About Agendas

The Senate and House Agendas include all scheduled calendars. Additional calendars, messages. or other items may be added to the Agenda during the daily session and may not always appear on the Agenda displayed here.

The Secretary of the Senate prepares a legislative calendar or agenda each day reflecting the matters to be considered during the floor session. The agenda includes committee reports, bills that have been “laid over” or “special ordered” from a prior session, bills on third reading, and other items of interest.

In the House of Delegates, the Office of the Chief Clerk prepares individual calendars for each committee report, bills on third reading, or other items of legislative business to be considered at the floor session.

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2018 Regular Session Proceedings:

Senate Agenda

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MARCH 19, 2018 - SESSION 1
Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee Report No. 42
Distribution Date: March 19, 2018
Second Reading Date: March 19, 2018
SB 1192
To Budget and Taxation Senator Klausmeier
Baltimore County - Development Impact Fees - Authorization
Judicial Proceedings Committee Report No. 20
Distribution Date: March 19, 2018
Second Reading Date: March 19, 2018
SB 291
Favorable Senator Madaleno
Family Law - Protecting the Resources of Children in State Custody
SB 499
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Simonaire
Public Safety - Hit and Run Suspects - Yellow Alert Program
SB 629
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Kelley
Correctional Facilities - Pregnant Inmates - Medical Care
SB 649
Favorable with Amendments (2) Senator Kelley
Estates and Trusts - Elective Share of Surviving Spouse
SB 671
Favorable Senator Zirkin
Hate Crimes - Threats and Penalties
SB 838
Favorable Senator Smith
Criminal Procedure - Coram Nobis - Time for Filing
SB 579
Unfavorable Senator Lee
Criminal Procedure - Incompetency and Criminal Responsibility - Dismissal of Charges

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