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Article - Economic Development


    (a)    Only qualifying universities, as provided under § 10–455 of this part, may submit proposals for grant funding from the Initiative.

    (b)    The participating members of the Initiative may establish a committee composed of experts in the areas of research considered for commercialization.

    (c)    The Initiative may establish the committee under service contracts with independent reviewers.

    (d)    The committee shall:

        (1)    review, evaluate, and rate proposals for funding from the Initiative, based on:

            (i)    the viability of commercializing the technology; and

            (ii)    the relative costs associated with commercializing the technology; and

        (2)    make recommendations to the participating members of the Initiative for the award and disbursement of grants from the Initiative.

    (e)    A member of the committee is not eligible to receive funding from the Initiative.