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The Senate and House Agendas include all scheduled calendars. Additional calendars, messages. or other items may be added to the Agenda during the daily session and may not always appear on the Agenda displayed here.

The Secretary of the Senate prepares a legislative calendar or agenda each day reflecting the matters to be considered during the floor session. The agenda includes committee reports, bills that have been “laid over” or “special ordered” from a prior session, bills on third reading, and other items of interest.

In the House of Delegates, the Office of the Chief Clerk prepares individual calendars for each committee report, bills on third reading, or other items of legislative business to be considered at the floor session.

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House Agenda

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Judiciary Committee Report No. 1
Distribution Date: February 15, 2016
Second Reading Date: February 16, 2016
HB 76
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Department of State Police - Investigation Authority
HB 77
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Family Law - Missing Children - Reporting Requirements and Repeal of Advisory Council
HB 78
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
State Fire Marshal - Reporting Requirements - Repeal
HB 121
Favorable Delegate Carozza
Criminal Law - False Statement Concerning Destructive Device or Toxic Material - Venue
HB 177
Favorable Delegate Bromwell
Criminal Law - Prohibition on Marking Flags - Repeal
HB 183
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Valentino-Smith
Criminal Law - Smoking Marijuana in Public and in Vehicles - Prohibition
HB 191
Favorable Delegate Dumais
Child Support - Adjusted Actual Income - Multifamily Adjustment
HB 192
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Juvenile Causes - Permanency Plans - Age Restrictions on Use of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
HB 448
(Constitutional Amendment)
Jointly Considered Judiciary/Ways and Means Delegate Sydnor
Circuit Court Judges - Selection, Qualifications, and Term of Office
HB 7
Unfavorable Delegate Sophocleus
Family Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Expungement of Reports and Records - Time Period
HB 16
Unfavorable Delegate Metzgar
Marriage - Religious Organizations - Protections
HB 95
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Procedure - Life Without Parole - Repeal of Sentencing Proceeding
HB 101
Unfavorable Delegate Howard, C.
Criminal Law - Human Trafficking and Related Crimes - Penalties
HB 219
Unfavorable Delegate Aumann
Criminal Law - Human Trafficking - Adult Victim - Penalty
HB 239
Unfavorable Delegate Sydnor
Baltimore County Police Officers - Body-Worn Cameras
HB 247
Unfavorable Cecil County Delegation
Cecil County - Community Adult Rehabilitation Center - Appointment and Removal of Assistant Director
HB 310
Unfavorable Delegate Dumais
Divorce - Separation Agreement - Corroboration of Testimony
HB 573
Unfavorable Delegate Clippinger
Possession of Loaded Handgun or Regulated Firearm - Enhanced Penalties
HB 811
Unfavorable Delegate Morales
Juvenile Services - Child Victims of Human Trafficking
HB 4
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, A.
Criminal Procedure - Domestic Violence - Active Electronic Monitoring (Amber's Law)
HB 6
Unfavorable Delegate Young, K.
Criminal Law - Improper Prescription of Controlled Dangerous Substance Resulting in Death
HB 12
Unfavorable Delegate Wivell
Criminal Law - Impersonating a Member of the Military - Penalties
HB 34
Unfavorable Delegate Cassilly
Criminal Law - Illegal Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance Near Methadone Clinic - Penalties
HB 68
Unfavorable Delegate Simonaire
Criminal Law - Impersonating a Military Member - Penalties (Stolen Valor Act of 2016)
HB 81
Unfavorable Delegate Conaway
Criminal Procedure - Cameras in the Courtroom - Criminal Sentencing Hearings
HB 94
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Law - Child Abuse Resulting in Death - Life Imprisonment
HB 97
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Crimes - Solicitation to Commit Murder or Arson - Statute of Limitations
HB 100
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Law - Crimes Against Property - Trespass to a Vehicle
HB 196
Unfavorable Delegate Haynes
Juveniles - Pretrial Detention - Confinement in Juvenile Facilities
February 11, 2016
Calendar of Third Reading House Bills No. 4
To Be Taken Up On February 12, 2016
HB 70
Delegate Luedtke
Economic Matters
Business Regulation - Billiard Table License - Repeal
HB 140
Economic Matters
Security Systems Technicians and Agencies - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
HB 249
Delegate Smith
Economic Matters
Members of the National Guard - Employment and Reemployment Rights - Enforcement
HB 306
Delegate Smith
Economic Matters
Labor and Employment - Hiring and Promotion Preferences - Veterans and Their Spouses
HB 354
Delegate Kramer
Economic Matters
Corporations and Real Estate Investment Trusts - Directors and Trustees - Duties and Immunity From Liability
Health and Government Operations Committee Report No. 1
Distribution Date: February 16, 2016
Second Reading Date: February 17, 2016
HB 11
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Hill
Health Insurance - In Vitro Fertilization - Use of Spouse's Sperm - Exception
HB 22
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Krimm
Interagency Disabilities Board - Membership and Duties - Community Inclusion Training Oversight
HB 117
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Barron
State Board of Pharmacy - Licensure Requirements for Pharmacists - Proof of Proficiency in English
HB 119
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Reznik
State Board of Physicians - Licensing Exemption - Physicians With Traveling Athletic and Sports Teams
HB 186
Favorable with Amendments Chair, Health and Government Operations Committee
Department of Veterans Affairs - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Fund - Establishment
HB 52
Unfavorable Delegate Wivell
Health Insurance - In Vitro Fertilization, Pregnancy, and Childbirth Services - Surrogate Benefits
HB 113
Unfavorable Delegate Carr
Health Insurance - Coverage for Lymphedema Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment
HB 248
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, B.
Minority Business Enterprises - Community-Based Residential Programs or Day Care Centers for Adults - Study and Report
HB 256
Unfavorable Delegate Sydnor
Maryland Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
HB 441
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, W.
Public Health - Assisted Outpatient Treatment and Mobile Crisis Teams
HB 265
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, B.
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Health Care Facilities - Abuser Registry
HB 279
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, B.
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Abuser Registry Workgroup Recommendations - Report

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