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2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 478

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-101(a) without amendmentsSB0326, HB0568 / CH0381, HB0999
1-101(d) without amendmentsHB0568 / CH0381
1-101(e) amendedHB0999
1-101(f) without amendmentsSB0326, SB0379 / CH0564, HB0378, HB0430 / CH0563, HB0568 / CH0381
2-104amendedSB0678, HB0643
2-105amendedSB0678, HB0643
2-202amendedSB0739, HB0154
2-303(f) amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
2-306addedSB0438, SB1092, HB0682, HB1415 / CH0361
2-401through 2-410 addedSB0302, HB0355
3-104(c) addedHB0760
3-2A-05(a)(2) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
3-2B-06amendedHB0087 / CH0800
3-2B-09amendedHB0076 / CH0368
3-403amendedSB0359 / CH0264, HB0621 / CH0265
3-403(a) amendedSB0735 / CH0832, HB0885 / CH0831
3-701(a) without amendmentsHB0340 / CH0811
3-702amendedHB0340 / CH0811
3-703amendedHB0340 / CH0811
3-901(b) without amendmentsHB0150 / CH0121
3-901(g) without amendmentsHB0150 / CH0121
3-902amendedHB0150 / CH0121
3-1002through 3-1004 amendedHB0196
3-1004amendedHB0186, HB0207
3-1004(b)(1)(ii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
3-12A-01(a) without amendmentsSB0171 / CH0372, HB0156 / CH0371
3-12A-01(b) without amendmentsSB0171 / CH0372, HB0156 / CH0371
3-12A-01(e) amendedSB0171 / CH0372, HB0156 / CH0371
4-102(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0999
4-102(a)(2) amendedHB0999
4-111.3amendedSB1065, HB0870
4-111.4addedHB0281 / CH0358
4-114amendedSB0473, SB1145, SB1243, HB0195, HB1783 / CH0014
4-126amendedSB0473, SB1243, HB0195, HB1783 / CH0014
4-126(b) amendedSB1145
4-134addedSB0548, SB0949, SB1243, HB0823, HB0910, HB1599, HB1783 / CH0014, HB1798, HB1827
4-135addedSB0949, HB1599
4-201amendedHB0103, HB0196, HB0709, HB1324
4-201(a) amendedSB1162 / CH0421, HB1712
4-201(b) without amendmentsSB1162 / CH0421, HB1712
4-201(c)(1) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
4-202amendedHB0196, HB1084
4-202(b) amendedSB1105
4-304amendedHB0709, HB0999
4-318(a) without amendmentsSB1265 / CH0030
4-318(e)(1) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
4-319(b) without amendmentsHB0999
4-319(c) amendedHB0999
4-319(g) amendedHB0999
4-401through 4-403 repealedHB0196
4-404addedHB0184, HB0211, HB0241
5-102(b) without amendmentsSB0888, HB1220
5-112(c) amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-112(h) addedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-112(h) amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-202(d)(2) without amendmentsHB1783 / CH0014
5-202(d)(3)(i) amendedSB1145
5-202(d)(8) amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-202(d)(11) addedHB1783 / CH0014
5-202(d)(11) through (d)(13) amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-216addedSB0485, SB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
5-219addedSB0187 / CH0010, SB0373 / CH0556, HB0547 / CH0555, HB1415 / CH0361, HB1595, HB1636
5-301amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-301(a) without amendmentsSB1146, SB1221, SB1257, HB1816
5-301(d)(3) amendedSB1146, SB1221, SB1257, HB1816
5-301(j) amendedHB1633
5-301.1amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-301.2amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-302amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-302.1addedSB1183, SB1221, HB1495
5-303amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-304amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-307(a) amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-309amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-310amendedSB1243, HB1783 / CH0014
5-312amendedHB1783 / CH0014
5-314addedSB0092 / CH0398, SB0473, SB0515, SB0611 / CH0561, SB1221, SB1243, HB0195, HB0968 / CH0397, HB1098
5-314through 5-317 addedHB1783 / CH0014
5-315addedSB1221, SB1243
6-113without amendmentsHB1072 / CH0031
6-113.1addedHB1072 / CH0031, HB1571
6-117.1(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
6-117.1(a)(3) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
6-117.1(e)(1) amendedSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
6-123addedSB1041, HB1002
6-201(a) amendedHB0196
6-201(b) amendedHB0196
6-202amendedSB0639 / CH0013, HB1758
6-302amendedHB1607 / CH0565
6-306(b) amendedHB0161
6-306(c) amendedSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
6-401amendedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-401(a) without amendmentsSB1204
6-401(e)(1) without amendmentsSB1204
6-401(e)(6) amendedSB1204
6-407.1addedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-407.2addedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-408(c)(1) amendedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-408(f) addedSB0888, HB1220
6-501amendedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-501(e) amendedHB0808
6-501(i) amendedHB0808
6-509.1addedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-509.2addedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-510(c)(1) amendedSB0819 / CH0029, HB0811 / CH0022
6-510(f) addedSB0888, HB1220
6-5A-01through 6-5A-05 addedSB0775, HB1061
6-704.2addedSB0638, HB0493, HB1154
6-709addedSB0638, HB0493, HB1154
7-101(b) amendedHB1327
7-101.2(a)(1) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(a)(4) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(a)(6) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(b)(1) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(b)(2) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(d) amendedSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-101.2(e) without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
7-103(a) without amendmentsSB0729 / CH0034, HB0553, HB0679 / CH0035
7-103(b) amendedSB0729 / CH0034, HB0553, HB0679 / CH0035
7-103(c)(3) amendedHB0313
7-104.1addedSB0613, HB1306
7-106(b) amendedSB0417, HB0597
7-111(c) amendedSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
7-114amendedSB0403 / CH0208, HB0814 / CH0207
7-117addedHB0642, HB0996, HB1817
7-119(a) without amendmentsHB0215
7-123(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0161
7-123(c) addedHB0161
7-123(c) repealedHB0161
7-125addedSB0236, SB0300, SB0369, SB0998, SB1263, HB0350, HB0544, HB1811, HB1832
7-203(a) without amendmentsSB0301, HB0351
7-203(c) addedHB0366
7-203(c) amendedSB0301, HB0351
7-203(c) through (h) renumbered to be (d) through (i)HB0366
7-203(i) addedHB0723
7-203.1amendedSB0949, HB0197, HB1599
7-203.3amendedSB0562 / CH0384, HB0617 / CH0383
7-205(a) without amendmentsHB0393
7-205.1(a) without amendmentsSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
7-205.1(f) addedSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
7-205.4addedSB0618, SB0664, SB0949, HB0921, HB1234 / CH0403, HB1300, HB1599
7-211addedSB0479, SB0949, HB0940, HB1599
7-301amendedHB1464, HB1507
7-301(a) amendedHB1248
7-301(a-1) without amendmentsHB1248
7-301(b) without amendmentsHB1248
7-301(c) amendedSB0160 / CH0707, HB0319 / CH0706
7-301(c) without amendmentsHB1248
7-301(e) amendedSB0160 / CH0707, HB0319 / CH0706
7-301(e-1) amendedSB0160 / CH0707, HB0319 / CH0706
7-301.2addedSB0618, HB1234 / CH0403, HB1248
7-303amendedSB1147, HB1702
7-303(a) through (c) amendedHB1811
7-303(a)(1) without amendmentsSB1263
7-303(a)(10) addedSB1263
7-303(b) amendedSB1263
7-303(c) amendedSB1263
7-303(f) amendedSB1263, HB1811
7-303.1addedSB0725 / CH0366
7-305(a) amendedHB1720
7-305(b) without amendmentsHB1720
7-305(c) amendedHB1720
7-305(i) addedHB1720
7-305(j) addedHB1720
7-305(k) addedHB1720
7-306amendedHB1254 / CH0775, HB1488
7-404amendedSB0570 / CH0312, HB0216, HB0798 / CH0311, HB1136 / CH0401
7-405addedSB0164, HB0623
7-408amendedSB0483, HB0226
7-409(a) amendedHB0393
7-409(b) addedHB0393
7-409(b) renumbered to be (c)HB0393
7-409(c) renumbered to be (d)HB0393
7-409(d) renumbered to be (e)HB0393
7-409(e) renumbered to be (f)HB0393
7-409(f) renumbered to be (g)HB0393
7-411.2addedHB1466, HB1698
7-423.1amendedHB0074 / CH0367
7-424(a) amendedSB0725 / CH0366
7-424.1amendedSB0725 / CH0366
7-424.3amendedSB0725 / CH0366
7-424.4addedHB1379, HB1382
7-433amendedSB0840, HB0552, HB1210
7-441addedSB0161 / CH0385, SB0217, SB0402 / CH0737, SB0417, SB0904, SB1226, SB1264, HB0023, HB0251 / CH0736, HB0427 / CH0033, HB0442, HB0597, HB0622 / CH0386, HB0668, HB1060, HB1110 / CH0244, HB1386 / CH0032, HB1545, HB1801
7-601through 7-605 amendedSB0740, HB0315 / CH0560
7-701through 7-703 amendedSB0740, HB0315 / CH0560
7-704amendedSB0818 / CH0562, HB1235
7-1501through 7-1503 amendedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1501without amendmentsSB1257, HB1816
7-1502amendedSB1257, HB1816
7-1502.1renumbered to be 7-1505SB1265 / CH0030
7-1503through 7-1505 amendedSB1257, HB1816
7-1504addedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1504renumbered to be 7-1506SB1265 / CH0030
7-1505amendedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1505repealedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1506amendedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1507through 7-1511 addedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1601through 7-1605 addedSB1257, HB1816
7-1512amendedSB1265 / CH0030
7-1512transferred from Article - Public Safety { 4-202SB1265 / CH0030
7-1701(a) without amendmentsSB0326
7-1701(f) without amendmentsSB0326
7-1702(a) without amendmentsSB1092, HB0161, HB1415 / CH0361
7-1703(a) without amendmentsSB0326
7-1703(b) without amendmentsSB0326
7-1703(i) addedSB0326
7-1704amendedSB1092, HB0161, HB1415 / CH0361
7-2001through 7-2005 addedHB0568 / CH0381
7-2001through 7-2006 addedSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
8-315amendedHB1783 / CH0014
8-420addedSB1103, HB0966
9-113addedSB0949, HB1599
9.5-111(a) without amendmentsSB0379 / CH0564, HB0430 / CH0563
9.5-111(d) addedSB0379 / CH0564, HB0430 / CH0563
9.5-111(e) addedSB0379 / CH0564, HB0430 / CH0563
9.5-303(a) without amendmentsHB0057
9.5-303(e) addedHB0057
9.5-503(f) amendedHB1610
9.5-803(c)(5) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9.5-803(d) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9.5-901addedHB0941 / CH0396
9.8-103(j) without amendmentsSB0811 / CH0011
10-101(a) without amendmentsSB0776, HB1753
10-101(i) without amendmentsSB0069 / CH0360, HB0017 / CH0359
10-101(o) without amendmentsSB0776, HB1753
10-211.1addedSB1241, HB1803
11-105(c)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
11-202.2(a) without amendmentsSB0795 / CH0836, HB1103 / CH0835
11-202.2(b) without amendmentsSB0795 / CH0836, HB1103 / CH0835
11-203(a) through (c) amendedSB0795 / CH0836, HB1103 / CH0835
11-203(d)(1) amendedSB0795 / CH0836, HB1103 / CH0835
11-206(a) amendedSB0615 / CH0567, HB1819 / CH0566
11-209amendedSB0317, HB0016 / CH0554, HB0951
11-601amendedSB0607 / CH0394, HB0913 / CH0395
11-601(a) without amendmentsSB1203, HB1238
11-602addedSB1027, SB1203, HB0713, HB1238
11-603addedSB1203, HB1238
11-1101without amendmentsSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1102without amendmentsSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1103amendedSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1104without amendmentsSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1105without amendmentsSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1106amendedSB0631, HB0982 / CH0399
11-1201amendedSB0139 / CH0414
11-1202amendedSB0139 / CH0414
11-1203without amendmentsSB0139 / CH0414
11-1401through 11-1406 addedSB0615 / CH0567, SB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694, HB1819 / CH0566
11-1401through 11-1408 addedSB1033, HB0603
12-101(b)(1) without amendmentsSB1049, HB0841
12-101(b)(6) without amendmentsSB1049, HB0841
12-101(b)(8) without amendmentsSB1049, HB0841
12-102(a) without amendmentsSB0502 / CH0393
12-102(b) without amendmentsSB0502 / CH0393
12-102(g) amendedSB0502 / CH0393
12-104(b)(6) amendedHB1237 / CH0322
12-104(e)(2) amendedSB0502 / CH0393, SB1049, HB0841, HB0871 / CH0392
12-104(g) amendedHB1237 / CH0322
12-118addedSB0300, SB1049, HB0281 / CH0358, HB0841
12-306(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0161
12-306(d) amendedHB0161
13-503without amendmentsSB0175 / CH0204, HB0371 / CH0203
13-505amendedSB0175 / CH0204, HB0371 / CH0203
13-516(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0309, HB0359 / CH0149, HB1764
13-516(a)(7) without amendmentsSB0309, HB0359 / CH0149
13-516(a)(12) without amendmentsHB1764
13-516(g-1) addedHB1764
13-516(h) without amendmentsHB1764
14-102amendedSB0342 / CH0378, HB0376 / CH0377
15-106.1amendedSB0085 / CH0369
15-106.5amendedHB0951, HB1223
15-106.8amendedSB0546, HB1536
15-106.10addedSB1229, HB0624
15-121renumbered to be 18-116HB0936
15-122(a) amendedHB1430
15-123addedSB0525, SB0618, SB0969, SB1265 / CH0030, HB0663, HB0904, HB1074 / CH0400, HB1111, HB1234 / CH0403, HB1602, HB1724
16-106.1addedSB0261, SB0949, SB1141, HB0976, HB1203, HB1599
16-109addedSB0509, HB0237, HB0689 / CH0474
16-305(a) without amendmentsSB0596, HB0516
16-305(c)(1)(i) amendedSB0596, HB0516
16-310(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0007, HB0329
16-310(e) amendedSB0007, HB0329
16-310(e)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
16-317addedSB0317, HB0016 / CH0554, HB0951
16-319amendedSB0597, HB1388
16-320addedSB0303, SB0595 / CH0688, HB0403 / CH0687
16-403repealedSB0408, HB0667
16-412repealedSB0408, HB0667
16-414.1repealedSB0408, HB0667
16-414.1(e)(3) amendedHB0264
16-414.1(f) amendedHB0264
16-504(a) without amendmentsHB0999
16-504(b)(1) amendedHB0999
16-512(a) amendedHB0161
16-512(a)(1) amendedSB0596, HB0516
16-514addedSB0317, HB0016 / CH0554, HB0951
16-701through 16-707 addedSB0317, HB0951
16-701through 16-709 addedSB0408, HB0667
17-104(a)(1) amendedHB0161
17-104(a)(5) addedHB0161
17-401through 17-404 addedSB0252, HB0450
18-101amendedSB0949, HB1599
18-101(a) without amendmentsSB0776, SB1049, HB0841, HB1753
18-101(c) without amendmentsSB0776, SB1049, HB0841, HB1753
18-107(a) amendedHB0951
18-107(b) without amendmentsHB0951
18-115amendedSB0069 / CH0360, HB0017 / CH0359
18-301(a) without amendmentsSB0842 / CH0389, HB0781 / CH0388
18-303amendedSB0842 / CH0389, HB0781 / CH0388
18-303(a) amendedSB0532 / CH0813, HB0420 / CH0812
18-303(c) amendedSB0842 / CH0389, HB0781 / CH0388
18-303.1(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
18-303.1(a)(3) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
18-303.1(g) repealedSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
18-303.1(h) amendedSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
18-303.2addedSB0532 / CH0813, HB0420 / CH0812
18-304(c)(2)(i) amendedHB0951
18-304(c)(2)(ii)1. amendedHB0951
18-401without amendmentsSB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, SB0949, HB0203 / CH0375, HB1599
18-402(a) amendedSB0018, SB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, SB0949, HB0203 / CH0375, HB1599
18-405(a) amendedSB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, SB0949, HB0203 / CH0375, HB1599
18-405(b) amendedSB0949, HB1599
18-405(b) without amendmentsSB0470 / CH0376
18-405(b)(2) without amendmentsSB0586, HB0203 / CH0375
18-406amendedSB0018, SB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, SB0949, HB0203 / CH0375, HB1599
18-407(a) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
18-407(b) amendedSB0018
18-501amendedSB0949, HB1599
18-501(a) without amendmentsSB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, HB0203 / CH0375
18-504amendedSB0949, HB1599
18-506amendedSB0470 / CH0376, SB0586, SB0949, HB0203 / CH0375, HB1599
18-601(h) amendedHB1011
18-605addedSB1202 / CH0597, HB1786
18-709addedHB1606, HB1609
18-1001through 18-1005 addedSB1049, HB0841
18-1001through 18-1007 addedHB1830
18-1401(c) amendedSB0532 / CH0813, HB0420 / CH0812
18-1401.1addedSB0532 / CH0813, HB0420 / CH0812
18-1505amendedSB0991 / CH0405, HB1532 / CH0404
18-1901amendedSB0812 / CH0012
18-1901(a) without amendmentsSB0812 / CH0012, SB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1901(j) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1901(p) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1902.1amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1903(a) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1903(a) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1903(g) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1903(h) addedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1903(h) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1903(i) addedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1903(i) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, SB0933 / CH0419, HB0782 / CH0390, HB1341
18-1904(a) without amendmentsSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1904(b) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-1905.1(a) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1905.2addedSB0517, HB1226
18-1909(h) addedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1909(h) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-1909(i) addedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-01(a) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, SB0933 / CH0419, HB0782 / CH0390, HB1341
18-19A-01(c) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, SB0812 / CH0012, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19A-01(f) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-02(a) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-02(a) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19A-02(e) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19A-03(f) addedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-04.1amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-04.1(d)(1) amendedSB0187 / CH0010, HB0161
18-19A-05(d) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19A-06amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19B-01(a) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390, HB1213
18-19B-01(c) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, SB0812 / CH0012, HB0782 / CH0390, HB1213
18-19B-01(d) without amendmentsHB1213
18-19B-02(a) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19B-02(d) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19B-05(d) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19B-05(e) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19C-01(b) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19C-02(b) without amendmentsSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19C-03(c) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19C-05(d) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19C-05(e) amendedSB0933 / CH0419, HB1341
18-19C-09(b) amendedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19C-10addedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-19C-10repealedSB0550 / CH0391, HB0782 / CH0390
18-2101through 18-2106 addedHB1630 / CH0409
18-2201without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2202without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2203amendedSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2204amendedSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2205through 18-2208 without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2209amendedSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-2210without amendmentsSB1092, HB1415 / CH0361
18-28A-01through 18-28A-05 addedSB0991 / CH0405, HB1532 / CH0404
18-3001without amendmentsHB0527 / CH0364
18-3004amendedHB0527 / CH0364
18-3006amendedHB0527 / CH0364
18-3007(a) amendedHB0527 / CH0364
18-3008amendedHB0527 / CH0364
18-3301(a) without amendmentsSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
18-3301(c) amendedSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
18-3302without amendmentsSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
18-3303amendedSB0517, HB1098, HB1226
18-3303(b) amendedSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
18-3304amendedSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
18-3401through 18-3405 addedHB1180 / CH0140
18-3401through 18-3406 addedSB0204 / CH0415
18-3401through 18-3407 addedHB0016 / CH0554
18-3401through 18-3408 addedSB0776, HB1753
21-204amendedSB0618, SB0949, HB1234 / CH0403, HB1599
21-205addedSB0978 / CH0695, SB1092, HB1216 / CH0694, HB1415 / CH0361
22-308addedHB1607 / CH0565
23-109(b)(2) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
23-109(b)(5)(i) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
23-109(b)(7)(iii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
23-109(b)(7)(v) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
24-301through 24-309 repealedSB0903, HB1143 / CH0402
24-702without amendmentsSB0978 / CH0695, HB1216 / CH0694
26-104amendedHB0312 / CH0619
26-501through 26-503 addedSB1060, HB1565

June 12, 2018 10:45 A.M.