Health - General (ghg)

2018 Regular Session

Total Entries: 391

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
2-103(a) amendedHB1502, HB1792
2-301without amendmentsSB0976, HB1620
2-302(a) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010, SB0976, HB0161, HB1620
2-302(b)(4) amendedSB0976, HB0161, HB1620
2-302(b)(4) without amendmentsSB0187 / CH0010
2-302(b)(5) amendedSB0187 / CH0010, SB0976, HB0161, HB1620
2-302(b)(6) addedSB0976, HB1620
2-302(c) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1620
2-302(d) without amendmentsSB0976, HB1620
2-303without amendmentsSB0976, HB1620
2-504.1(e) amendedHB0167
2-901through 2-906 addedHB0660
2-901through 2-908 addedSB1056 / CH0606
3-401(b) amendedHB1430
4-201(l) amendedHB0569
4-217(a) amendedSB0038 / CH0526
4-217(c) amendedSB0038 / CH0526
4-219amendedSB0066 / CH0155, HB1159 / CH0154
4-222amendedSB0490 / CH0497, HB0454
4-301amendedSB0017 / CH0657
4-301(a) without amendmentsHB1811
4-301(l) without amendmentsHB1811
4-302.2amendedSB0017 / CH0657
4-306(a) without amendmentsSB0230 / CH0504, SB1263, HB1811
4-306(b)(6) without amendmentsSB0230 / CH0504
4-306(b)(11)(ii) amendedSB1263, HB1811
4-306(b)(12) amendedSB1263, HB1811
4-306(b)(13) addedSB1263, HB1811
4-306(c) addedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
4-306(c) amendedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
4-306(c) without amendmentsSB1263, HB1811
4-306(d) addedSB0230 / CH0504
4-307(a) through (c) without amendmentsHB1811
4-307(a)(1) without amendmentsHB1792
4-307(a)(4) amendedHB1792
4-307(b) without amendmentsSB1263
4-307(c) without amendmentsSB1263
4-307(k)(1)(v) amendedHB1792
4-307(k)(1)(v)2. amendedHB1811
4-307(k)(1)(v)2.B. amendedSB1263
4-307(k)(1)(vi) amendedSB1263, HB1811
4-307(k)(1)(vii) addedSB1263, HB1811
4-307(k)(4) without amendmentsSB1263
4-307(k)(5) without amendmentsSB1263
4-307(l) addedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
4-401(a)(7) amendedHB1430
4-403(a)(1)(xvi) amendedHB1430
5-508without amendmentsSB1000
5-509(a) without amendmentsSB1000
5-509(b) without amendmentsSB1000
5-509(c) without amendmentsSB1000
5-615(c)(2)(iv) amendedHB1509
5-621amendedSB0812 / CH0012
5-626(a) without amendmentsHB0161
5-626(g) amendedHB0161
5-703(a)(12) amendedHB1792
5-808(b)(1) amendedHB1792
7-101(d) amendedSB0936, HB1394
7-307amendedSB0543, HB0664
7-307(d)(4) amendedHB0161
7.5-101(a) without amendmentsHB1792
7.5-101(h) amendedHB1792
7.5-202through 7.5-204 amendedHB1792
7.5-205(d) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
7.5-208addedSB0703 / CH0210, SB0977 / CH0692, HB1092 / CH0209, HB1517 / CH0693
7.5-303(a)(1)(iii) amendedHB1792
7.5-402amendedSB0211, HB0080
7.5-701addedHB0922 / CH0211
8-101(a) without amendmentsHB1792
8-101(h) amendedHB1792
8-408addedSB0922, HB1579
8-502.1(b)(4) amendedHB1792
8-505(a) amendedSB0101 / CH0143, SB0122, SB0199, HB0100
8-505(b) amendedSB0816, HB0887
8-506(a) amendedSB0101 / CH0143, SB0122
8-506(a)(1) amendedSB0199, HB0100
8-507(a) amendedSB0101 / CH0143, SB0122, SB0199, HB0100
8-1201through 8-1205 addedHB1207
10-101(a) without amendmentsHB1792
10-101(f) amendedHB1792
10-308(a) without amendmentsHB1792
10-308(c) amendedHB1792
10-312(b)(4)(i)7. amendedHB1792
10-423(a) amendedHB1792
10-609(a) amendedHB0033 / CH0760
10-611addedHB0033 / CH0760
10-617amendedSB0527, HB0499
10-622amendedSB0527, HB0499
10-623amendedSB0527, HB0499
10-625amendedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
10-631(a) without amendmentsSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
10-631(b) amendedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
10-632amendedSB0527, SB0864 / CH0682, SB0947 / CH0730, HB0499, HB1392, HB1635 / CH0729
10-632(g) amendedSB1263
10-632(g) repealedSB0908
10-701(h)(1)(ii)2. amendedHB1792
10-701(h)(2) amendedHB1792
10-708amendedSB0361 / CH0703, HB0202 / CH0702
10-803amendedSB0864 / CH0682, HB1392
10-807(a) without amendmentsHB1792
10-807(b) amendedHB1792
10-807(c) amendedHB1792
10-807(f) amendedHB1792
10-807(h) amendedHB1792
10-808(b) amendedHB1792
10-808(c) amendedHB1792
10-812(d) amendedHB1792
10-903(a) amendedHB1792
10-903(b) amendedHB1792
10-923(b) amendedHB1792
10-923(d) amendedHB1792
10-924(a) amendedHB1792
10-924(b)(1) amendedHB1792
10-925(a) amendedHB1792
10-925(c) amendedHB1792
10-1202(a)(4) amendedHB1792
10-1202(d)(1) amendedHB1792
10-1202(d)(3) amendedHB1792
10-1202(d)(4) amendedHB1792
10-1501through 10-1511 addedSB1263
13-104amendedSB0105 / CH0660
13-7A-01through 13-7A-09 addedHB1473 / CH0527
13-7A-01through 13-7A-10 addedSB1159
13-901amendedHB0691 / CH0444
13-1007(b)(2)(ii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
13-1008(c)(8) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
13-1015amendedSB0254, SB0456, HB0606, HB0953
13-1207amendedHB1518 / CH0308
13-1208addedHB1518 / CH0308
13-2101without amendmentsHB1502
13-2103(11) amendedHB1502
13-2504(b) amendedHB0438
13-3003(a) without amendmentsHB0161
13-3003(g) amendedHB0161
13-3102without amendmentsHB1764
13-3106(a) amendedHB1764
13-3108(b) amendedHB1764
13-3301(a) without amendmentsHB0002 / CH0598, HB1496, HB1668
13-3301(b) without amendmentsHB1496
13-3301(h) amendedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3301(m) without amendmentsHB1496
13-3301(n) amendedHB1668
13-3301(n) without amendmentsHB1496
13-3301.1addedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3302amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598, HB1288, HB1590
13-3303amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598, HB0039
13-3303(a) through (c) amendedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3303.1addedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3304amendedSB1063 / CH0600, HB0268, HB1035 / CH0599
13-3304(d) amendedSB0181
13-3305amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3305.1addedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3305.2addedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3305.3addedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3306(a) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3306(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0907
13-3306(a)(2) amendedHB0907
13-3306(a)(5) amendedHB1288
13-3306(h) addedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3307(a) amendedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3307(a) without amendmentsSB0001
13-3307(c) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3307(d) amendedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3308(b) amendedHB1288
13-3308(d) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3309(a) without amendmentsSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3309(c) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3309(d) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3309(e) amendedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3310(b) amendedHB1288
13-3310(d) amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3311.1addedHB0002 / CH0598
13-3313amendedSB0874 / CH0601
13-3313(a) amendedHB1288
13-3314amendedSB0714, HB1218, HB1288
13-3316amendedSB0001, HB0002 / CH0598
13-3317addedSB1078, HB1348
13-3601through 13-3603 addedHB0359 / CH0149
13-3601through 13-3605 addedHB0839
13-3601through 13-3608 addedSB0444 / CH0708
13-3601through 13-3609 addedSB0163 / CH0441, HB0490
14-501amendedSB0840, HB0552
14-501renumbered to be 14-502HB1210
15-101(a) without amendmentsSB0630, HB1215 / CH0445
15-101(h) without amendmentsSB0630, HB1215 / CH0445
15-103(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0943, HB1460
15-103(a)(2)(ii) without amendmentsSB0284 / CH0621
15-103(a)(2)(x) without amendmentsSB0284 / CH0621
15-103(a)(2)(xi) amendedSB0943, HB1460
15-103(a)(2)(xii) amendedSB0943, HB1460
15-103(a)(2)(xiii) amendedSB0284 / CH0621
15-103(a)(2)(xiii) addedSB0943, HB1460
15-103(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0943
15-103(b)(2)(i) without amendmentsSB0943
15-103(b)(5)(i) without amendmentsSB0943
15-103(b)(31) addedHB0071
15-103(c)(3) amendedHB1430
15-105.2amendedSB0704 / CH0691, HB1652
15-105.2(b)(2) amendedSB0706, HB1197
15-105.2(b)(6) without amendmentsSB0706, HB1197
15-109(b) amendedSB0206
15-127amendedSB0731, HB0639
15-127repealedSB0963, HB0247 / CH0422
15-127(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0800
15-127(a)(4) amendedSB0800
15-132amendedSB0939, HB1618
15-137amendedSB0937, HB1064
15-140addedSB0774 / CH0465, SB0835 / CH0683, HB0994 / CH0464, HB1682 / CH0684
15-148amendedSB0774 / CH0465, HB0994 / CH0464
15-149addedSB0259, SB0630, SB0886, SB1185, HB0626, HB1215 / CH0445, HB1477
15-904(e) amendedHB0264
15-1003(c) amendedSB1208 / CH0463, HB1766 / CH0462
15-1003(e) amendedSB1208 / CH0463, HB1766 / CH0462
15-1004(e)(1) amendedSB1208 / CH0463, HB1766 / CH0462
15-1101addedSB1026, HB0726, HB0851
16-201.3(a) without amendmentsHB0161
16-201.3(d)(1) amendedHB0161
16-201.3(d)(2)(i) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
16-201.3(h)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
17-202(d) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
17-204repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-207(c) repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-209repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-214amendedHB1105, HB1705
17-214(f) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
17-2A-02(a) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
17-2A-06(c) repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-2A-08repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-304repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-307(c) repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-310repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-310(b) amendedHB0167
17-506amendedSB0108 / CH0661
17-508repealedSB0108 / CH0661
17-508(b) amendedHB0167
17-701addedSB0392, HB0655
18-340through 18-344 addedSB1186, HB1690
18-1101addedHB1804 / CH0590
18-1102addedHB1804 / CH0590
19-114(a) without amendmentsHB0384
19-114(c) without amendmentsHB0384
19-114(d) amendedHB0384
19-120(l) amendedHB1540
19-120(l)(5) amendedSB0390
19-121amendedSB0619 / CH0449, HB1282 / CH0448
19-145addedSB0013 / CH0436
19-222(g)(3)(i) without amendmentsSB0390
19-303(c) amendedHB0041
19-308.8amendedSB0981, HB1768
19-310.1(a) amendedSB0757
19-310.1(b) without amendmentsSB0757
19-319.1amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-320(a) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-320(c) repealedSB0108 / CH0661
19-323repealedSB0108 / CH0661
19-326.1without amendmentsSB0390
19-342amendedSB0530, HB0562
19-347(d)(1)(ii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
19-347.1addedHB1130 / CH0503
19-351(b) amendedHB1430
19-3B-04(a) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-3B-05amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-3B-08(b)(2) amendedHB0167
19-404(b) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-4A-03amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-4B-04amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-712.5(f) amendedHB1430
19-907(a) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-907(c) repealedSB0108 / CH0661
19-910repealedSB0108 / CH0661
19-914addedSB0232 / CH0440, HB0407 / CH0439
19-1203amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1401.1amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1401.2amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1408amendedSB0386 / CH0454
19-1408.1addedSB0386 / CH0454
19-1409amendedSB0004 / CH0473
19-1410(a) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1410(b) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1417renumbered to be 19-1418SB0016
19-1804.1(b) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1804.1(d) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1805(b) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-1813addedSB0694, HB0455, HB0482, HB1505
19-1905(b) amendedHB0167
19-2001amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-2001(a)(4)(ii)8. amendedHB1430
19-2001(c)(2) amendedHB0167
19-2002(d)(4) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
19-2201(a) without amendmentsHB0161
19-2201(e)(1) without amendmentsHB0161
19-2201(e)(2)(iv) amendedHB0161
19-2201(e)(2)(v) addedHB0161
19-2401(d) amendedHB0161
19-2501without amendmentsHB0445
19-2601through 19-2604 addedHB0861
20-109(c) amendedSB0108 / CH0661
20-217through 20-223 addedSB1067, HB1355
20-217through 20-225 addedHB1424
20-601without amendmentsHB0661
20-602without amendmentsHB0661
20-1004(21) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
20-1901addedSB0944 / CH0453, HB1101, HB1650
20-1901through 20-1903 addedSB0862, HB0909
20-1902addedSB0944 / CH0453, HB1101
21-221.1addedSB1255, HB0601
21-222amendedSB1255, HB0601
21-243(a)(1)(ii) amendedHB0167
21-2A-02without amendmentsSB1007
21-2A-02(a) without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-04without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-04.2(a) without amendmentsHB0517 / CH0772
21-2A-04.2(b) amendedHB0517 / CH0772
21-2A-06amendedSB1007, HB1716
21-2A-06(a) without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-06(b) without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-06(c) amendedSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-06(d) amendedSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-07(a) without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2A-07(b) without amendmentsSB1083, HB0088
21-2C-01through 21-2C-04 addedSB0201
21-2C-01through 21-2C-11 addedSB1023
21-301(a) without amendmentsHB1106 / CH0491
21-301(b-1) without amendmentsHB1106 / CH0491
21-301(b-2) amendedHB1106 / CH0491
21-301(h) amendedSB0758 / CH0339, HB1087 / CH0338
21-309(c) amendedHB0167
21-316(c) amendedHB0167
21-812(b) amendedHB0167
21-1111amendedSB0969, HB1111
21-1113amendedSB0087 / CH0212
21-1113(a)(2) amendedHB1430
22-309(a)(1) amendedHB0167
24-305amendedSB0456, HB0953
24-305(a) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
24-305(b) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
24-305(c) amendedHB1094 / CH0785
24-307repealedSB0456, HB0953
24-307(b) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
24-307(c) amendedHB1094 / CH0785
24-307(c)(3) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
24-307(e)(1) without amendmentsHB1094 / CH0785
24-307(e)(2) amendedHB1094 / CH0785
24-308addedHB1138, HB1212
24-1501addedHB1359, HB1443
24-1501through 24-1505 addedHB1685 / CH0558
24-1501through 24-1506 addedSB0288, HB0326
24-1501through 24-1505 addedSB0912 / CH0559
24-1701through 24-1706 addedSB0469
25-101through 25-1204 addedSB1002, HB1516

June 12, 2018 10:45 A.M.