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Statutes Text

Article - Transportation


    (a)    Every vehicle driven on the highways in this State shall, where applicable, have the following equipment, meeting or exceeding the standards established jointly by the Administration and the Division: brakes, steering, suspension, horn, door handles, mirrors, tires, exhaust system, lights, glazing, windshield wipers, odometer, speedometer, bumpers, properly aligned wheels, wheels and wheel lugs, fenders, floor pans, hood, hood catches, emissions equipment, fuel system, front seat, motor mounts, gear selection indicator for automatic transmissions, universal joints, and seat belts or combination seat belt–shoulder harness if required as original equipment under § 22–412 or § 22–412.1 of this article.

    (b)    (1)    The Administration and the Division jointly may establish standards by rule or regulation for this equipment.

        (2)    The Administration and the Division shall adopt, consistent with federal law, regulations establishing equipment, performance, and other technical standards for:

            (i)    Autocycles; and

            (ii)    Low speed vehicles.