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Statutes Text

Article - Insurance


    (a)    Beginning January 1, 2014, subject to subsections (b) and (c) of this section, the Exchange may:

        (1)    impose user fees, licensing or other regulatory fees, or other assessments that do not exceed reasonable projections regarding the amount necessary to support the operations of the Exchange under this title; or

        (2)    otherwise generate funding necessary to support its operations under this title.

    (b)    Any fees, assessments, or other funding mechanisms shall be imposed or implemented, to the maximum extent possible, in a manner that is transparent and broad–based.

    (c)    Before imposing or altering any fee or assessment established by law, the Exchange shall adopt regulations that specify:

        (1)    the persons subject to the fee or assessment;

        (2)    the amount of the fee or assessment; and

        (3)    the manner in which the fee or assessment will be collected.

    (d)    Funds collected through any fees, assessments, or other funding mechanisms:

        (1)    shall be deposited in the Fund;

        (2)    shall be used only for the purposes authorized under this title; and

        (3)    may not be used for staff retreats, promotional giveaways, excessive executive compensation, or promotion of federal or State legislative and regulatory actions.

    (e)    The Exchange may not impose fees or assessments authorized under this section in a manner that would provide a competitive disadvantage to health benefit plans operating outside of the Exchange.

    (f)    The Exchange shall maintain a Web site on which it shall publish:

        (1)    the average amounts of any fees, assessments, or other payments required by the Exchange;

        (2)    the administrative costs of the Exchange; and

        (3)    the amount of funds known to be lost through waste, fraud, and abuse.