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Statutes Text

Article - Public Utilities


    (a)    To enforce this subtitle, the Authority may:

        (1)    hear complaints for violations of this subtitle;

        (2)    after a hearing, assess a civil penalty under § 12–135 of this subtitle; and

        (3)    reach a settlement instead of assessing a civil penalty.

    (b)    (1)    The Authority may:

            (i)    establish reasonable complaint filing fees and administrative fees for complaints heard by the Authority; and

            (ii)    use the services of a third party to collect civil penalties.

        (2)    If the Authority determines that an individual cannot afford to pay a fee established under paragraph (1)(i) of this subsection, the Authority may exempt the individual wholly or partly from the fee.

    (c)    The Authority may not assess a civil penalty against a person unless the person:

        (1)    receives reasonable prior notice of the complaint; and

        (2)    has an opportunity to be heard under § 12–113 of this subtitle.