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Statutes Text

Article - Family Law


    (a)    In this article the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Child in need of assistance” means an individual adjudicated as a child in need of assistance under Title 3, Subtitle 8 of the Courts Article.

    (c)    “CINA” means a child in need of assistance.

    (d)    “CINA case” means a case under Title 3, Subtitle 8 of the Courts Article.

    (e)    “County” means a county of this State and, unless expressly provided otherwise, Baltimore City.

    (f)    “Includes” or “including” means includes or including by way of illustration and not by way of limitation.

    (g)    “Juvenile court” means the circuit court for a county sitting as a juvenile court.

    (h)    “Local department” means:

        (1)    a local department of social services; or

        (2)    in Montgomery County, the county department of health and human services.

    (i)    “Person” means an individual, receiver, trustee, guardian, personal representative, fiduciary, or representative of any kind and any partnership, firm, association, corporation, or other entity.

    (j)    “State” means, except in Title 10, Subtitle 3 of this article:

        (1)    a state, commonwealth, possession, or territory of the United States; or

        (2)    the District of Columbia.

    (k)    “Summons” includes a subpoena.

    (l)    “Support” includes maintenance.