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This page accesses the Code of Maryland (Statutes) and the Maryland Municipal Charters and Resolutions as compiled and maintained by the Department of Legislative Services.

The Code is arranged by and organized into “Articles” (e.g. Transportation Article), which are further subdivided into “titles”, “subtitles”, “sections”, “subsections”, “paragraphs”, subparagraphs”, etc.

Note that the “official” compilation of the laws (Chapters) enacted at each session of the General Assembly is published by the State as the “Laws of Maryland”, commonly referred to as the “Session Laws”. The Session Laws for each session are compiled chronologically by chapter number and serve as the source law from which the statutes accessed here are derived.

While the “Laws of Maryland” (Session Laws) constitute the official laws of the State, this Code and the annotated versions noted below are accepted as “evidence” of the law in all State courts and by all public offices and officials (See § 10-201 of the Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article). However, in the event of a conflict between the Code and the Session Laws, the Session Laws prevail.

Note: Annotated versions of the Code, published by LexisNexis and West, are available in book and online formats. These Annotated Codes include references to case law, related citations, and explanatory notations.

The Municipal Charters are updated each year by incorporating all charter resolutions received by the Department through May 31 of that year. Individual Municipal Resolutions are published to the General Assembly website as they are received by the Department.

Statute Text

Article - Family Law
(a)    (1)   Consent of a parent may include a waiver of rights to notice of:
(i)   the filing of a petition under this subtitle; and
(ii)   further proceedings under this subtitle.
(2)   Consent to adoption under this subtitle is not valid unless the consent:
(i)   is given after the prospective adoptee is born;
(ii)   is given in a language that the party understands;
(iii)   if given in a language other than English:
1.   is given before a judge on the record; or
2.   is accompanied by the affidavit of a translator stating that the translation of the document of consent is accurate;
(iv)   contains an express notice of:
1.   the right to revoke consent, at any time within 30 days after the consent is signed;
2.   the search rights of adoptees and parents under § 5-3B-29 of this subtitle and the search rights of adoptees, siblings, and parents under Subtitle 4B of this title; and
3.   the right to file a disclosure veto under § 5-3B-29 of this subtitle;
(v)   except as to an adoption by a spouse of the prospective adoptee’s parent or a relative of the prospective adoptee, states that the parent has been advised of the parent’s rights to:
1.   have independent counsel; and
2.   receive adoption counseling and guidance;
(vi)   states whether the parent chose to have or not have counsel or counseling; and
(vii)   is accompanied by an affidavit of counsel appointed under § 5-3B-06 of this subtitle stating that a parent who is a minor or has a disability gives consent knowingly and voluntarily.
(b)    (1)    (i)   Subject to subparagraph (ii) of this paragraph, a parent may revoke consent at any time within 30 days after the parent signs the consent.
(ii)   A parent may not revoke consent for adoption of a prospective adoptee if:
1.   in the preceding year, the parent has revoked consent for or filed a notice of objection to adoption of the prospective adoptee; and
2.   the child is at least 30 days old and consent is given before a judge on the record.
(2)   A prospective adoptee may revoke consent at any time before a court enters an order of adoption under this subtitle.