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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    Nothing in this title may be construed to authorize an athletic trainer to practice except under the supervision of a licensed physician and in an approved setting.

    (b)    Before an athletic trainer may practice athletic training, the athletic trainer shall:

        (1)    Obtain a license under this subtitle;

        (2)    Enter into a written evaluation and treatment protocol with a licensed physician; and

        (3)    Except as provided in § 14–5D–11.3(a) of this subtitle, obtain Board approval of the evaluation and treatment protocol.

    (c)    An evaluation and treatment protocol shall:

        (1)    Describe the qualifications of the licensed physician and licensed athletic trainer;

        (2)    Describe the settings where the athletic trainer may practice;

        (3)    Describe the physician supervision mechanisms that the physician will use to give direction to the athletic trainer;

        (4)    Specify the treatment procedures the athletic trainer may perform;

        (5)    Describe tasks the athletic trainer may not perform;

        (6)    Describe specialized tasks the supervising physician is delegating to the athletic trainer to perform with documentation of competencies, certification, credentials, or any other requirements established by the Board to support the delegation of the specialized tasks;

        (7)    Indicate whether the athletic trainer may accept outside referrals from nonsupervising physicians and other licensed health care practitioners;

        (8)    Designate an alternate supervising physician, if appropriate or necessary; and

        (9)    Contain an attestation that states the supervising physician will be responsible for providing ongoing and immediately available instruction that is adequate to ensure the safety and welfare of a patient and is appropriate to the setting.

    (d)    An athletic trainer may accept an outside referral from a nonsupervising physician or licensed health care practitioner if:

        (1)    The supervising physician specifies in the evaluation and treatment protocol that the athletic trainer may accept referrals from a nonsupervising physician or licensed health care practitioner;

        (2)    The nonsupervising physician or licensed health care practitioner has seen the athlete and has written an order for the care of the athlete; and

        (3)    The treatment procedures to be used by the athletic trainer are:

            (i)    Within the scope of practice of an athletic trainer; and

            (ii)    Included in the evaluation and treatment protocol that the athletic trainer has entered into with the supervising physician.

    (e)    In the event of a sudden departure, incapacity, or death of a supervising physician, a designated alternate supervising physician may assume the role of the supervising physician by submitting an evaluation and treatment protocol to the Board within 15 days of the event.