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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0103 - Health Occupations - Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment of Patients - Disciplinary Actions (The Patient's Access to Integrative Healthcare Act of 2020)

Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs 1/21/2020 1:30:00 PM
As of: 11/28/2020 5:24:52 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Eckardt, Senator MGA FAV SB0103_FAV_Senator Eckardt EHE
Wise, Steve MedChi UNF SB0103_MedChi_Oppose_Steve Wise EHE
Tyson, Denise Maryland Acupuncture Society FAV SB0103_MAS_Support_DeniseTyson EHE
Dickover, Kandace FAV SB0103_FAV_Kandace Dickover EHE
Ye, Webster State Board of Audiologists UNF SB0103_Audiology Bd_UNF_Webster Ye EHE
Bloem, Fred FAV SB 103_FAV_Fred Bloem EHE
Vickers, Rebecca FAV Oral Testimony Only EHE
Wilcoxon, Shari FAV SB 103_FAV_Shari Wilcoxon EHE
Evans, Anne FAV SB0103_FAV_Anne Evans EHE
Catto, Kristina FAV SB 103_FAV_Kristina Catto EHE
ye, webster Board of Dental Examiners UNF SB0103_Dental Board_UNF_Webster Ye EHE
ye, webster Board of Nursing UNF SB0103_Bd of Nursing_UNF_Webster Ye EHE
ye, webster Board of Acupuncture INFO SB0103_Acupuncture Bd_UNF_Webster Ye EHE
ye, webster Board of Occupational Therapists UNF SB0103_Occ Therapists Bd_UNF_Webster Ye EHE
Dudzic, Matthew Board of Physicians UNF SB0103_Bd of Physicians_UNF_Wynee Hawk EHE
Hawk, Wynee Board of Physicians UNF Oral Testimony Only EHE
D'Adamo, Chris FAV SB 103_FAV_Chris D'Adamo EHE
Rollow, William Integrative Health Practice FAV SB 103_FAV_William Rollow EHE
Dumoff, Alan FAV SB0103_FAV_Alan Dumoff EHE
London, David FAV SB 103_FAV_David London EHE
Jaffe, Caryn FAV SB0103_FAV_Caryn Jaffe EHE
Gunn, Heather FAV SB0103_FAV_Heather Gunn EHE
Mescher, Elizabeth FAV SB0103_FAV_Elizabeth Mescher EHE
deCastro, Belinda FAV SB0103_FAV_Belinda deCastro EHE
Barnes, Lucy Lyne Disease Education & Support Groups of Maryland FAV SB0103_FAV_Lucy Barnes EHE
0'Connor, Patricia HEAU UNF SB0103_HEAU_UNF_Patricia O'Connor EHE
kolp, ande the arc maryland INFO SB0103_TheArcMaryland_info_Ande Kolp EHE