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Statutes Text

Article - Human Services


    (a)    (1)    The Department is the principal unit of State government responsible for developing, maintaining, revising, and enforcing statewide disability policies and standards throughout the units of State government.

        (2)    In this capacity, the Department shall:

            (i)    serve as the principal advisor to the Governor on the means and methods available to:

                1.    implement and fund support to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the State Disabilities Plan;

                2.    modify or consolidate support to individuals with disabilities; and

                3.    collaborate with federal, regional, and local units of government to enhance the effectiveness of the provision and funding of support to individuals with disabilities;

            (ii)    annually recommend projects to the Department of Budget and Management for inclusion in the capital budget to promote access to State-owned facilities for individuals with disabilities;

            (iii)    assist units of State government to identify federal, State, local, and private funds available to the State for programs and services for individuals with disabilities; and

            (iv)    provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions in planning and implementing collaborative strategies consistent with the State Disabilities Plan.

    (b)    The Department shall oversee and administer the following programs and units:

        (1)    constituent services and ombudsmen programs;

        (2)    the Assistive Technology Guaranteed Loan Program under Subtitle 6 of this title;

        (3)    the Office of Personal Assistance Services, including the Attendant Care Program under Subtitle 4 of this title;

        (4)    Telecommunications Access of Maryland under Subtitle 8 of this title; and

        (5)    Telecommunications Devices and Distribution of Accessible Information for Disabled Individuals under Subtitle 9 of this title.