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Article - Corporations and Associations


    (a)    Before doing any intrastate business in this State, a foreign corporation shall qualify with the Department.

    (b)    To qualify, the corporation shall:

        (1)    Certify to the Department:

            (i)    The address of the corporation; and

            (ii)    The name and address of its resident agent in this State; and

        (2)    Provide proof acceptable to the Department of good standing in the jurisdiction where it currently is organized.

    (c)    Unless terminated by the corporation, the qualification is effective as long as:

        (1)    The corporation has a resident agent in this State;

        (2)    The corporation does not forfeit its right to do intrastate business under the laws of this State; and

        (3)    If the corporation qualifies or changes its name after June 1, 1951, the name of the corporation complies with the requirements of Title 1, Subtitle 5 of this article.