Tax - Property (gtp)

2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 138

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
2-106(b) amendedSB0187, HB0161
2-106(c) amendedSB0187, HB0161
2-106(d) without amendmentsSB0187, HB0161
2-106(e) without amendmentsSB0187, HB0161
2-203(a) without amendmentsSB0010
2-203(b) amendedSB0010
2-211(b) amendedSB0942
6-102(e) without amendmentsSB0925, HB1178
7-208(a) amendedSB0459
7-208(b) without amendmentsSB0459
7-245addedHB0090, HB0380, HB1666
7-402addedHB0374, HB0380, HB0918
8-101(a) without amendmentsHB0176
8-101(b)(4) amendedHB0176
8-104(b)(1) amendedSB0010
8-205(b) without amendmentsHB1660
8-209(a) through (d) without amendmentsSB0759, HB1013
8-209(h)(1)(v) amendedSB0759, HB1013
8-209(h)(1)(vi) amendedSB0759
8-209(h)(1)(vi) amendedHB1013
8-209(h)(1)(vii) addedHB1013
8-209(h)(1)(vii) addedSB0759
8-212without amendmentsHB1340
8-213without amendmentsHB0176
8-402(a) amendedHB0167
8-402(b) amendedHB0167
8-409(a) amendedHB0167
8-409(b) amendedHB0167
8-419(c)(3) amendedHB0167
9-103.1(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0810, HB1208
9-103.1(a)(6) amendedSB0810, HB1208
9-103.1(b) without amendmentsSB0810, HB1208
9-104(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0020, HB0038, HB0050, HB0929
9-104(a)(3) without amendmentsHB0929
9-104(a)(8) amendedHB0929
9-104(a)(13) amendedHB0020, HB0038, HB0050
9-104(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0897
9-104(e)(1) amendedHB0050
9-104(f) without amendmentsHB0929
9-104(g) without amendmentsHB0020, HB0038, HB0050, HB0929
9-104(h) without amendmentsHB0929
9-104(j)(1) without amendmentsHB0929
9-104(u) amendedSB0897
9-105(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1445
9-105(a)(5) without amendmentsHB1445
9-105(a)(7) without amendmentsHB1445
9-105(a)(9) without amendmentsHB1445
9-105(b) without amendmentsHB1445
9-105(e)(1) amendedHB1445
9-105(e)(2) amendedHB0586, HB1445
9-105(e)(5) amendedSB0813, HB0457
9-105(f) amendedSB0158, HB0305, HB0990
9-111addedSB0624, SB0877, HB0978, HB0989
9-206amendedSB0759, HB1013
9-210(c)(2) amendedSB0812
9-215(a) amendedSB0815, HB0208, HB0583
9-230(b)(3) amendedSB0877
9-245(a) amendedSB0599, HB1669
9-258amendedSB0427, SB0429, HB0165, HB0502
9-258(a)(2) amendedSB0812
9-260amendedSB1053, HB0089, HB0701, HB0721
9-261addedSB0179, HB0120, HB0877
9-304(i) amendedSB0394, HB0117, HB0701
9-304(k) addedSB0189, SB1022, HB0464, HB1050
9-305(b)(20) amendedSB1143
9-305(f) addedSB0599, SB0815, HB0583, HB1669
9-315(a) amendedHB1186
9-315(b) without amendmentsHB1186
9-317(h) amendedHB0701
9-318(h) addedSB0928, HB0208, HB0231, HB1434
9-323(g) amendedSB0887, HB1147
10-403amendedSB0925, HB1178
11-101amendedHB0459, HB1666
12-101(d) repealedSB0659, HB0873
12-101(e) renumbered to be 12-101 (d)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(e-1) renumbered to be 12-101 (e)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(e-2) renumbered to be 12-101 (f)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(e-3) renumbered to be 12-101 (g)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(e-4) renumbered to be 12-101 (h)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(e-5) renumbered to be 12-101 (i)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(f) amendedSB0659, HB0873
12-101(f) renumbered to be 12-101 (j)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(g) renumbered to be 12-101 (k)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(h) renumbered to be 12-101 (l)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(i) renumbered to be 12-101 (m)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(j) renumbered to be 12-101 (n)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(k) renumbered to be 12-101 (o)SB0659, HB0873
12-101(l) renumbered to be 12-101 (p)SB0659, HB0873
12-103(d) amendedSB0659, HB0873
12-108(g) amendedSB0999
12-108(p) amendedSB0999
12-109(b) amendedSB0659, HB0873
12-110(d) addedHB1371
12-110(d) repealedHB1371
12-117(c) amendedSB0999
13-101amendedSB0659, HB0873
13-209(g)(2) amendedSB0187, HB0161
13-306(b) without amendmentsHB0620
13-306(c) amendedHB0620
13-306(d) amendedHB0620
13-404(a) amendedSB0659, HB0873
13-404(b) amendedSB0659, HB0873
13-404(e) amendedSB0659, HB0873
14-506(b)(2) amendedHB0167
14-506(c) amendedHB0167
14-507(b) amendedHB0167
14-511(c) amendedHB1047
14-512(g) repealedHB1044
14-516amendedHB1044, HB1047
14-801without amendmentsSB1098
14-801(a) without amendmentsHB0475
14-801(d) without amendmentsSB0954, HB0475, HB1246
14-806amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-808(a) amendedHB0475
14-808(e) addedHB0475
14-811amendedSB0951, SB0952, SB0954, SB1098, HB1112, HB1246, HB1465
14-812amendedSB0942, SB0952, HB1465
14-817(c) amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-817.1amendedSB0952, HB1465
14-820(b)(3) amendedHB0475
14-824amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-833(c)(2) amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-833(f) amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-833(g) amendedSB0951, HB1112
14-849.1amendedSB1098, HB1409
14-873through 14-880 addedSB0954, HB1246

February 19, 2018 9:43 A.M.