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Article - Public Safety

§4–1104.    IN EFFECT

    // EFFECTIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2023 PER CHAPTER 771 OF 2018 //

    A pretrial services program established or improved using a grant distributed in accordance with § 4–1103 of this subtitle shall:

        (1)    use a validated, evidence–based, race–neutral risk scoring instrument that is consistent with the Maryland Rules to make recommendations to a judicial officer to determine whether a defendant:

            (i)    is eligible for release:

                1.    on personal recognizance; or

                2.    with appropriate pretrial supervision; or

            (ii)    should be held without bail;

        (2)    apply best practices shown to be effective in other jurisdictions; and

        (3)    incorporate multiple levels of supervision based on defendant risk scores with features that include:

            (i)    cellular telephone reminders of a defendant’s hearing date;

            (ii)    drug and alcohol testing;

            (iii)    global positioning satellite monitoring, if applicable; and

            (iv)    substance abuse, mental health, or mediation referrals, if approved by the judicial officer and available in the eligible county.