Fiscal Briefing
           * Capital Department of Planning
           * Capital Maryland Department of Agriculture
           * Capital Maryland Energy Administration


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 409    Sen Robinson,     HEARING CANCELED
           et al

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 314    The Pres          Bay Rstrtn Fnd - Fee Exmptn, Disbursements, and
           (Admin), et al    Fincl Assistance (Septic Stewardship Act of 2018)
 SB 414    Sen Robinson,     Gov's Ofc of Small, Minority, and Wmn Business
           et al             Affairs - Coordination of Small Business Rsrcs
 SB 415    Sen Robinson,     Gov's Ofc of Sml, Mnrty, and Wmn Bsns Affairs -
           et al             Wrkgrp to Stdy Data Clctn to Ast Sml Bsnss
 SB 483    Sen King          Public Schools - Sprinkler Systems - Required
 SB 492    Sen Zucker, et    Procurement - Responsible Workforce Development
           al                Percentage Price Preference Act
 SB 496    Sen Ready, et     Environment - Greywater - Residential Use
 SB 500    Sen Nathan        Pesticides - Use of Chlorpyrifos - Prohibition
           Pulliam, et al
 SB 501    Sen Edwards,      State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund -
           et al             Purpose, Use, and Funding - Alterations
 SB 540    Sen Edwards       Garrett County - Bids and Contracts
 SB 542    Carroll County    Carroll County - Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and
           Senators          Emergency Medical Services
 SB 558    Sens Simonaire    Oyster Poaching - Administrative Penalties
           and Hershey


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 652    Sen Middleton     RESCHEDULED -  to MAR 13, 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 48     Sen Mathias       Workers' Compensation - Permanent Partial
                             Disability - State Correctional Officers
 SB 403    Sen Middleton     Workers' Compensation - Students in Unpaid
                             Work-Based Learning Experiences
 SB 453    Sen Middleton     Insurance Article - References to Vehicles and
                             Automobiles - Consistency
 SB 573    Sen               Vehicle Laws - Rental Vehicles - Security
           Klausmeier, et
 SB 575    Sen Klausmeier    Workers' Compensation - Self-Insured Employers -
                             Suspected Fraud Reporting
 SB 673    Sens Middleton    Ins - Contracts and Policies - Educational and
           and Astle         Promotional Materials and Articles of Merchandise
 SB 852    Sen Klausmeier    Workers' Compensation - Temporary Total Disability
                             - Credit


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 442    Sen Norman        Public Sfty - Md Electronic Telecommunications
                             Enfrcmt Resource Sstm - Body Attachments
 SB 448    Sen Feldman,      Public Safety - Firearms Disqualifications -
           et al             Antique Firearm (Shade's Law)
 SB 472    Sen Hough, et     Public Safety - Permit to Wear, Carry, or
           al                Transport a Handgun - Expiration and Renewal
 SB 495    Sen Ready         Drug or Controlled Dangerous Substance Testing -
 SB 497    Sen Ready, et     Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Protective Order
           al                and Peace Order
 SB 499    Sen Simonaire,    Public Safety - Hit and Run Suspects - Yellow
           et al             Alert Program
 SB 539    Sen Lee, et al    Correctional Services - Restrictive Housing -
 SB 598    Sen Lee, et al    Correctional Services - Inmates - Menstrual
                             Hygiene Products
 SB 602    Sens Hough and    Firearms - Right to Purchase, Possess, and Carry -
           Zirkin            Use of Medical Cannabis
 SB 604    Sen Edwards,      Criminal Procedure - Forfeiture of Firearms - Sale
           et al             to Dealer


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.



 HB 372    Del Korman, et    Maryland Metro Funding Act
           al                (Jointly assigned to APP and ENV)
 HB 403    Del Jones, et     Community Colleges - Facilities Renewal Grant
           al                Program - Established
 HB 430    Del Jones, et     Education - Child Care Subsidies - Mandatory
           al                Funding Levels
 HB 516    Del Jones, et     Higher Education - Community Colleges - Funding
 HB 603    Del               Public Senior Hghr Ed Institutions - Disciplinary
           Hornberger, et    Proceedings - Stdnts and Student Orgnztns
 HB 643    Del Jones, et     State Department of Education - Employment
           al                Categories and Practices
 HB 663    Del Healey, et    Higher Education - Academic Forgiveness Policy -
           al                Established
 HB 693    Del McIntosh,     State Education Aid - Tax Increment Financing
           et al             Development Districts - Repeal of Sunset Provision
 HB 713    Del Morales,      Higher Education - Transfer Student Education
           et al             Records - Requirements
 HB 775    Del Kelly         State Employees - Parental Leave
 HJ 3      The Spkr (By      Judicial Compensation Commission - Recommendations


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 304    Sen Middleton,    Maryland Healthy Working Families Act - Delay of
           et al             Effective Date
   ADDED                     FEB 13, 2018 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 193    Chr ECM and       High School Diploma by Examination - Eligibility
           Chr W&M (Dept)    Requirements - Exemption
                             (Jointly assigned to ECM and W&M)
 HB 264    Del W. Miller     Labor and Employment - Labor Organizations - Right
                             to Work
 HB 512    Del K. Young,     Labor and Employment - Pay Scales and Wage History
           et al             Information
 HB 540    Del Korman, et    Lbr and Emplmt - Pre-Tax Trnsprtn Fringe Benefit -
           al                Rqrmnt (Md Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit Act)
 HB 541    Del Mosby, et     Labor and Employment - Criminal Record Screening
           al                Practices (Ban the Box)
 HB 546    Del Davis, et     Prevailing Wage - Tax Increment Financing
           al                Developments - Application


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 472    Del Stein, et     HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 275    St. Mary's        St. Mary's County - Metropolitan Commission
 HB 494    Del Beidle, et    Safe Neighborhoods Act
 HB 564    Del Holmes        Real Property - Condominiums and Homeowners
                             Associations - Governing Bodies
 HB 575    Del Holmes        Condominiums - Suspension of Use of Common
 HB 580    Del Lafferty      Landlord and Tenant - Prohibited Lease Provisions
                             - Late Fees for Tenants Receiving Govt Benefits
 HB 602    Del Lam, et al    Real Property - Installation and Use of Electric
                             Vehicle Recharging Equipment
 HB 615    Del Lisanti       Municipalities - Charter Amendments - Procedures
 HB 659    Del Valentino     Community Development - Community Action Agencies
           Smith, et al      - Continuity of Funding

                                 3:00 P.M.

 Natural Resources, Agriculture & Open Space Subcommittee Work Session

 Land Use & Ethics Subcommittee Work Session


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 601    Del Hayes, et     RESCHEDULED -  to FEB 27, 1:00 PM

                                 11:00 A.M.

      Government Operations and Estates and Trusts Subcommittee:

           - HB 371

           *Room 240*

      Insurance Subcommittee:

           - HB 27
           - HB 249

           *Room 218*

 HB 551    Del Kipke         HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 84     Del Angel         Public Health - Child Care Products Containing
                             Flame-Retardant Chemicals - Prohibition
 HB 326    Del Morhaim,      Public Health - Overdose and Infectious Disease
           et al             Prvntn Supervised Drug Cnsmptn Facility Program
 HB 359    The Spkr          Health - Reporting of Overdose Information
 HB 384    Chr HGO (Dept)    Substance Use Facilities and Programs -
                             Certificate of Need - Repeal of Requirement
 HB 407    Del Cullison,     Public Hlth - Gnrl Hospice Care Programs - Clctn
           et al             and Disposal of Unused Prescription Medication
 HB 517    Del Hill, et      Pharmacy Drug Monitoring Program - Data Request
           al                Exemption - Regional Anesthesia Patients
 HB 626    Del Cullison,     Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Medication
           et al             Adherence Technology Pilot Program


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 373    Cecil County      Cecil County - Home Detention and Release Programs
 HB 382    Del Dumais        Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Civil Offense
 HB 429    Chr AA Co         Anne Arundel County - Personal Property -
           Deleg (County     Possession and Release
 HB 436    Del Ali, et al    Baltimore Police Department - Reporting on
                             Community Policing
 HB 453    Del West          Baltimore County - Uniformed Off-Duty Law
                             Enforcement Officer - Body Camera
 HB 456    Del Barron        Criminal Law - Crimes Involving Computers - Cyber
                             Intrusion and Ransomware
 HB 460    Del Moon, et      Montgomery County - Fire and Explosive
           al                Investigator - Definition
 HB 461    Del Morales,      Victims and Witnesses - U Nonimmigrant Status -
           et al             Certification of Victim Helpfulness
 HB 480    Del Mosby, et     Criminal Procedure - Pretrial Release - Fees
 HB 488    Del Dumais, et    Criminal Law - Third-Degree Assault
 HB 510    Dels Moon and     Criminal Procedure - Providing Electronic Device
           Sydnor            Location Information - Historical Data
 HB 522    Del Queen, et     Public Sfty - Md Police Training and Standards
           al                Commission - Sexual Assault Investigation Training
 HB 525    Del Sydnor        Criminal Law - False Statement to Law Enforcement
                             Officer - Exemption
 HB 579    Del McComas,      Correctional Services - Murder - Diminution
           et al             Credits
 HB 628    Del Wilkins,      Correctional Services - Inmates - Labor
           et al


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 701    Del Cluster,      HEARING CANCELED
           et al

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 475    Dels Ali and      Baltimore City - Tax Sales - Accrual of Property
           Mosby             Tax, Interest, and Penalties
 HB 532    Del Reznik, et    Elective Franchise - Registration and Voting at
           al                Precinct Polling Place
 HB 542    Del Ali, et al    Election Law - Eligible Detainees - Information on
                             Voting Rights
 HB 549    Dels              Admissions and Amusement Tax - Limitations on
           Hornberger and    Municipal Corporations
 HB 583    Del Long          Baltimore County - Property Tax - Homeowners'
                             Property Tax Credit Supplement
 HB 586    Del Krebs, et     State Property Tax - Homestead Property Tax
           al                Assessment Cap Reduction
 HB 662    Del Tarlau, et    Presidential Candidate Tax Transparency Act
 HB 670    Allegany          Election Law - Filing Fee - Candidates for
           County            President and Vice President
 HB 721    Dels Rey and      Property Tax Credit - Public Safety Officer -
           Luedtke           Definition
 HB 737    Del Mosby, et     Election Law - Campaign Finance Reports - Bank
           al                Statements
 HB 755    Del Mosby, et     Campaign Finance - Illegal Contributions - Fair
           al                Campaign Financing Fund
 HB 759    Del Sydnor        Election Law - Campaign Finance Entities - Limit
                             on Cash Contributions
 HB 763    Del Mosby, et     Campaign Finance Reports - Business Contributors -
           al                Registration Status

February 13, 2018 3:46 P.M.