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Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    There is a Class CT (cinema/theater) (on–sale) beer, wine, and liquor license.

    (b)    The Board may issue the license for use in a for–profit cinema or theater that has one or more screening rooms or performance halls.

    (c)    (1)    The license authorizes the license holder to sell beer, wine, and liquor for on–premises consumption by the can, bottle, or drink:

            (i)    in a designated area of the lobby, for 45 minutes before a movie starts or a theater performance starts; and

            (ii)    to an individual who has a ticket to a movie or a theater performance and proper identification.

        (2)    A license holder shall offer for sale food other than candy and popcorn.

    (d)    A customer may consume beer, wine, or liquor anywhere on the licensed premises.

    (e)    A license holder may exercise the privileges of the license Monday through Sunday.

    (f)    An individual serving beer, wine, or liquor:

        (1)    may not mix the contents of one bottle with the contents of another bottle; and

        (2)    shall remove or destroy all empty bottles and cans.

    (g)    (1)    A license holder shall:

            (i)    obtain a crowd control training certificate from a program that is certified by the State; and

            (ii)    while selling beer, wine, and liquor, have one certified crowd control manager on the licensed premises for every 250 individuals present.

        (2)    Notwithstanding § 20–1903(a) of this title, a license holder shall require one individual who has completed a certified alcohol awareness program to be on the licensed premises at all times when alcohol is being served.

    (h)    The annual license fee is $1,500.