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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    (a)    (1)    In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

        (2)    “License” means all or any part of permission that:

            (i)    is required by law to be obtained from a unit;

            (ii)    is not required only for revenue purposes; and

            (iii)    is in any form, including:

                1.    an approval;

                2.    a certificate;

                3.    a charter;

                4.    a permit; or

                5.    a registration.

        (3)    “Unit” means an officer or unit that is authorized by law to:

            (i)    adopt regulations subject to Subtitle 1 of this title; or

            (ii)    adjudicate contested cases under this subtitle.

    (b)    If, at least 2 calendar weeks before a license expires, the licensee makes sufficient application for renewal of the license, the license does not expire until:

        (1)    the unit takes final action on the application; and

        (2)    either:

            (i)    the time for seeking judicial review of the action expires; or

            (ii)    any judicial stay of the unit’s final action expires.

    (c)    (1)    Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, a unit may not revoke or suspend a license unless the unit first gives the licensee:

            (i)    written notice of the facts that warrant suspension or revocation; and

            (ii)    an opportunity to be heard.

        (2)    A unit may order summarily the suspension of a license if the unit:

            (i)    finds that the public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action; and

            (ii)    promptly gives the licensee:

                1.    written notice of the suspension, the finding, and the reasons that support the finding; and

                2.    an opportunity to be heard.