Website Help - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Find My Elected Representatives

How do I find out which legislators represent me?
How do I contact my legislators?
Is there a list of all Legislators?
Which Congressional and Legislative district plans are used to determine my representatives?

Legislation and Legislators

How do I learn about the legislative process?
What are legislative deadlines?
What do various terms mean that are used in the legislative process?
For legislation, why don’t I see a hearing date for both the original and the opposite house committees?
How do I find information about legislation without the number, sponsor, or anything else other than a general topic?
How do I find information on legislation that was introduced in a previous session?
How do I find legislation that was passed in a previous session?
What is “Tracking” and how do I use it?
What are “legislator ethics filings”?
How long do my Ethics and Tracking accounts stay active?
What is available through the Search on the General Assembly website?
In legislation text, what do all caps, brackets, underlines, strike outs, and italics indicate?


How do I listen to or view live or recorded committees meetings?
Why am I unable to play House or Other video from the committee page?
What are committee votes?
Where can I find Committee votes?
Are committee’s hearings open to the public? May I testify at a hearing?
How do I find out when meetings are scheduled and where they will be held?
May I link to the hearings from my website?

Floor Proceedings

When the website says the House or the Senate is “Convened or Reconvened” why can’t I listen to the proceedings?
When it says the “Senate of Maryland or the House of Delegates is Adjourned or Recessed until...” and the time has come, why can’t I view the proceedings or listen to that floor session?
How do I listen to Floor sessions?
Are floor sessions in the Senate and House chambers open to the public?
Where do I find floor votes?
What is the difference between a calendar day and a legislative day?
What happens when a bill passes both chambers?

Laws (Statutes and the Code of Maryland)

How do I access the Laws of Maryland?
Do you have the Annotated Code of Maryland available online?
What is “The Annotated Code of Maryland”?
What “Code of Maryland” information is available on this website?
How often is the online version of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland updated?


Why can’t I listen to a Floor or Committee meeting?
I have Real Player installed and still cannot listen to the audio files on the website?
Why are most legislative documents in PDF file format?
Why am I getting a Server aspx error?
Why does the site layout appear different when I use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 with compatibility view on?

Didn't Find the Answer To My Question

If I still am having trouble finding the information I need, what do I do?