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Article - Courts and Judicial Proceedings


    (a)    The court, on its own motion or on application of a party, may issue an appropriate order directing, restraining, or otherwise controlling the conduct of a person who is properly before the court, if the court finds that the conduct:

        (1)    Is or may be detrimental or harmful to a child over whom the court has jurisdiction;

        (2)    Will tend to defeat the execution of an order or disposition made or to be made under this subtitle; or

        (3)    Will assist in the rehabilitation of or is necessary for the welfare of the child.

    (b)    Subsection (a) of this section shall apply to a person not a party to the petition if the person is given:

        (1)    Notice of the proposed order controlling the person’s conduct; and

        (2)    The opportunity to contest the entry of the proposed order.

    (c)    An order issued under this section is enforceable under Title 15, Chapter 200 of the Maryland Rules.