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Statutes Text

Article - Election Law


    (a)    Publication expenses may not be paid from public funds.

    (b)    Publication expenses may be paid from:

        (1)    a campaign account of a campaign finance entity of the incumbent if the campaign finance entity complies with all other requirements of this title regarding expenditures and campaign material; or

        (2)    the personal funds of the incumbent or the spouse of the incumbent if, as to each issue:

            (i)    the incumbent has not filed a certificate of candidacy;

            (ii)    the legislative newsletter contains a notice that it is disseminated at the personal expense of the incumbent; and

            (iii)    within 10 days after the first mailing or distribution of the issue, the incumbent files a campaign finance report with the State Board that contains:

                1.    a detailed list of publication expenses; and

                2.    an affidavit that no funds for the legislative newsletter have been solicited or received from any source to supplement the personal funds.