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Legislation Introduced during the
2017 Regular Session

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Joint ResolutionsHJ0001 - HJ0009
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Sponsorship for bills proposed by the Governor and state agencies is listed with the official title of a legislator rather than the Governor due to requirements in the Maryland Constitution. For these bills sponsorship is shown as:

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The Legislative Process

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Legislation Passed by Both Chambers

Total: 95 Bills and 1 Resolution

HB0005Private Passenger Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance - Enhanced Underinsured Motorist CoverageReturned Passed
HB0074Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2014 - Baltimore County - Chesapeake High StadiumReturned Passed
HB0119Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority - Washington Metrorail Safety Commission - Establishment and CompactPassed Enrolled
HB0150Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2018)Passed Enrolled
HB0152Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2017Passed Enrolled
HB0201Employees' and Teachers' Pension Systems - Reformed Contributory Pension Benefit - Service Credit Purchase ClarificationReturned Passed
HB0202State Retirement and Pension System - Authority to Arrange Custody of Investments and Procurement ExemptionReturned Passed
HB0267Program Open Space - Authorized Transfer to the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Financing Fund - IncreaseReturned Passed
HB0271Maryland Transit Administration - Farebox Recovery Rate - RepealReturned Passed
HB0363Recordation and Transfer Taxes - Exemptions - Property Conveyed From Sole Proprietorship to Limited Liability CompanyReturned Passed
HB0395Child Care Subsidy Program - Alternative Methodology - ReportReturned Passed
HB0418Child Care Subsidy Program - Reimbursement Rate AdjustmentsReturned Passed
HB0448Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program - Account ClarificationsReturned Passed
HB0472Income Tax Credit - Qualified Farms - Food Donation Pilot ProgramReturned Passed
HB0503State Budget - Appropriations - Income Tax Revenue Estimate Cap and Revenue Stabilization AccountReturned Passed
HB0516Workgroup to Study the Implementation of Universal Access to Prekindergarten for 4-Year-OldsReturned Passed
HB0572Howard County - Property Tax Credit for Commercial Real Property - Flood Damage Ho. Co. 9-17Returned Passed
HB0642Civil Actions - Child Sexual Abuse - Statute of Limitations and Required FindingsReturned Passed
HB0683Income Tax - Credit for Nurse Practitioner or Licensed Physician in Preceptorship Program - AlterationsReturned Passed
HB0684Education - State Grants for Education AidPassed Enrolled
HB0924Natural Resources - Oyster Management - Prohibited ActionsReturned Passed
HB0978Education - Accountability - Consolidated State Plan and Support and Improvement Plans (Protect Our Schools Act of 2017)Passed Enrolled
HB1083Health - Family Planning Services - Continuity of CareReturned Passed
HB1109Teachers' Retirement and Pension Systems - County Boards of Education PaymentsReturned Passed
HB1325Oil and Natural Gas - Hydraulic Fracturing - ProhibitionReturned Passed
HB1433Local Income Tax Overpayments - Local Reserve Account Repayment - ForgivenessReturned Passed
SB0017Unemployment Insurance - Eligibility for Benefits - Business Operation ClosingsThird Reading Passed
SB0022Criminal Procedure - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Claimant Award BasisReturned Passed
SB0024Public Safety - Eyewitness Identification Policies - Repeal of Submission RequirementReturned Passed
SB0037Funds - Obsolete Provisions - RepealReturned Passed
SB0061Health Insurance - Coverage for Digital TomosynthesisThird Reading Passed
SB0070Unemployment Insurance - Exemption From Covered Employment - Youth Sports WorkersThird Reading Passed
SB0072Workers' Compensation - Tiered Rating Plans and Merit Rating PlansThird Reading Passed
SB0073Estates and Trusts - Share of Intestate Estate Inherited by Surviving SpouseThird Reading Passed
SB0082Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - RenamingThird Reading Passed
SB0087Maryland Tourism Development Board - Destination Marketing Organization Officials - Voting RightsThird Reading Passed
SB0106Carroll County - Local Government Tort Claims ActReturned Passed
SB0109Procurement - Prohibitions on ParticipationThird Reading Passed
SB0128Public Health - Required Temperatures for Sale of Crab Meat - RepealThird Reading Passed
SB0137State Government - Maryland Uniform Electronic Legal Materials ActThird Reading Passed
SB0140St. Mary's County - Local Plumbing Code - RepealThird Reading Passed
SB0163St. Mary's County - Electricians and Board of Electrical Examiners - RepealThird Reading Passed
SB0165Code Revision - Maryland Vehicle Law - PenaltiesReturned Passed
SB0182Baltimore City and Charles, Prince George's, and Harford Counties - Recall of Former Judge for Temporary Assignment - EligibilityReturned Passed
SB0183Mold Remediation Services Providers - Licensure and Program EvaluationThird Reading Passed
SB0184Energy Efficiency Programs - Calculation of Program Savings and Consideration of Cost-EffectivenessReturned Passed
SB0185Public Health - Repeal of AIDS Education Program for Persons Convicted of Drug- or Sex-Related CrimesThird Reading Passed
SB0189Maryland Insurance Administration - Sunset Review - Required Reports and Repeal of Preliminary Evaluation RequirementThird Reading Passed
SB0190Elevator Safety Review Board - Sunset Extension, Program Evaluation, and Reporting RequirementThird Reading Passed
SB0194Workers' Compensation - Medical Benefits - Payment of Medical Services and TreatmentThird Reading Passed
SB0198Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Sunday Hours of SaleThird Reading Passed
SB0204PenMar Development Corporation - Dissolution - Authority of Washington County Over Fort RitchieThird Reading Passed
SB0206Financial Institutions - Qualifications of Directors of Commercial Banks - ResidencyThird Reading Passed
SB0209Frederick County - Beer and Wine Licenses - BarbershopsThird Reading Passed
SB0211Cecil County - Orphans' Court Judges - Travel Expense AllowanceThird Reading Passed
SB0218Public Utilities - Water Companies and Sewage Disposal Companies - Rate Cases and ProceedingsThird Reading Passed
SB0255State Retirement and Pension System - Authority to Arrange Custody of Investments and Procurement ExemptionThird Reading Passed
SB0256Employees' and Teachers' Pension Systems - Reformed Contributory Pension Benefit - Service Credit Purchase ClarificationThird Reading Passed
SB0257Program Open Space - Authorized Transfer to the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Financing Fund - IncreaseThird Reading Passed
SB0262Public Health - Mobile Food Service Facilities - Licensing and Inspection by County Health DepartmentsThird Reading Passed
SB0291Maryland Environmental Service - Collective BargainingThird Reading Passed
SB0293Child Care Subsidy Program - Alternative Methodology - ReportThird Reading Passed
SB0294Child Care Subsidy Program - Reimbursement Rate AdjustmentsThird Reading Passed
SB0313Economic Development - Maryland Energy Innovation InstituteThird Reading Passed
SB0344Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program - Account ClarificationsThird Reading Passed
SB0347Charles County - State's Attorney's Office and Child Support Enforcement Administration - Transfer of PersonnelThird Reading Passed
SB0369Maryland Patient Referral Law - Compensation Arrangements Under Federally Approved Programs and ModelsThird Reading Passed
SB0372Carroll County - Detention Center - Polygraph TestingReturned Passed
SB0382State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program - Participation by Satellite OrganizationsThird Reading Passed
SB0399Employees' Pension System - Purchase of Credit for Eligibility Service - Legislative EmployeesThird Reading Passed
SB0426Workers' Compensation - Permanent Total Disability - Survival of ClaimThird Reading Passed
SB0435Higher Education - St. Mary's College of Maryland - Governing AuthorityThird Reading Passed
SB0448State Retirement and Pension System - Small Procurements - Medical Evaluations for Disability Retirement BenefitsThird Reading Passed
SB0453Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Restaurants - Average Daily ReceiptsThird Reading Passed
SB0473Calvert County - Bonding AuthorityThird Reading Passed
SB0481Corporations - Maryland General Corporation Law - Miscellaneous ProvisionsThird Reading Passed
SB0484Maryland Transit Administration - Farebox Recovery Rate - RepealThird Reading Passed
SB0493Annual Curative BillReturned Passed
SB0494Annual Corrective BillReturned Passed
SB0516State Government - Maryland Manual - Revisions (Maryland Manual Modernization Act)Third Reading Passed
SB0559Baltimore County - Alcoholic Beverages - Issuance of Licenses Near Places of WorshipThird Reading Passed
SB0580State Personnel - Leap Year - Personal LeaveThird Reading Passed
SB0600Public Health - Maternal Mental HealthThird Reading Passed
SB0631Criminal Law - Animal Abuse Emergency Compensation Fund - EstablishmentThird Reading Passed
SB0649Public Utilities - Telephone Lifeline Service - RevisionsReturned Passed
SB0782Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2014 - Baltimore County - Chesapeake High StadiumThird Reading Passed
SB0815State Board of Pharmacy - Registered Pharmacy Technicians - Exemption for Pharmacy StudentsThird Reading Passed
SB0816Cecil County - Alcoholic Beverages - Beer, Wine, and Liquor Tasting LicenseThird Reading Passed
SB0819Queen Anne's County - Alcoholic Beverages Inspectors - Qualifications, Powers, and DutiesThird Reading Passed
SB0820Queen Anne's County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class D Beer, Wine, and Liquor and Class 9 Limited Distillery LicensesThird Reading Passed
SB0858Commercial Law - Maryland Antitrust Act - Indirect PurchasersThird Reading Passed
SB0884Maryland Financial Consumer Protection CommissionThird Reading Passed
SB0919President Jimmy Carter Cancer Treatment Access ActThird Reading Passed
SB0968Health Insurance - Coverage Requirements for Behavioral Health Disorders - ModificationsThird Reading Passed
SB0997Pharmacists - Substitution and Dispensing of Biological ProductsThird Reading Passed
SJ0005Attorney General - Powers - Maryland Defense Act of 2017Signed by the President and the Speaker - Joint Resolution 1

March 28, 2017 6:19 P.M.