Courts and Judicial Proceedings (gcj)

2017 Regular Session

Total Entries: 147

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-302(a) without amendmentsSB0182 / CH0010, HB1344
1-302(b) amendedSB0182 / CH0010, HB1344
1-302(c) without amendmentsSB0182 / CH0010, HB1344
2-201amendedSB0378, HB1191
2-309(a) without amendmentsSB0544, HB0670, HB0671
2-309(a-1) without amendmentsSB0544, HB0671
2-309(b)(2) amendedSB0639 / CH0471, HB0858
2-309(d) amendedSB0544, HB0671
2-309(h)(1) amendedSB0457 / CH0436, HB0574
2-309(j)(5)(i) without amendmentsSB0490, HB0531
2-309(j)(5)(ii) without amendmentsSB0490, HB0531
2-309(j)(5)(iii) amendedSB0490, HB0531
2-309(n)(1) amendedHB1500 / CH0736
2-309(n)(6) amendedHB0670
2-309(n)(9) addedHB0670, HB1431
2-309(n)(10) addedHB0670, HB1431
2-309(r)(8) amendedHB1575
2-309(t) amendedSB0298 / CH0428, HB0682
2-607(b) amendedSB0746 / CH0834, HB0476
2-608amendedSB0207 / CH0169, HB0166 / CH0170
3-2A-04(b) amendedSB1037
3-2A-09(a) amendedSB0225, SB0682, HB1459
3-2A-09(b) amendedSB0225
3-2A-09(b) without amendmentsSB0682, HB1459
3-2D-01through 3-2D-08 addedSB0877, HB1347
3-801(a) without amendmentsSB0272 / CH0655, SB0912 / CH0156, HB0279, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(f) without amendmentsSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(l) without amendmentsSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-801(x) addedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(x) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(y) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(z) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(aa) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(bb) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-801(cc) amendedSB0912 / CH0156, HB1219 / CH0157
3-804amendedSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-819(c) amendedSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-819(m) addedSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-823(h) amendedSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-823(k) addedSB0272 / CH0655, HB0279
3-8A-03(a) amendedSB0864
3-8A-03(d) amendedSB0215, HB0471
3-8A-03(d)(1) amendedSB0958, HB0881
3-8A-06(a) amendedSB0958, HB0881
3-8A-10(f) amendedSB0035 / CH0194
3-8A-13(f) amendedSB0907, HB0928
3-8A-15amendedSB0005, SB0904, HB0853
3-8A-19(d)(1) amendedSB0583, HB0893
3-8A-19(d)(7) addedSB0583, SB0928, HB0893, HB1185
3-8A-19(e)(5) amendedHB0969
3-8A-19(e)(5) without amendmentsHB0031
3-8A-23(a)(4) without amendmentsHB0031
3-8A-23(a)(5) without amendmentsHB0031
3-8A-27(b) amendedSB0043 / CH0193
3-1301(a) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
3-1302without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
3-1307without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
3-1308without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
3-1701renumbered to be 3-1702SB0911
3-1702(a) through (c) amendedSB0911
3-2101addedSB0615, SB0705, HB0849, HB0903
3-2101through 3-2107 addedSB0542, HB1358
3-2102addedSB0705, HB0903
4-301(b)(24) amendedHB0371
4-301(b)(25) amendedHB0371
4-301(b)(26) addedHB0371
4-302(a) amendedHB0371
4-302(d)(1) amendedHB0371
4-401(9) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
4-401(13) amendedHB0947
4-405without amendmentsSB0500 / CH0544
5-101without amendmentsSB1077, HB0994
5-102amendedSB1077, HB0994
5-106(l) amendedHB0424
5-106(ff) addedSB0387 / CH0648, HB0653 / CH0647
5-117amendedSB0505 / CH0656, SB0585, HB0641, HB0642 / CH0012
5-120addedSB0222, SB1027 / CH0482, HB0276, HB0852 / CH0483
5-301(d)(17) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
5-301(d)(25) amendedSB0106 / CH0045, HB0219 / CH0046
5-301(d)(28) amendedHB1365
5-301(d)(29) amendedHB1365
5-301(d)(30) addedHB1365
5-301(e) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
5-304(a) amendedSB0505 / CH0656, HB0642 / CH0012
5-304(b) without amendmentsSB0505 / CH0656, HB0642 / CH0012
5-424amendedHB1463 / CH0417
5-427addedSB0055, HB0440
5-527addedHB1362, HB1590
5-614addedSB0269 / CH0411, HB0216 / CH0412
5-614repealedSB0269 / CH0411, HB0216 / CH0412
6-102.1addedSB0481, HB0744 / CH0674
6-203(a) without amendmentsSB0802, HB0604
6-203(f) addedSB0802, HB0604
6-411amendedSB0725, HB1435
6-412addedSB0250, SB0528, HB0222, HB1074
7-102(b) amendedSB0076, HB0280
7-202(a) without amendmentsHB0014
7-202(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-202(d) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-202(e) amendedSB0076, HB0280
7-202(f) amendedHB0014
7-202(g) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-301(a) amendedHB0947
7-301(a) without amendmentsHB0564
7-301(b) without amendmentsHB0564
7-301(c)(1) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-301(c)(2) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-301(c)(4) amendedSB0076, HB0280
7-301(c)(5) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0797, HB0972 / CH0798
7-301(e) amendedHB0564
7-302(a) amendedSB0631, HB0941 / CH0410
7-302(e) amendedHB0947
7-302(h) addedSB0631, HB0941 / CH0410
8-105amendedSB0842, HB1354
8-404amendedSB0958, HB0881
8-420amendedSB0958, HB0881
9-204amendedSB0958, HB0881
10-402(a) without amendmentsHB1518
10-402(c)(12) addedHB1518
10-913.1addedSB0312, SB1058
10-920.1addedSB0783, HB0777
10-923addedSB0316, HB0369
10-1101through 10-1104 amendedSB0144
10-1105without amendmentsSB0144
11-108amendedSB0225, SB0682, HB1459
11-110amendedSB0143 / CH0413
12-307amendedSB0958, HB0881
13-101(a) without amendmentsSB0967 / CH0572, HB1329 / CH0571
13-101.1addedSB0967 / CH0572, HB1329 / CH0571
13-601(c) amendedSB0076, HB0280
13-602(a)(1) amendedSB0076, HB0280
13-603(c) without amendmentsSB0076, HB0280

November 28, 2017 1:23 P.M.