Family Law (gfl)

2016 Regular Session

Total Entries: 183

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SectionBill ActionBill Number
2-402amendedSB0715, HB0832
2-402(f) amendedHB0911
2-406(a)(2)(i) without amendmentsHB0016
2-406(g) without amendmentsHB0016
2-406(h) addedHB0016
2-406(i) addedHB0016
4-501amendedSB0960, HB1396
4-501(m) amendedSB0578, HB0167
4-504(d) without amendmentsSB0924, HB0534
4-504.1(g) without amendmentsSB0924, HB0534
4-505(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0924, HB0534
4-506(k) amendedHB0819
4-509(a) without amendmentsSB0977, HB0004
4-512.2addedSB0833, HB0866
5-203(d) repealedSB0978, HB1232
5-324(b) amendedHB0683
5-324(b) without amendmentsSB0448
5-324(d) addedSB0448, HB0683
5-326(a) amendedSB0360, HB0192
5-326(a)(8) amendedSB0077
5-328amendedSB0448, HB0683
5-338(b) amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-350amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-3A-35(a) without amendmentsSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-3A-35(b) amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-3A-46addedSB0015, HB1484
5-3B-19amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-3B-33addedSB0015, HB1484
5-501(a) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-501(c) addedSB0312, HB0329
5-501(c) through (r) renumbered to be { 5-501(d) through (s)SB0312
5-501(c) through (r) renumbered to be 5-501 (d) through (s)HB0329
5-525(a) amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
5-525(d) amendedSB0704
5-525(d) without amendmentsSB0765, HB0976
5-525(f) amendedSB0360, HB0192
5-525(j) amendedSB0704, HB0976, HB1465
5-525(j) without amendmentsSB0765
5-527.1addedSB0262, HB0772
5-535without amendmentsSB0079
5-539without amendmentsSB0079
5-539.1(a) through (d) without amendmentsSB0079
5-545(a) without amendmentsSB0077
5-545(b) without amendmentsSB0077
5-545(c)(7) amendedSB0077
5-545(d) amendedSB0506
5-550transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-301SB0282
5-550(a) amendedSB0282
5-550(a) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-550(b) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-550(d) amendedSB0282
5-550(e) amendedSB0282
5-550.1transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-302SB0282
5-551(e) addedHB1391
5-551through 5-554.1 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-303 through 9.5-307SB0282
5-551(a) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329, HB1391
5-551(b) amendedSB0282
5-551(c) through (g) amendedSB0282
5-551(c)(10) repealedSB0312, HB0329
5-551(c)(11) amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-551(c)(12) amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-551(h)(1) amendedSB0282
5-552amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-552(a)(2) amendedSB0282
5-552(a)(4) amendedSB0282
5-552(b) amendedSB0282
5-554(a) amendedSB0282
5-554(b)(1)(ii) amendedSB0282
5-554(c)(1)(iii) amendedSB0282
5-554(c)(4) amendedSB0282
5-554(d) through (f) amendedSB0282
5-555transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-308SB0282
5-556transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-309SB0282
5-556.1transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-310SB0282
5-557amendedSB0282, SB0312, HB0329
5-557transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-311SB0282
5-557.1amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-557.1transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-312SB0282
5-558transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-313SB0282
5-558(3) amendedSB0282
5-559(b)(1) amendedSB0282
5-559(b)(4) amendedSB0282
5-559(e) amendedSB0282
5-559.1through 5-559.8 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-314 through 9.5-321SB0282
5-560through 5-569 renumbered to be { 5-550 through 5-559SB0282
5-564(f) amendedSB0506
5-570through 5-580.3 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-401 through 9.5-414SB0282
5-570(a) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-570(c) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-570(d) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-570(f) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-574(a) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0329
5-574(e) addedSB0312
5-574(e) through (f) addedHB0329
5-574(f) addedSB0312
5-581through 5-583.1 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-415 through 9.5-418SB0282
5-582amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-583amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-583.1amendedSB0312, HB0329
5-584transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-419SB0282
5-585transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-420SB0282
5-586through 5-589.1 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-501 through 9.5-505SB0282
5-590through 5-593 repealedSB0102, SB0282
5-590through 5-593 transferred to be Article - Education [ 9.5-801 through 9.5-804SB0282
5-594transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-601SB0282
5-594.1through 5-594.8 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-602 through 9.5-609SB0282
5-595transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-701SB0282
5-595.1through 5-595.6 transferred to be Article - Education { 9.5-702 through 9.5-707SB0282
5-704.1amendedSB0577, HB0825
5-704.3addedSB0015, HB1484
5-705.3addedSB0282, SB0310, HB0245
5-706.2amendedSB0577, HB0825
5-707amendedSB0031, HB0007
5-901through 5-903 addedHB0968
5-1401through 5-1404 addedSB0593, HB0646
7-101amendedSB0359, HB0274
7-103(a) amendedSB0358
7-103(f) without amendmentsSB0358
9-101addedSB0978, HB1232
9-101amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-101.1amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-101.2amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-102addedSB0978, HB1232
9-102amendedSB1019, HB0421
9-102repealedSB0978, HB1232
9-103amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-104amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-105amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-106addedSB0978, HB1232
9-106amendedSB0978, HB1232
9-107amendedSB0704, SB0765, HB0976
9-107repealedSB0978, HB1232
9-108amendedSB0813, SB0978, HB1232, HB1379
9-109addedSB0962, HB0259, HB0866, HB1386
9-201through 9-204 addedSB0978, HB1232
10-101(a) without amendmentsHB1502
10-101(b) without amendmentsHB1502
10-117without amendmentsSB0195, HB0194
10-119(a) without amendmentsHB1502
10-119(d) amendedHB1502
10-119.3(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1502
10-119.3(a)(2) without amendmentsHB1502
10-119.3(j) amendedHB1502
10-1A-01(b) without amendmentsHB1502
10-1A-01(d) without amendmentsHB1502
10-301(aa)(1) amendedSB0506
10-301(dd) without amendmentsHB1502
12-201(a) without amendmentsHB0191, HB0271
12-201(b) without amendmentsHB0191
12-201(c) amendedHB0191
12-201(g) amendedHB0271
12-202(a) amendedHB0191
12-202(c) amendedHB0962
12-204(a) amendedHB0191
12-204(e) amendedHB0731
12-204(h) without amendmentsHB0271
12-204(l) without amendmentsHB0271
12-204(m) without amendmentsHB0271
15-101through 15-104 addedSB0070, HB0043

September 23, 2016 2:10 P.M.