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Statutes Text

Article - Alcoholic Beverages


    (a)    (1)    There is a beer and wine tasting (BWT) license in the Town of Kensington.

        (2)    The Board may issue not more than three beer and wine tasting licenses in the Town of Kensington.

    (b)    (1)    Subject to paragraph (2) of this subsection, the Board may issue the license to a holder of a Class A license issued under § 25–1604(c) of this title to hold tastings of beer or wine.

        (2)    A license holder of a Class A wine license may use the license to hold tastings of wine only.

    (c)    The license authorizes the holder to allow tasting of beer or wine on the premises of the license holder only.

    (d)    (1)    A license application shall be made on a form that the Board supplies.

        (2)    The Board may not require the publication of a license application before issuing the license.

        (3)    The license may be issued without a public hearing.

        (4)    If an initial license application is denied, the applicant may request a public hearing before the Board.

        (5)    A renewal of the license may be made when the Class A license of the license holder is renewed.

    (e)    A license holder shall notify the Board in writing at least 7 days before each tasting event.

    (f)    A license holder may allow the consumption by an individual for tasting in a quantity of not more than:

        (1)    1 ounce from each offering of wine;

        (2)    4 ounces from all offerings of wine in a day;

        (3)    3 ounces from each offering of beer; and

        (4)    12 ounces from all offerings of beer in a day.

    (g)    Once opened, a bottle used for beer or wine tasting shall be marked that it is to be used for that purpose only.

    (h)    The annual license fee is $200.