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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    UMBC shall develop a process for tracking and assessing the outcomes of the Program, including:

        (1)    The total number of individuals, businesses, and units of State and local governments participating in the Program;

        (2)    The locations and sizes of participating businesses and units of State and local governments;

        (3)    The number of participating students remaining in the State after graduation;

        (4)    The number of employee hires resulting from internships;

        (5)    The effect of the Program on student understanding of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the State;

        (6)    Student skill growth resulting from internship experiences;

        (7)    Business growth or improvement resulting from internships; and

        (8)    The effect of the Program on relationships between businesses and institutions of higher education in the State.

    (b)    UMBC shall obtain feedback from Program participants:

        (1)    At the conclusion of any orientation or training program;

        (2)    At the conclusion of each internship; and

        (3)    At the following intervals after the conclusion of each internship:

            (i)    3 months;

            (ii)    6 months;

            (iii)    1 year;

            (iv)    2 years; and

            (v)    3 years.