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Environment and Transportation

2018 Regular Session

Environment and Transportation Committee
Chair:Delegate Kumar P. Barve
Vice Chair:Delegate Dana Stein
Address:Room 251
House Office Building
Annapolis, MD 21401
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3990
Online Contact cannot be used to submit written committee hearing testimony.
For questions requiring an immediate response please call the committee.
Staff:Dept. of Legislative Services: Laura P. Lodge, Cristen C. Flynn, and T. Patrick Tracy
Assistant to Chair: Trish Gagnon
Environment Subcommittee
  • Chair: Barbara Frush
  • Staff: Cristen C. Flynn

Housing and Real Property Subcommittee
  • Chair: Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
  • Staff: Laura P. Lodge

Land Use and Ethics Subcommittee
  • Chair: Stephen W. Lafferty
  • Staff: T. Patrick Tracy, Laura P. Lodge, Cristen C. Flynn

Local Government and Bi-County Issues Subcommittee
  • Chair: Anne Healey
  • Staff: Laura P. Lodge

Motor Vehicle and Transportation Subcommittee
  • Chair: Pamela Beidle
  • Staff: T. Patrick Tracy

Natural Resources, Agriculture & Open Space Subcommittee
  • Chair: Dana Stein
  • Staff: T. Patrick Tracy, Cristen Flynn
Issue Areas:
  • Agriculture, natural resources, and environmental issues, including agricultural land preservation, program open space, and vehicle emissions
  • Ethics
  • Housing, landlord and tenant, and real property, including lead paint
  • Local government, including land use
  • Transportation, including highways, bridges, mass transit, and vehicle laws
Witness Guidelines and Committee FAQs

January 12, 2018 9:16 A.M.