Business Regulation (gbr)

2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 82

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-101(a) without amendmentsSB0758 / CH0339, HB1087 / CH0338
1-101(b) without amendmentsSB0758 / CH0339, HB1087 / CH0338
1-101(c) without amendmentsSB0758 / CH0339, HB1087 / CH0338
1-209(b)(1) amendedHB0167
2-106.3without amendmentsSB0843 / CH0075, HB1656 / CH0076
2-106.15addedSB0065, SB1209, HB1158, HB1407
2-106.16addedSB0065, SB1209, HB1158
2-108(a)(9) addedSB0065
2-108(a)(9) through (a)(33) renumbered to be (a)(10) through (a)(34)SB0065
2-108(a)(10) addedSB1209, HB1158
2-108(a)(10) through (a)(33) renumbered to be (a)(11) through (a)(34)SB1209, HB1158
3-406(d) amendedHB0167
3-406(j) amendedHB0167
3-601through 3-606 addedHB1708
4.5-603amendedSB0648 / CH0681, HB1481 / CH0680
4.5-707(d)(1) amendedHB0167
5-312(d) amendedHB0167
5-503(e)(2) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
6-407amendedSB0086 / CH0668
7-101(i) amendedSB1068 / CH0732, HB1634 / CH0731
7-102(b)(9) amendedSB0068, HB1253
7-205(b) amendedSB1068 / CH0732, HB1634 / CH0731
7-301(a) without amendmentsSB0068, HB1253
7-302.2addedSB0006, HB0187 / CH0479
7-304(e) amendedHB0167
8-212(c) addedSB1198, HB0674
8-312(d) amendedHB0167
8-407(d)(1) amendedHB0167
8-501.1addedSB1198, HB0674
8-617amendedSB1198, HB0674, HB0916
8.5-101through 8.5-106 addedHB0937
11-207amendedSB0463, HB0421
11-403(a)(9) amendedSB1158 / CH0185, HB0161, HB1721 / CH0184
11-403(b) without amendmentsSB1158 / CH0185, HB1721 / CH0184
11-403(d) addedSB1158 / CH0185, HB1721 / CH0184
11-522.1(a) amendedSB1158 / CH0185, HB1721 / CH0184
11-7A-01through 11-7A-03 addedSB0762, HB1442
11-902amendedSB0851 / CH0222, HB1592 / CH0221
11-1202without amendmentsSB0841, HB0796
11-1203amendedSB0841, HB0796
11-1401addedSB1115 / CH0522, HB1177 / CH0521
12-101(a) without amendmentsHB1578
12-101(i) amendedHB1578
15-201amendedSB1081, HB1604
15-207(b)(1) amendedSB0881, HB1276
15-208addedSB1081, HB1604
15-209addedSB1081, HB1604
16-101without amendmentsSB1266, HB1737
16-207(b) amendedHB0167
16-302amendedSB1266, HB1737
16.5-206(b) amendedHB0167
16.7-101(a) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
16.7-101(c) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
16.7-204(a)(1)(iv)2. amendedSB0812 / CH0012
16.7-204(b) amendedSB0090 / CH0200, HB0047 / CH0199
16.7-204(c) amendedSB0090 / CH0200, HB0047 / CH0199
16.7-204(d)(3) amendedSB0090 / CH0200, HB0047 / CH0199
17-302(c) amendedHB0459
17-1701through 17-1706 addedSB0758 / CH0339, HB1087 / CH0338
17-1804(a) without amendmentsHB0459
17-1806through 17-1808 amendedHB0459
18-201without amendmentsSB0355 / CH0087, HB1586 / CH0088
18-202amendedSB0355 / CH0087, HB1586 / CH0088
19-106addedSB0019, HB0803
19-701amendedHB1662 / CH0237
19-702without amendmentsHB1662 / CH0237
19-702.1repealedHB1662 / CH0237
19-703addedHB1662 / CH0237
19-703repealedHB1662 / CH0237
19-704repealedHB1662 / CH0237
19-705repealedHB1662 / CH0237
19-706amendedHB1662 / CH0237
19-707amendedHB1662 / CH0237
19-901addedSB0662 / CH0206, HB0645 / CH0205
19-901through 19-906 addedSB0585
20-306(b) amendedHB0167

June 12, 2018 10:45 A.M.