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Statutes Text

Article - Transportation


    The Administration shall refuse to register or transfer the registration of any vehicle if:

        (1)    The application contains any false or fraudulent statement;

        (2)    The applicant has failed to furnish information or documents required or requested by the Administration;

        (3)    Any required fee has not been paid;

        (4)    The applicant is not entitled to registration of the vehicle under the Maryland Vehicle Law;

        (5)    The vehicle is mechanically unfit or unsafe to be operated on the highways;

        (6)    The registration of the vehicle is suspended or revoked;

        (7)    A warrant for a motor vehicle violation under the Maryland Vehicle Law has been issued against the applicant and has not been served on the applicant;

        (8)    Subject to § 13–406.1 of this subtitle, the applicant is named in an outstanding arrest warrant;

        (9)    The Administration has reasonable grounds to believe:

            (i)    That the vehicle is stolen;

            (ii)    That the grant or transfer of registration would be a fraud against another person; or

            (iii)    That the vehicle does not comply with Title 2, Subtitle 11 of the Environment Article or any regulations adopted under that subtitle; or

        (10)    The gross vehicle weight is 55,000 pounds or over and the applicant has failed to furnish proof of payment of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.