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2017 Regular Session

Total Entries: 395

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
15-121addedSB0327 / CH0331
1-101(a) without amendmentsHB0715 / CH0328
1-101(f) without amendmentsHB0715 / CH0328
2-104amendedSB0627, SB0874, HB0499
2-105amendedSB0627, SB0874, HB0499
2-202amendedSB0609, HB0590
2-208addedHB0704, HB0945
2-305amendedHB0708 / CH0551
2-401through 2-415 addedSB0618
3-101through 3-104 amendedHB0512
3-104(c) addedHB0611
3-105through 3-108 repealedHB0512
3-108(a) amendedSB0131, SB0899, HB0160, HB0555, HB0716 / CH0473
3-108.1amendedSB1012, HB0562 / CH0593
3-109through 3-1405 repealedHB0512
3-110amendedSB0131, SB0899, HB0160, HB0555, HB0716 / CH0473
3-114amendedSB0131, HB0160, HB0555, HB1622
3-114(a) amendedSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-114(g) without amendmentsSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-114(h) without amendmentsSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-01through 3-2A-03 addedHB0555
3-2A-01through 3-2A-10 renumbered to be §§ 3-2B-01 through 3-2B-10SB0131, HB0160, HB0555
3-2A-01through 3-2A-10 renumbered to be 3-2B-01 through 3-2B-10SB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-01(a) without amendmentsHB0088 / CH0850
3-2A-01(b)(5) addedHB0088 / CH0850
3-2A-02addedSB0131, SB0899, HB0160, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-03addedSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-03(a) amendedHB0088 / CH0850
3-2A-03(c) amendedSB0899, HB0088 / CH0850, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-04addedSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-04repealedSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-06addedSB0899, HB0555, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2A-07addedSB0131, HB0160
3-2A-08addedSB0899, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2B-01(a) without amendmentsSB0131, SB0899, HB0160, HB0555, HB0716 / CH0473
3-2B-01(b)(2) amendedSB0131, SB0899, HB0160, HB0555, HB0716 / CH0473
3-5B-01amendedSB0804, HB1028
3-5B-03amendedSB0804, HB1028
3-5B-04amendedSB0804, HB1028
3-701amendedHB1299 / CH0308
3-1002through 3-1004 amendedHB1622
3-1004(a) amendedHB1565
3-13A-02(a)(2) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
3-1401(c)(3) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
4-111.4addedSB1089, HB0866
4-201amendedHB1603, HB1622
4-301(a) without amendmentsHB0076 / CH0319
4-301(b) without amendmentsHB0076 / CH0319
4-301(f) without amendmentsHB0076 / CH0319
4-301(g) without amendmentsHB0076 / CH0319, HB1449
4-318(h) addedHB0052 / CH0604
4-319(d) amendedSB0651 / CH0843, HB0425 / CH0844
4-320addedHB0039, HB0076 / CH0319, HB1449
4-401through 4-403 repealedHB1622
5-101(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0030
5-102(b) without amendmentsHB0030
5-107(b) amendedHB0850
5-111.1addedSB0001 / CH0728, HB0286
5-202(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0346
5-202(a)(5) without amendmentsSB0346
5-202(a)(6) amendedSB0319 / CH0591, SB0346, HB0413
5-202(b) amendedSB0704, HB0878
5-202(i) amendedSB1024 / CH0607, HB0684 / CH0006
5-207(a)(3) amendedSB0361, HB0287 / CH0665
5-218addedSB1024 / CH0607, HB0684 / CH0006, HB1080
5-301(a) without amendmentsSB0994
5-301(b) amendedSB0994
5-301(b-2) addedSB0538
5-301(c) through (j) without amendmentsSB0994
5-301(k) addedSB0994
5-308amendedSB0460, HB0441 / CH0594
5-314addedSB0334, HB0692
5-701through 5-710 addedSB0557
6-117.1(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-117.1(a)(3) without amendmentsSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-117.1(e)(1) addedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-117.1(e)(1) repealedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-122addedSB1137, HB0920 / CH0335, HB1171
6-201(a) amendedHB1622
6-201(b) amendedHB1622
6-201(c) amendedSB0956, HB1217
6-202amendedSB0760, HB0497
6-306(b) amendedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-306(c) amendedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
6-401(a) without amendmentsHB0746 / CH0806
6-401(b) without amendmentsHB0746 / CH0806
6-401(b-1) addedHB0746 / CH0806
6-407amendedSB0490, HB0531
6-501(a) through (c) without amendmentsHB0746 / CH0806
6-501(c-1) addedHB0746 / CH0806
6-504amendedSB0490, HB0531
6-704.1amendedHB0920 / CH0335
6-704.2addedHB0458, HB1486
6-803(a) without amendmentsHB0746 / CH0806
6-803(c) amendedHB0746 / CH0806
6-805amendedHB0746 / CH0806
6-806amendedHB0746 / CH0806
6-901through 6-906 addedHB1145 / CH0730
7-101.1amendedHB1080, HB1123, HB1130
7-101.1(a) without amendmentsSB0346
7-101.1(b) without amendmentsSB0346
7-101.2(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1080
7-101.2(a)(2) without amendmentsHB1080
7-101.2(a)(3) without amendmentsHB1080
7-101.2(b)(1) without amendmentsHB1080
7-101.2(b)(4)(iv) amendedHB1080
7-103amendedSB0153, HB0017
7-103(c) amendedHB0400, HB1412
7-123(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0172
7-123(c) addedSB0172
7-123(c) repealedSB0172
7-124addedSB0090, SB0485 / CH0322, HB0197, HB0980, HB1556
7-203amendedSB0452 / CH0731, SB0871, HB0461, HB0705, HB0978 / CH0029
7-203.3(a) without amendmentsHB0980
7-203.3(d) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
7-203.4addedSB0871, HB0978 / CH0029
7-205(a) without amendmentsHB1529
7-205.1amendedHB1170, HB1195
7-205.4addedSB0263, SB0458, HB0075, HB0227, HB0834, HB1351, HB1532
7-210amendedSB0145, SB0667 / CH0334, HB0548 / CH0333, HB0654 / CH0326
7-301(a) amendedHB0630
7-301(a-1) without amendmentsHB0630
7-301.1addedSB0232, HB0616 / CH0729
7-305amendedSB0651 / CH0843, HB0425 / CH0844
7-305.1addedHB0425 / CH0844
7-401amendedSB1060 / CH0574, HB1082 / CH0573
7-404amendedSB0604, HB0458
7-408amendedSB0201 / CH0175, HB1066 / CH0176
7-409(a) amendedHB1529
7-409(b) addedHB1529
7-409(b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) renumbered to be 7-409 (c), (d), (e), (f), and (g)HB1529
7-411amendedSB1060 / CH0574, HB1082 / CH0573
7-411.1amendedSB0900, HB0803
7-424amendedHB0669 / CH0197
7-424.1(b) amendedHB0669 / CH0197
7-426.4(d) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
7-426.5addedSB1060 / CH0574, HB1082 / CH0573
7-435addedHB1061 / CH0327
7-440addedSB0060, SB0657, SB0825, SB0864, HB0054, HB0056, HB0102, HB0193, HB0365, HB0366, HB0786 / CH0583, HB0845, HB0968, HB1560
7-4A-01through 7-4A-05 transferred to be Article - Health - General { 19-22A-01 through 19-22A-05 SB0233, HB0221 / CH0199
7-601through 7-605 amendedSB0360, HB0288
7-606addedSB1161, HB0273
7-701through 7-703 amendedSB0360, HB0288
7-704amendedSB0359, HB0257 / CH0325
7-802amendedSB0990, HB0943
7-9B-01through 7-9B-04 addedSB0370, HB0975
7-10C-01through 7-10C-05 addedHB1264
7-1101through 7-1104 amendedSB0786 / CH0611
7-1102repealedSB0786 / CH0611, HB0331
7-1102.1addedSB0786 / CH0611
7-1102.1renumbered to be 7-1102SB0786 / CH0611
7-1201through 7-1207 addedHB0630
7-1502.1addedSB1191 / CH0732, HB1661
7-1702(a) without amendmentsSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
7-1704addedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
7-1704repealedSB0172, HB0152 / CH0023
7-1801amendedSB0319 / CH0591, HB0413
7-1802through 7-1806 addedSB0319 / CH0591, HB0413
7-2001through 7-2005 addedSB0806, HB0454
8-405amendedSB0710 / CH0727, HB0174
8-405(b)(2)(i)1.A. amendedSB0494 / CH0062
8-416(a) amendedSB1150
8-416(i) without amendmentsSB1150
8-701without amendmentsSB0595 / CH0323, HB1475 / CH0324
8-702without amendmentsSB0595 / CH0323, HB1475 / CH0324
8-703amendedSB0595 / CH0323, HB1475 / CH0324
8-704without amendmentsSB0595 / CH0323, HB1475 / CH0324
8-704.1addedSB0595 / CH0323, HB1475 / CH0324
9-101amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-102amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-102.1amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-102.2amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-102.3amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-103addedSB0704, HB0878
9-103repealedSB0704, HB0878
9-103.1addedSB0704, HB0878
9-104amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-104.1amendedSB0704, HB0878
9-105through 9-111 amendedSB0704
9-105.1addedSB0704, HB0878
9-106.1addedSB0704, HB0878
9-108through 9-111 amendedHB0878
9-112without amendmentsSB0704, HB0878
9.5-111addedSB0294 / CH0210, HB0418 / CH0209
9.5-303(a) without amendmentsHB1330
9.5-303(e) addedHB1330
9.5-307(e)(1) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-316(a) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-401(c)(3)(iii) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-401(c)(3)(iv) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-404(b)(5)(ii)1. amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-405(a) without amendmentsHB1319
9.5-416(a) without amendmentsHB1319
9.5-604(a) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-604(c) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
9.5-704amendedSB0490, HB0531
9.7-101through 9.7-110 addedSB0866 / CH0609, HB1381 / CH0608
9.7-101through 9.7-113 addedSB0908 / CH0849
10-101(a) without amendmentsHB0763
10-101(m) without amendmentsHB0763
11-105(b)(5)(iii) amendedSB1085 / CH0592
11-202.1(b) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
11-207without amendmentsSB0007 / CH0775
11-208amendedHB0715 / CH0328
11-209without amendmentsSB0007 / CH0775
11-1001(d) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
11-1001(e) amendedSB0700 / CH0634, HB1506 / CH0633
11-1201through 11-1204 addedSB1060 / CH0574, HB1082 / CH0573
11-1201through 11-1205 addedSB0872 / CH0612, HB0971
11-1201through 11-1207 addedHB1142
12-104(e)(2) amendedSB0202 / CH0742, HB0437 / CH0741
12-114.1addedSB0424 / CH0763, HB0967
12-117addedHB0950 / CH0582
13-704addedSB1139, HB1624
14-101(b) amendedSB1085 / CH0592
14-104(h)(1) amendedSB0661
14-104(n)(1) amendedSB1085 / CH0592
14-402(a) without amendmentsSB0435 / CH0422, HB0561 / CH0421
14-404(a) amendedSB0435 / CH0422, HB0561 / CH0421
14-404(b) without amendmentsSB0435 / CH0422, HB0561 / CH0421
14-405amendedSB0434, HB0556 / CH0420
14-408(a)(1) amendedSB0661
15-106.1(a) amendedSB0701 / CH0320, HB0462 / CH0321
15-106.1(c) without amendmentsSB0701 / CH0320, HB0462 / CH0321
15-106.8amendedSB1000, HB1508
15-106.9addedHB0224 / CH0826
15-121addedSB1060 / CH0574, SB0721, HB0159, HB0266 / CH0332, HB0272, HB0427, HB1082 / CH0573, HB1205, HB1491
16-106.1addedSB0678, HB0848, HB0931
16-305(a) without amendmentsSB0152, HB1069
16-305(b)(12) amendedSB0319 / CH0591, HB0413
16-305(c)(1)(i) amendedSB0152, HB1069
16-305(f) amendedSB0521 / CH0330, HB0204
16-310(a) amendedSB0117 / CH0691, HB1587
16-310(b)(1) without amendmentsSB1131, HB1587, HB1608
16-310(e) amendedSB1131, HB1608
16-311amendedSB0311 / CH0588, HB0426 / CH0589
16-313amendedSB0311 / CH0588, HB0426 / CH0589
16-403repealedSB0652, HB0871
16-412repealedSB0652, HB0871
16-414.1repealedSB0652, HB0871
16-414.1(e)(3) amendedSB0490, HB0531
16-414.1(f) amendedSB0490, HB0531
16-502(e) amendedSB0319 / CH0591
16-504amendedSB1127 / CH0848, HB1595 / CH0847
16-505amendedSB1127 / CH0848, HB1595 / CH0847
16-505(g)(4) amendedSB0117 / CH0691, HB1587
16-505.1addedSB1127 / CH0848, HB1595 / CH0847
16-505.2addedSB1127 / CH0848, HB1595 / CH0847
16-510(a) amendedSB0661
16-512(a)(1) amendedSB0152, HB1069
16-701through 16-707 addedSB1173
16-701through 16-709 addedSB0652, HB0871
17-104(a)(1) amendedSB0172
17-104(a)(5) addedSB0172
17-401through 17-404 addedSB0712
18-101(a) through (c) without amendmentsSB0317 / CH0149, SB0869, HB0394, HB0868
18-107(a) amendedSB1173
18-107(b) without amendmentsSB1173
18-115addedSB0429, HB0262, HB0509 / CH0658
18-303(a) amendedHB0865
18-303.1(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0172
18-303.1(a)(3) without amendmentsSB0172
18-303.1(g) addedSB0172
18-303.1(g) repealedSB0172
18-303.1(h) amendedSB0172
18-304(c)(2)(i) amendedSB1173
18-304(c)(2)(ii)1. amendedSB1173
18-401without amendmentsSB0959, HB0152 / CH0023, HB0392, HB0623
18-402(a) amendedSB0959, HB0623
18-402(a) without amendmentsHB0012 / CH0543
18-402(a)(1)(ii) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
18-402(b) amendedHB0012 / CH0543
18-402(b) without amendmentsHB0392
18-404amendedHB0012 / CH0543, HB0152 / CH0023
18-405(a) amendedSB0959, HB0623
18-405(d) amendedHB0012 / CH0543
18-406amendedSB0959, HB0623
18-406(a) without amendmentsHB0012 / CH0543
18-406(b) amendedHB0012 / CH0543
18-406(f) addedHB0012 / CH0543
18-407(d) amendedHB0392
18-501(a) without amendmentsSB0959, HB0012 / CH0543, HB0152 / CH0023, HB0392, HB0623
18-501(b) amendedHB0012 / CH0543
18-501(d) addedHB0392
18-503amendedHB0012 / CH0543, HB0152 / CH0023
18-506amendedSB0959, HB0392, HB0623
18-601(a)(5) repealedSB0494 / CH0062
18-601(a)(6) addedSB0494 / CH0062
18-601(a)(6) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
18-1401(c) amendedHB0865
18-1402(a) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
18-14A-01(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0392
18-14A-01(a)(2) without amendmentsHB0392
18-14A-04without amendmentsHB0392
18-19A-01without amendmentsSB0213
18-19C-01(a) through (d) without amendmentsSB0344 / CH0133, HB0448 / CH0132
18-19C-01(g) without amendmentsSB0344 / CH0133, HB0448 / CH0132
18-19C-03(c) amendedSB0344 / CH0133, HB0448 / CH0132
18-19C-09amendedHB0448 / CH0132
18-28A-01through 18-28A-05 addedSB0730
18-31A-01through 18-31A-03 addedHB1365
18-3301through 18-3304 addedSB0317 / CH0149, HB0394
18-3301through 18-3307 addedSB0869, HB0868
21-204addedSB0317 / CH0149, SB0335, HB0652
23-101addedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-101through 23-108 amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-201without amendmentsSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-202through 23-205 amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-206without amendmentsSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-301(a) without amendmentsSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-301(c) without amendmentsSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-302amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-402(a) amendedSB0172
23-402(a)(4) amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-405amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-406amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-503(b)(1)(vii) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
23-504amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-506amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-506.1amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-507amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-508repealedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-509amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
23-510amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
24-204(d) addedSB1034 / CH0816
24-702amendedSB1165 / CH0790, HB0680 / CH0791
24-703(g) amendedSB1165 / CH0790, HB0680 / CH0791
24-703(h) amendedSB1165 / CH0790, HB0680 / CH0791
24-801(a) without amendmentsSB0007 / CH0775
24-801(m) amendedSB0007 / CH0775
24-1108(a) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
24-1108(l) without amendmentsSB0493 / CH0061
25-302amendedSB0587 / CH0337, HB1094 / CH0338
26-501addedSB0849, HB0696
26-501through 26-506 addedSB0543, HB0694
26-502addedSB0849, HB0696

November 28, 2017 1:23 P.M.