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Statutes Text

Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    The authority provided by this section is in addition to any other authority of the Secretary provided by law.

    (b)    (1)    Subject to paragraph (2) of this subsection, the Secretary, after consultation with the Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission and the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission, may adopt regulations to define and govern the use of:

            (i)    Recreational fishing gear; and

            (ii)    The following types of commercial fishing gear:

                1.    Fish pots;

                2.    Bank traps;

                3.    Fyke nets;

                4.    Hoop nets;

                5.    Finfish trotlines; and

                6.    Bowfishing gear.

        (2)    The Department shall consider relevant biological, ecological, and socioeconomic factors before adopting regulations under this subsection.