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Legislative Policy Committee

Senator Bill Ferguson
Delegate Adrienne A. Jones
Department of Legislative Services
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 5350
Ryane Necessary and Dana Tagalicod, Dept. of Legislative Services
Issue Areas
Oversight of standing committees
Information about government and general welfare of the State
Constitution, statues, and common law of the State
Rules and procedures of the Senate and House
Interim activities of the General Assembly
Legislative programs
Sunset review
Further Information
Legislation Sponsorship Type Sort Chamber Sort
Title Sponsor Sponsorship Type Sort Chamber Sort Current Status Org Committees & Hearings Opp Committees & Hearings
Denotes enacted legislation
As of:
Member Name Role
Ferguson, Bill Senate Chair
Jones, Adrienne A. House Chair
Edwards, George C. Senate Member
Feldman, Brian J. Senate Member
Griffith, Melony Senate Member
Guzzone, Guy Senate Member
Hough, Michael J. Senate Member
Kelley, Delores G. Senate Member
King, Nancy J. Senate Member
Lee, Susan C. Senate Member
Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr. Senate Member
Pinsky, Paul G. Senate Member
Simonaire, Bryan W. Senate Member
Smith, William C., Jr. Senate Member
Zucker, Craig J. Senate Member
Barve, Kumar P. House Member
Branch, Talmadge House Member
Clippinger, Luke House Member
Davis, Dereck E. House Member
Dumais, Kathleen M. House Member
Haynes, Keith E. House Member
Kaiser, Anne R. House Member
Kipke, Nicholaus R. House Member
Luedtke, Eric G. House Member
McIntosh, Maggie House Member
Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A. House Member
Pendergrass, Shane E. House Member
Sample-Hughes, Sheree House Member
Szeliga, Kathy House Member
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