About Schedules

The weekly schedule is issued anew each Thursday and includes the dates, times, locations, and topics for meetings being held by committees of the General Assembly and other state government groups. Addenda to the weekly schedule are published as necessary.

Meetings are generally held in late morning or early afternoon.

During the legislative session standing committee meetings include:

  • Public hearings on all assigned legislation. Withdrawn legislation does not always receive a hearing.
  • Briefings on subject matters as determined by the chair from agencies and selected organizations.
  • Receiving testimony from sponsors and other parties supporting or opposing legislation
  • Reviewing the Governor’s nominees to cabinet positions, certain Judgeships, and various boards and commissions (Senate Executive Nominations Committee only)
  • Hearing agency representatives discuss the budgets of specific units of State government (Budget Committees only)
  • Receiving proposed amendments
  • Voting to approve or reject legislation

Between sessions, scheduled meetings continue the work of General Assembly committees and its task forces, commissions, and special issue workgroups.

Certain committees webcast their meetings live and recordings can be listened to or viewed on demand after the meeting has concluded. Prior schedules and addenda are available online and in printed format.

march 7, 2018


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 901    Sen King          Local Infrastructure Fast Track for Maryland Act
   MOVED                     From MAR 8, 2:45 PM to MAR 7, 1:00 PM

 SB 901    Sen King          HEARING CANCELED

 SB 834    Sens Madaleno     HEARING CANCELED
           and King

End of schedule changes


 SB 516    Sen Madaleno,     Transportation - Highway User Revenues -
           et al             Distribution
 SB 740    Sen Madaleno,     State DOE - Breakfast and Lunch Programs - Funding
           et al             (Maryland Cares for Kids Act)
                             (Jointly assigned to B&T and EHE)
 SB 759    Sen Jennings      Property Tax - Benefits for Agricultural Land -
                             Exclusion of Solar Farms
 SB 763    Sen Manno, et     Use of Public Funds - Playground and Athletic
           al                Field Surfaces - Preferences and Prohibitions
 SB 764    Sen Mathias       Local Governments - Income Tax Disparity Grants -
 SB 779    Sen Muse          Prince George's County - Education Trust Fund -
                             Use of Fund
 SB 805    Sen Oaks, et      Baltimore City - Table Game Proceeds -
           al                Recreational Facilities
 SB 810    Sen Zucker, et    Job Reinvestment Act of 2018
 SB 813    Sen Salling       Baltimore County - Property Tax - Homestead Tax
                             Credit Percentage
 SB 815    Sen Salling       Baltimore County - Property Tax - Homeowners'
                             Property Tax Credit Supplement
 SB 818    Sen Madaleno,     Ed - Md Meals for Achievement In-Clsrm Breakfast
           et al             Program - Eligibility and Annual Appropriation
 SB 820    Sen Madaleno,     State Budget
           et al
 SB 828    Sen Eckardt,      Income Tax - Personal Exemptions - Inflation
           et al             Adjustment
 SB 829    Sen Eckardt,      Income Tax Subtraction Modification - Retirement
           et al             Income (Fairness in Taxation for Retirees Act)
 SB 830    Sen Eckardt,      Income Tax - Standard Deduction - Inflation
           et al             Adjustment
 SB 836    Sen King, et      Expansion of Commercial Gaming - Referendum -
           al                Sports Wagering
 SB 848    Sen Serafini      Income Tax Credit - Wineries and Vineyards -
                             Procedures to Claim Credit and Sunset Extension
 SB 855    Sen Guzzone       2020 Census Grant Program - Establishment and
 HJ 3      The Spkr (By      Judicial Compensation Commission - Recommendations


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 SB 1024   Sen Conway        HEARING CANCELED
 SB 871    Sen Mathias       HEARING CANCELED

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 903    Sen Waugh, et     Southern Maryland - University System of Maryland
           al                Partnership Act of 2018
 SB 904    Sens Waugh and    Public Schools - Social Media Use by Educators
 SB 934    Sen Nathan        St Brd of Dntl Exmnrs - Lcnsr - Faculty Mbrs at
           Pulliam, et al    the Unvrsty of Md Schl of Dentistry
 SB 950    Sen Eckardt       Health Occupations - Treatment of Lyme Disease and
                             Other Tick-Borne Diseases - Disciplinary Actions
 SB 969    Sen Manno, et     Public Health - Access to Emergency Contraception
           al                - Student Health Centers and Vending Machines
                             (Jointly assigned to EHE and FIN)
 SB 984    Sen Zucker, et    General Prvsns - Open Meetings Act - Application
           al                to Governor's Cabinet and Governor's Exec Cncl
 SB 991    Sen Jennings      Higher Education - Maryland Loan Assistance
                             Repayment Program - Farmers
 SB 998    Sen Peters, et    State Department of Education - REAL School
           al                Gardens Pilot Program - Established
 SB 1008   Sen Jennings      Higher Education - Delegate Scholarships -
 SB 1021   Sen Conway        Community Colleges - Baccalaureate Degrees -
 SB 1027   Sen Madaleno,     Higher Education - Transfer Student Education
           et al             Records - Requirements
 SB 1028   Sen Madaleno,     Health Occupations - Conversion Therapy for Minors
           et al             - Prhbtn (Youth Mental Health Protection Act)
 SB 1033   Sen Hough, et     Public Senior Hghr Ed Institutions - Disciplinary
           al                Proceedings - Stdnts and Student Orgnztns
 SB 1041   Sen Smith         Education - Teacher Certification - Montessori
 SB 1049   Sen Smith, et     Higher Education - Endowed University System of
           al                Maryland Scholarship Program - Established
                             (Jointly assigned to EHE and B&T)
 SB 1092   The Pres (Cmsn    Education - Commission on Innovation and
           Invtn and         Excellence in Education
           Exclnc Edctn),    (Jointly assigned to EHE and B&T)


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 656    Sen Benson, et    Health Ins - Coverage for Elevated or Impaired
           al                Blood Glucose Levels and Prediabetes Treatment
 SB 660    Sens Lee and      Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Rare and
           Madaleno          Expensive Case Mgt Program - Waiver Amendment
 SB 765    Sen Mathias       Md Medical Assistance Program - Clinical Services
                             Provided by Certified Peer Rcvry Specialists
 SB 835    Sen Madaleno      Maryland Medical Assistance Program -
                             Collaborative Care Pilot Program
 SB 864    Sen Kelley, et    Health - Emergency Evaluees and Involuntarily
           al                Admitted or Committed Individuals - Procedures
 SB 937    Sen Kelley        Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Home- and
                             Community-Based Waiver Services - Prhbtn on Denial
 SB 939    Sen Kelley        Community-Based Srvcs Wvrs and St Dsblts Plan -
                             Alterations (Md Dsblts Act)
 SB 943    Sen Nathan        Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health
           Pulliam           Insurance - Coverage - Hepatitis C Drugs
 SB 947    Sen Rosapepe      Mental Health Law - Involuntary Admissions -
                             Requirements and Procedures
 SB 973    Sen Manno         Maryland Transportation Authority - Video Tolls -
 SB 975    Sen Nathan        Task Force to Study Drug Addiction as a Chronic
           Pulliam           Disease
 SB 1002   Sen Pinsky, et    Public Health - Healthy Maryland Program -
           al                Establishment (Healthy Maryland Act of 2018)
 SB 1047   Sen Kagan         Consumer Protection - Scanning or Swiping ID Cards
                             and Drvr's Lcnss - Prhbtn


                                 1:00 P.M.

 SB 629    Sen Kelley, et    Correctional Facilities - Pregnant Inmates -
           al                Medical Care
 SB 637    Cecil County      Correctional Services - Cecil County - Release and
           Senators          Home Detention Programs
 SB 649    Sen Kelley        Estates and Trusts - Elective Share of Surviving
 SB 672    Sen Zirkin        Register of Wills - Salary
 SB 705    Sen Klausmeier    Public Safety - SWAT Team Activation and
                             Deployment - Reports
 SB 728    Sen King, et      Public Safety - Battery Operated Smoke Alarms
 SB 800    Sen Lee, et al    Crmnl Lw - Sxl Actvty With an Animal, Unnatural or
                             Perverted Sxl Practices, and Sodomy
 SB 1014   Sen Ready         Estates and Trusts - Breach of Trust Action -
                             Limitation Period
 SB 1031   Sens Hough and    Vehicle Laws - Manufacturers and Dealers -
           Lee               Consumer Data Protection
 SB 1037   Sen Smith         Montgomery County - Fire and Explosive
                             Investigator - Definition


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.



 Room 145, HOB
           * Department of State Police
           * DPSCS Police and Correctional Training Commissions
           * DPSCS Division of Pretrial Detention


 Room 120, HOB
           * Capital Maryland Environmental Service
           * Capital Baltimore City Community College
           * Capital Community College Facilities Grant Program
           * Capital MD Independent College and University Assoc
           * Capital Maryland School for the Deaf
           * Capital St Mary's College of Maryland
           * Capital Department of Information Technology


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 1471   Del M.            Workgroup to Study Design Industry Impacts in
           Washington        Maryland
 HB 1487   Del McComas       Workgroup to Study Adopting the Uniform Voidable
                             Transactions Act
 HB 1511   Del Mautz (By     Credit Regulation - Mortgage Brokers - Finder's
           Request)          Fee
 HB 1513   Del Fennell       Commercial Law - Maryland Credit Repair Businesses
 HB 1542   Del Lisanti       Department of Commerce - Employment in the State's
                             Defense Industry - Army Alliance Study
 HB 1584   Del S. Howard     Maryland Personal Information Protection Act -
                             Security Breach Ntfctn Requirements - Mdfctns
 HB 1647   Del S. Howard     Commercial Law - Credit Card Processors - Service
 HB 1654   Del Frick         Commercial Law - Internet Privacy and Net
 HB 1655   Del Reznik        Commercial Law - Privacy and Net Neutrality


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 1249   Del Adams         Crab Harvest - Start Time - Code Red Days
 HB 1284   Del Cassilly,     Tidal Fish Licenses - Authorization to Catch Crabs
           et al             - Application Requirements
 HB 1330   Del McMillan,     Public Ethics Law - Conflicts of Interest -
           et al             Political Consulting
 HB 1338   Del Anderton,     Natural Resources - Hunting - Sundays
           et al
 HB 1350   Del Stein, et     Sea Level Rise Inundation and Cstl Flooding -
           al                Construction, Adaptation, Mitigation, and Dsclsr
 HB 1398   Del Metzgar,      State Boat Act - Solar Reflective Lights on Buoys
           et al             - Requirement
 HB 1426   Del Adams         Natural Resources - Aquaculture Leases - Location
 HB 1429   Del Glass, et     Natural Resources - Archery Hunting - Safety Zone
 HB 1440   Del Glass         Natural Resources - Hunter Safety Instructors -
                             State Park Entrance Fee
 HB 1455   Del Grammer       Dredging on Man-O-War Shoals - Prohibition
 HB 1485   Del Fisher        Natural Resources - Shellfish - Harvesting by
                             Wharf Owners
 HB 1547   Del Mautz, et     Natural Resources - Crabbing Authorizations -
           al                Reciprocity
 HB 1561   Dels Glass and    Natural Resources - Hunting - Outerwear Exception
 HB 1591   Del Impallaria    Solar Facilities - Siting Standards
                             (Jointly assigned to ENV and ECM)

                                 3:00 P.M.

 Environment Subcommittee Work Session

 Housing & Real Property Subcommittee Work Session


Changes made to schedule through addenda

                                 11:00 A.M.

      Public Health and Minority Health Disparities Subcommittee:

           - HB 772
           - HB 839
           - HB 1159
           - HB 1473
           - HB 1652

           *Room 240*

      Health Occupations and Long Term Care Subcommittee:

           - HB 490
           - HB 742
           - HB 863
           - HB 902
           - HB 1437

           *Room 218*

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 1008   Del Cullison      State Board of Physicians - Invasive
                             Cardiovascular Professionals
 HB 1096   Dels              Health Occupations - Mental Health Veteran
           Waldstreicher     Employment Pilot Program - Establishment
           and Wilson
 HB 1193   Dels West and     Physicians - Discipline - Procedures and Effects
 HB 1214   Del Folden, et    Public Safety - Trauma-Affected Veterans Training
           al                Program - Establishment
 HB 1266   Del Carey, et     Health Occupations - Treatment of Lyme Disease and
           al                Other Tick-Borne Diseases - Disciplinary Actions
 HB 1452   Del Pena          CDSs Registration - Authorized Prvdrs - Continuing
           Melnyk, et al     Medical Ed
 HB 1480   The Spkr (Atty    Controlled Dangerous Substances - Distributors -
           Gen Ofc), et al   Reporting Suspicious Orders
 HB 1537   Del Krimm         Commission to Study Non-Emergency Medical
                             Transportation Funding
 HB 1555   Del Reilly        Interception of Oral Communications - Medical
                             Information - One-Party Consent
 HB 1558   Del Morales,      Pharmacists - Dispensing of Prescription Drugs -
           et al             Single Dispensing of Dosage Units
 HB 1598   Del Krebs         Massage Therapists - Licenses and Registrations -
                             Education and Display Requirements
 HB 1603   Del Sanchez,      Task Force to Standardize Data Collection on Race
           et al             and Ethnicity
 HB 1610   Dels Queen and    State-Occupied Buildings - Child Care Centers -
           Gibson            Requirements and Renovations
 HB 1618   Dels Morales      Community-Based Srvcs Wvrs and St Dsblts Plan -
           and West          Alterations (Md Dsblts Act)
 HB 1623   Del J. Lewis,     State Policies, Guidelines, and Regulations -
           et al             Mitigation of Disparate Impacts
 HB 1638   Del Sydnor, et    Public Information Act - Revisions
           al                (Jointly assigned to HGO and JUD)


 No Hearings, Working Sessions, or Voting Sessions are scheduled on this day.


                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 1225   Del Dumais        State Finance and Procurement - Grnt to Individual
                             Erroneously Convicted, Sentenced, and Confined
                             (Jointly assigned to JUD and HGO)
 HB 1448   Del Vallario      Clerks of the Courts - Traffic Fines - Installment
 HB 1456   Del Barve, et     Offshore Drilling Liability Act
           al                (Jointly assigned to JUD and ENV)
 HB 1458   Calvert County    District Court - County Zoning Violation - Appeals
 HB 1475   Del Lisanti       Civil Actions - Duty to Render Assistance
 HB 1581   Del Vallario,     Hlth Care Malpractice Qualified Expert - Lim on
           et al             Testimony in Personal Injr Claims - Rpl
 HB 1583   Del Vallario,     Board of Public Works - Erroneously Convicted
           et al             Individual - Restitution
 HB 1611   Del Morales,      Courts - Concealment of Public Hazard and Sexual
           et al             Harassment (Sunshine in Litigation Act)
                             (Jointly assigned to JUD and ECM)
 HB 1613   Del Sanchez       Appointment or Designation of Standby Guardian -
                             Removal From the United States
 HB 1619   Del Wivell, et    Civil Actns - Nonattorney Rprsntn - Corporations,
           al                Partnerships, LLCs, and Sole Proprietorships

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 604  Mosby     Del Mosby, et al
                   Baltimore City Lead Remediation and Recovery Act
 HB 924  Folden    Emergency Medical Care - Administration of Opioid
                   Antidotes - Immunity


Changes made to schedule through addenda

 HB 1643   Del Frick, et     RESCHEDULED - to MAR 13, 1:00 PM

End of schedule changes

                                 1:00 P.M.

 HB 875    The Spkr          Protecting Maryland Taxpayers Act of 2018
           (Admin), et al
 HB 1208   Del Walker        Job Reinvestment Act of 2018
 HB 1252   Del Dumais        Income Tax - Refunds - Payment
 HB 1301   Del Anderton,     Income Tax Credits - Poultry Houses - LED Lighting
           et al
 HB 1336   Del Kaiser, et    Income Tax - Calculation of Maryland Taxable
           al                Income - Itemized Deductions
 HB 1415   The Spkr (Cmsn    Education - Commission on Innovation and
           Invtn Exclnc      Excellence in Education
           Edu), et al       (Jointly assigned to W&M and APP)
 HB 1449   Del Luedtke,      Income Tax - Film Production Activity Tax Credit -
           et al             Alterations
 HB 1450   Dels Kaiser       Income Tax - Research and Development Tax Credit -
           and D. Barnes     Alterations
 HB 1454   Del A.            Heritage Strctr Rehab Tax Credit - Commercial
           Washington,       Rehabs - Transferability and Affordable Housing
           et al
 HB 1594   Del Carey         Economic Development - More Jobs for Marylanders -
                             Tier I Eligibility
 HB 1645   Del Gilchrist,    Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Retirement
           et al             Income


                                 10:00 A.M.     Assembly Room
                                                Goldstein Treasury Building
                                                80 Calvert Street
                                                Annapolis, MD

   Subject:  General Meeting and Bond Sale

March 6, 2018 4:31 P.M.