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Statutes Text

Article - General Provisions


    (a)    Any applicant or the applicant’s designated representative may file a written complaint with the Board seeking a written opinion and order from the Board if:

        (1)    a custodian charged a fee under § 4–206 of this title of more than $350; and

        (2)    the complainant alleges in the complaint that the fee is unreasonable.

    (b)    The complaint shall:

        (1)    identify the custodian that is the subject of the complaint;

        (2)    describe the action of the custodian, the date of the action, and the circumstances of the action;

        (3)    be signed by the complainant;

        (4)    if available, include a copy of the original request for public records; and

        (5)    be filed within 90 days after the action that is the subject of the complaint occurred.