Spending Affordability Committee

2019 Regular Session

Leadership:Senate Chair: Senator Roger Manno
House Chair: Delegate Ben Barnes
Address:Annapolis, MD 21401
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 5530
Staff:Rebecca Ruff, Dept. of Legislative Services
Full CommitteeContact
Senator Manno, Roger (Senate Chair)Contact Senator Manno
Delegate Barnes, Ben (House Chair)Contact Delegate Barnes, B.
Senator DeGrange, James E., Sr.Contact Senator DeGrange
Senator Edwards, George C.Contact Senator Edwards
Senator Jennings, J. B.Contact Senator Jennings
Senator Kasemeyer, Edward J.Contact Senator Kasemeyer
Senator King, Nancy J.Contact Senator King
Senator Madaleno, Richard S., Jr.Contact Senator Madaleno
Senator McFadden, Nathaniel J.Contact Senator McFadden
Senator Middleton, Thomas M.Contact Senator Middleton
Senator Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr.Contact Senator Miller
Senator Peters, Douglas J. J.Contact Senator Peters
Delegate Beitzel, Wendell R.Contact Delegate Beitzel
Delegate Busch, Michael E.Contact Delegate Busch
Delegate Frick, C. WilliamContact Delegate Frick
Delegate Gaines, Tawanna P.Contact Delegate Gaines
Delegate Hixson, Sheila E.Contact Delegate Hixson
Delegate Jones, Adrienne A.Contact Delegate Jones
Delegate Kaiser, Anne R.Contact Delegate Kaiser
Delegate Kipke, Nicholaus R.Contact Delegate Kipke
Delegate McIntosh, MaggieContact Delegate McIntosh
Delegate Reznik, KirillContact Delegate Reznik
Bohanan, John L., Jr. (Non-legislative member)
Jones, Dana M. (Non-legislative member)
Subcommittee(s) and Membership:None
Issue Areas:
  • Status and projections of State revenues and expenditures
  • Status and projections of the Maryland economy
  • Recommendations for State spending, new debt authorization, and level of State personnel
  • Recommendations for any budget surplus
Further Information:Committee Hearing Schedule

November 5, 2018 10:33 A.M.