About Legislators

The General Assembly of Maryland, as the legislative body directly representing the electorate, passes public general and public local laws, raises revenues and appropriates funds to pay for State government services, and oversees the operation of State executive agencies. In much of this activity, the legislator plays a major role in helping to develop the public policy of the State.

The state is divided into 47 legislative districts, with each district represented by one senator and 3 delegates. Some districts are wholly contained in one county and some districts contain multiple counties.

The General Assembly is divided into two houses: the 47 member Senate and the 141 member House of Delegates. Each member is elected to serve a four year term. The next election will occur in November of 2014.

The organizational arrangement of each house results from a combination of constitutional requirements, rules adopted by each house, and legislative custom. The General Assembly is further organized into standing, statutory, special, and select committees, the latter usually known as local delegations.

Legislator List - By Name

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Astle, John C.30Anne ArundelContact Senator Astle
Benson, Joanne C.24Prince George'sContact Senator Benson
Brinkley, David R.4Frederick and CarrollContact Senator Brinkley
Brochin, James42BaltimoreContact Senator Brochin
Colburn, Richard F.37Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and WicomicoContact Senator Colburn
Conway, Joan Carter43Baltimore CityContact Senator Conway
Currie, Ulysses25Prince George'sContact Senator Currie
DeGrange, James E., Sr.32Anne ArundelContact Senator DeGrange
Dyson, Roy P.29Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary'sContact Senator Dyson
Edwards, George C.1Garrett, Allegany, and WashingtonContact Senator Edwards
Feldman, Brian J.15MontgomeryContact Senator Feldman
Ferguson, Bill46Baltimore CityContact Senator Ferguson
Forehand, Jennie M.17MontgomeryContact Senator Forehand
Frosh, Brian E.16MontgomeryContact Senator Frosh
Getty, Joseph M.5Baltimore and CarrollContact Senator Getty
Gladden, Lisa A.41Baltimore CityContact Senator Gladden
Glassman, Barry35HarfordContact Senator Glassman
Hershey, Stephen S., Jr.36Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, and CarolineContact Senator Hershey
Jacobs, Nancy34Harford and CecilContact Senator Jacobs
Jennings, J. B.7Baltimore and HarfordContact Senator Jennings
Jones-Rodwell, Verna L.44Baltimore CityContact Senator Jones-Rodwell
Kasemeyer, Edward J.12Baltimore and HowardContact Senator Kasemeyer
Kelley, Delores G.10BaltimoreContact Senator Kelley
King, Nancy J.39MontgomeryContact Senator King
Kittleman, Allan H.9Carroll and HowardContact Senator Kittleman
Klausmeier, Katherine8BaltimoreContact Senator Klausmeier
Madaleno, Richard S., Jr.18MontgomeryContact Senator Madaleno
Manno, Roger P.19MontgomeryContact Senator Manno
Mathias, James N., Jr.38Somerset, Worcester, and WicomicoContact Senator Mathias
McFadden, Nathaniel J.45Baltimore CityContact Senator McFadden
Middleton, Thomas M.28CharlesContact Senator Middleton
Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr.27Prince George's and CalvertContact Senator Miller
Montgomery, Karen S.14MontgomeryContact Senator Montgomery
Muse, C. Anthony26Prince George'sContact Senator Muse
Peters, Douglas J. J.23Prince George'sContact Senator Peters
Pinsky, Paul G.22Prince George'sContact Senator Pinsky
Pugh, Catherine E.40Baltimore CityContact Senator Pugh
Ramirez, Victor R.47Prince George'sContact Senator Ramirez
Raskin, Jamie20MontgomeryContact Senator Raskin
Reilly, Edward R.33Anne ArundelContact Senator Reilly
Robey, James N.13HowardContact Senator Robey
Rosapepe, Jim21Prince George's and Anne ArundelContact Senator Rosapepe
Shank, Christopher B.2WashingtonContact Senator Shank
Simonaire, Bryan W.31Anne ArundelContact Senator Simonaire
Stone, Norman R., Jr.6BaltimoreContact Senator Stone
Young, Ronald N.3Washington and FrederickContact Senator Young
Zirkin, Bobby A.11BaltimoreContact Senator Zirkin


Afzali, Kathy4AFrederickContact Delegate Afzali
Anderson, Curt43Baltimore CityContact Delegate Anderson
Arora, Sam19MontgomeryContact Delegate Arora
Aumann, Susan L. M.42BaltimoreContact Delegate Aumann
Barkley, Charles39MontgomeryContact Delegate Barkley
Barnes, Ben21Prince George's and Anne ArundelContact Delegate Barnes
Barve, Kumar P.17MontgomeryContact Delegate Barve
Bates, Gail H.9AHowardContact Delegate Bates
Beidle, Pamela32Anne ArundelContact Delegate Beidle
Beitzel, Wendell R.1AAllegany and GarrettContact Delegate Beitzel
Bobo, Elizabeth12BHowardContact Delegate Bobo
Bohanan, John L., Jr.29BSt. Mary'sContact Delegate Bohanan
Boteler, Joseph C., III8BaltimoreContact Delegate Boteler
Branch, Talmadge45Baltimore CityContact Delegate Branch
Braveboy, Aisha N.25Prince George'sContact Delegate Braveboy
Bromwell, Eric M.8BaltimoreContact Delegate Bromwell
Burns, Emmett C., Jr.10BaltimoreContact Delegate Burns
Busch, Michael E.30Anne ArundelContact Delegate Busch
Cane, Rudolph C.37ADorchester and WicomicoContact Delegate Cane
Cardin, Jon S.11BaltimoreContact Delegate Cardin
Carr, Alfred C., Jr.18MontgomeryContact Delegate Carr
Carter, Jill P.41Baltimore CityContact Delegate Carter
Clagett, Galen R.3AFrederickContact Delegate Clagett
Clippinger, Luke46Baltimore CityContact Delegate Clippinger
Cluster, John W. E., Jr.8BaltimoreContact Delegate Cluster
Conaway, Frank M., Jr.40Baltimore CityContact Delegate Conaway
Conway, Norman H.38BWicomico and WorcesterContact Delegate Conway
Costa, Robert A.33BAnne ArundelContact Delegate Costa
Cullison, Bonnie19MontgomeryContact Delegate Cullison
Davis, Dereck E.25Prince George'sContact Delegate Davis
DeBoy, Steven J., Sr.12ABaltimore and HowardContact Delegate DeBoy
Donoghue, John P.2CWashingtonContact Delegate Donoghue
Dumais, Kathleen M.15MontgomeryContact Delegate Dumais
Dwyer, Don H., Jr.31Anne ArundelContact Delegate Dwyer
Eckardt, Adelaide C.37BCaroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and WicomicoContact Delegate Eckardt
Elliott, Donald B.4BCarroll and FrederickContact Delegate Elliott
Fisher, Mark N.27BCalvertContact Delegate Fisher
Frank, William J.42BaltimoreContact Delegate Frank
Frick, C. William16MontgomeryContact Delegate Frick
Frush, Barbara21Prince George's and Anne ArundelContact Delegate Frush
Gaines, Tawanna P.22Prince George'sContact Delegate Gaines
George, Ron30Anne ArundelContact Delegate George
Gilchrist, Jim17MontgomeryContact Delegate Gilchrist
Glass, Glen34AHarford and CecilContact Delegate Glass
Glenn, Cheryl D.45Baltimore CityContact Delegate Glenn
Griffith, Melony G.25Prince George'sContact Delegate Griffith
Gutierrez, Ana Sol18MontgomeryContact Delegate Gutierrez
Guzzone, Guy13HowardContact Delegate Guzzone
Haddaway-Riccio, Jeannie37BCaroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and WicomicoContact Delegate Haddaway-Riccio
Hammen, Peter A.46Baltimore CityContact Delegate Hammen
Harper, Nina R.45Baltimore CityContact Delegate Harper
Haynes, Keith E.44Baltimore CityContact Delegate Haynes
Healey, Anne22Prince George'sContact Delegate Healey
Hixson, Sheila E.20MontgomeryContact Delegate Hixson
Hogan, Patrick N.3AFrederickContact Delegate Hogan
Holmes, Marvin E., Jr.23BPrince George'sContact Delegate Holmes
Hough, Michael J.3BFrederick and WashingtonContact Delegate Hough
Howard, Carolyn J. B.24Prince George'sContact Delegate Howard
Hubbard, James W.23APrince George'sContact Delegate Hubbard
Hucker, Tom20MontgomeryContact Delegate Hucker
Impallaria, Rick7Baltimore and HarfordContact Delegate Impallaria
Ivey, Jolene47Prince George'sContact Delegate Ivey
Jacobs, Jay A.36Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, and CarolineContact Delegate Jacobs
James, Mary-Dulany34AHarford and CecilContact Delegate James
Jameson, Sally28CharlesContact Delegate Jameson
Jones, Adrienne A.10BaltimoreContact Delegate Jones
Kach, Wade5BBaltimoreContact Delegate Kach
Kaiser, Anne R.14MontgomeryContact Delegate Kaiser
Kelly, Ariana B.16MontgomeryContact Delegate Kelly, A.
Kelly, Kevin1BAlleganyContact Delegate Kelly, K.
Kipke, Nicholaus R.31Anne ArundelContact Delegate Kipke
Kramer, Benjamin F.19MontgomeryContact Delegate Kramer
Krebs, Susan W.9BCarrollContact Delegate Krebs
Lafferty, Stephen W.42BaltimoreContact Delegate Lafferty
Lee, Susan C.16MontgomeryContact Delegate Lee
Love, Mary Ann E.32Anne ArundelContact Delegate Love
Luedtke, Eric G.14MontgomeryContact Delegate Luedtke
Malone, James E., Jr.12ABaltimore and HowardContact Delegate Malone
McComas, Susan K.35BHarfordContact Delegate McComas
McConkey, Tony33AAnne ArundelContact Delegate McConkey
McDermott, Michael A.38BWicomico and WorcesterContact Delegate McDermott
McDonough, Pat7Baltimore and HarfordContact Delegate McDonough
McHale, Brian K.46Baltimore CityContact Delegate McHale
McIntosh, Maggie43Baltimore CityContact Delegate McIntosh
McMillan, Herb30Anne ArundelContact Delegate McMillan
Miller, Aruna15MontgomeryContact Delegate Miller, A.
Miller, Warren E.9AHowardContact Delegate Miller, W.
Minnick, Joseph J.6BaltimoreContact Delegate Minnick
Mitchell, Keiffer J., Jr.44Baltimore CityContact Delegate Mitchell
Mizeur, Heather R.20MontgomeryContact Delegate Mizeur
Morhaim, Dan K.11BaltimoreContact Delegate Morhaim
Murphy, Peter28CharlesContact Delegate Murphy
Myers, LeRoy E., Jr.1CAllegany and WashingtonContact Delegate Myers
Nathan-Pulliam, Shirley10BaltimoreContact Delegate Nathan-Pulliam
Niemann, Doyle L.47Prince George'sContact Delegate Niemann
Norman, Wayne35AHarfordContact Delegate Norman
Oaks, Nathaniel T.41Baltimore CityContact Delegate Oaks
O'Donnell, Anthony J.29CSt. Mary's and CalvertContact Delegate O'Donnell
Olszewski, John A., Jr.6BaltimoreContact Delegate Olszewski
Otto, Charles J.38ASomerset and WicomicoContact Delegate Otto
Parrott, Neil2BWashingtonContact Delegate Parrott
Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A.21Prince George's and Anne ArundelContact Delegate Pena-Melnyk
Pendergrass, Shane E.13HowardContact Delegate Pendergrass
Proctor, James E., Jr.27APrince George's and CalvertContact Delegate Proctor
Ready, Justin5ACarrollContact Delegate Ready
Reznik, Kirill39MontgomeryContact Delegate Reznik
Robinson, Barbara40Baltimore CityContact Delegate Robinson, B.
Robinson, Shane39MontgomeryContact Delegate Robinson, S.
Rosenberg, Samuel I.41Baltimore CityContact Delegate Rosenberg
Rudolph, David D.34BCecilContact Delegate Rudolph
Schuh, Steven R.31Anne ArundelContact Delegate Schuh
Schulz, Kelly4AFrederickContact Delegate Schulz
Serafini, Andrew A.2AWashingtonContact Delegate Serafini
Simmons, Luiz R. S.17MontgomeryContact Delegate Simmons
Smigiel, Michael D., Sr.36Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, and CarolineContact Delegate Smigiel
Sophocleus, Theodore32Anne ArundelContact Delegate Sophocleus
Stein, Dana11BaltimoreContact Delegate Stein
Stifler, Donna35AHarfordContact Delegate Stifler
Stocksdale, Nancy R.5ACarrollContact Delegate Stocksdale
Stukes, Melvin L.44Baltimore CityContact Delegate Stukes
Summers, Michael G.47Prince George'sContact Delegate Summers
Swain, Darren M.24Prince George'sContact Delegate Swain
Szeliga, Kathy7Baltimore and HarfordContact Delegate Szeliga
Tarrant, Shawn Z.40Baltimore CityContact Delegate Tarrant
Turner, Frank S.13HowardContact Delegate Turner, F.
Turner, Veronica26Prince George'sContact Delegate Turner, V.
Valderrama, Kriselda26Prince George'sContact Delegate Valderrama
Valentino-Smith, Geraldine23APrince George'sContact Delegate Valentino-Smith
Vallario, Joseph F., Jr.27APrince George's and CalvertContact Delegate Vallario
Vaughn, Michael L.24Prince George'sContact Delegate Vaughn
Vitale, Cathy33AAnne ArundelContact Delegate Vitale
Waldstreicher, Jeff18MontgomeryContact Delegate Waldstreicher
Walker, Jay26Prince George'sContact Delegate Walker
Washington, Alonzo T.22Prince George'sContact Delegate Washington, A.
Washington, Mary L.43Baltimore CityContact Delegate Washington, M.
Weir, Michael H., Jr.6BaltimoreContact Delegate Weir
Wilson, C. T.28CharlesContact Delegate Wilson
Wood, John F., Jr.29ACharles and St. Mary'sContact Delegate Wood
Zucker, Craig J.14MontgomeryContact Delegate Zucker

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