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Spending Affordability Committee

Senator Craig J. Zucker
Delegate Michael A. Jackson
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 5530
Jason Kramer, Dept. of Legislative Services
Issue Areas
Status and projections of State revenues and expenditures
Status and projections of the Maryland economy
Recommendations for State spending, new debt authorization, and level of State personnel
Recommendations for any budget surplus
Further Information
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As of:
Member Name Role
Zucker, Craig J. Senate Chair
Jackson, Michael A. House Chair
Beidle, Pamela Senate Member
Edwards, George C. Senate Member
Ferguson, Bill Senate Member
Griffith, Melony Senate Member
Guzzone, Guy Senate Member
Jennings, J. B. Senate Member
King, Nancy J. Senate Member
Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr. Senate Member
Peters, Douglas J. J. Senate Member
Rosapepe, Jim Senate Member
Barnes, Ben House Member
Beitzel, Wendell R. House Member
Jones, Adrienne A. House Member
Kaiser, Anne R. House Member
Kipke, Nicholaus R. House Member
Luedtke, Eric G. House Member
McIntosh, Maggie House Member
Reznik, Kirill House Member
Washington, Alonzo T. House Member
Bohanan, John L., Jr. Member
Jones, Dana M. Member
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