Tracking Help

Legislation Tracking - Main

In General

You can use this system to track the progress of legislation that is of special interest to you. The system allows you to maintain one or more lists of Bill and Resolution numbers and create status reports from these lists.

To begin using this system simply:

  • Create a subscription. Use your email address as your user ID.
  • Complete the registration by answering the validation email we send to you.
  • Come back to the website, sign in, and begin to track.

Add Legislation to a List

You can add Bills or Resolutions to your tracking list(s) in two ways:

  • Use the “Manage and Create Tracking Lists” option on the "Legislation Tracking - Main" page.
  • Use the "Tack to Track" tracking icon button that appears on each Bill and Resolution page.

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription by:

  • Signing into your account.
  • Click the option that says "Cancel my subscription".

Subscriptions for the 2018 legislative session were deleted. New subscriptions are required for the 2019 legislative session.

Options for Status Reports

  • Reports can be created on demand through the website or they can be scheduled to appear in your email box each morning during session.
  • Are available in two formats, an HTML format or a data format (.csv). The data format can be opened in any spreadsheet application.
  • Can include the current status for all Bill and Resolution numbers on a list or only information on those with a status change since the last time you received a report.


Note: In order to use this feature your browser must be set to allow cookies.