About Committees

Much of the legislature’s work is done by its committees. Committees include standing committees, statutory committees, special committees, and select committees (commonly known as county or regional delegations). Special committees are usually temporary and go out of existence when their purposes have been fulfilled.

The Department of Legislative Services assigns to the committees policy analysts who generally facilitate and support the work of the committees, including reviewing and analyzing legislation to identify legal and policy issues and drafting amendments, floor reports, and other informational documents to assist the chairs and members of the committees.

Assistants to the Chair are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Committee office throughout the year.

Committee Audio and Video

Senate Audio

Committee Name Live Year On Demand Play
Budget and Taxation
      Capital Budget
      Education, Business and Adminstration
      Health and Human Services
      Public Safety, Transportation, and Environment
Education, Health & Environmental Affairs
Judicial Proceedings

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