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Statutes Text

Article - Transportation


    (a)    (1)    In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

        (2)    “Fleet” means 10 or more vehicles.

        (3)    “Qualified owner” means a person, partnership, firm, or corporation, or an individual agent of a person, partnership, firm, or corporation, authorized by the Administration to transmit electronically proper titling and registration information and fees to the Administration.

        (4)    “Service provider” means a dealer or title service agent licensed under Title 15 of this article or a qualified owner of a fleet.

    (b)    Subject to the approval of the Administration, a service provider may:

        (1)    Issue permanent registration plates to the transferee or renew the registration of a vehicle if the service provider has electronically transmitted the proper titling and registration information to the Administration, or an agent designated by the Administration; and

        (2)    Charge the transferee or the registered owner of the vehicle a fee for the actual cost to the service provider of the electronic transmission service described in item (1) of this subsection.

    (c)    The Administration shall adopt regulations to:

        (1)    Govern the electronic transmission of titling and registration information authorized under this section; and

        (2)    Determine the appropriate level of the fee that may be charged by service providers for the electronic transmission service.