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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    (a)    The Executive Director of the Department of Legislative Services, subject to the approval of the President and Speaker, shall appoint an attorney to serve as Counsel to the Committee.

    (b)    The Counsel:

        (1)    shall devote full time to the duties of the Committee, but may not participate in any investigatory or prosecutorial function;

        (2)    may provide information to any person regarding laws, rules, and other standards of ethical conduct applicable to members of the General Assembly;

        (3)    shall carry out any duties prescribed under Title 15, Subtitle 5 of this article;

        (4)    shall meet individually with each member of the General Assembly each year to:

            (i)    advise the member regarding the requirements of any applicable ethics law, rule, or standard of conduct; and

            (ii)    assist the member in preparing statements and reports required to be filed with the Committee under Title 5, Subtitle 5, Part II of the General Provisions Article; and

        (5)    shall conduct seminars, workshops, and briefings for the benefit of members of the General Assembly, as directed by the Committee, the President, or the Speaker.

    (c)    The assistance of the Counsel to members of the General Assembly:

        (1)    is subject to the attorney client privilege, as set forth in § 9–108 of the Courts Article;

        (2)    is subject to confidentiality under § 5–517 of the General Provisions Article; and

        (3)    is intended as a service to the members and may not be deemed to diminish a member’s personal responsibility for adherence to applicable laws, rules, and standards of ethical conduct.

    (d)    The Committee shall have other staff assistance as requested by the Committee and as provided in the budget of the General Assembly.