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Article - Correctional Services


    (a)    Subject to regulations adopted by the Commissioner, the Commissioner may delegate to the facility administrator of a prerelease unit for women the authority to grant inmates the privilege of leaving the confines of the unit for the purpose of:

        (1)    engaging in or seeking employment;

        (2)    participating in educational programs or vocational training;

        (3)    participating in community or civic activities;

        (4)    participating in volunteer work;

        (5)    participating in athletic competition; or

        (6)    making personal or family visits.

    (b)    When outside the confines of a prerelease unit for women, an inmate shall carry, at all times, a copy of the form signed by the facility administrator containing the conditions governing the grant of leave.

    (c)    (1)    An inmate who is on leave is deemed to be in the custody of the Commissioner to the same extent and subject to the same supervision and control as an inmate who is actually in confinement.

        (2)    An inmate who escapes while on leave under this section is subject to the penalties in § 9-404 of the Criminal Law Article.