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2018 Regular Session

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
2-101(b) without amendmentsSB0295, HB0352, HB0704
2-101(d) without amendmentsSB0295, HB0352, HB0704
2-101(f) without amendmentsSB0295, HB0352, HB0704
2-401without amendmentsHB1342 / CH0525
2-407(a)(6) amendedHB1342 / CH0525
2-407(a)(7) amendedHB1342 / CH0525
2-407(a)(8) addedHB1342 / CH0525
2-407(a)(9) addedHB1342 / CH0525
2-407(c) addedHB1342 / CH0525
2-606addedSB1099 / CH0753
2-701without amendmentsSB1138, HB1342 / CH0525
2-706amendedSB1138, HB1342 / CH0525
2-706(b)(1) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
2-709(b)(4)(ii) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
2-1201through 2-1203 without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1201without amendmentsSB1138, HB1342 / CH0525
2-1204amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1205without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1206addedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1206repealedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1207without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1208without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1209amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1211addedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1211repealedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1211without amendmentsSB1138, HB1342 / CH0525
2-1212amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1213repealedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1214amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1215amendedSB0892, SB1138, HB0874 / CH0281, HB1342 / CH0525
2-1215.1amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1216addedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1216repealedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1217without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1218amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1219without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1220(c) amendedSB0901, HB1569
2-1220(h) addedHB0428, HB0561
2-1223(a)(3) amendedSB0901, HB1569
2-1228through 2-1233 repealedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1234without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1235without amendmentsSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1236amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1239amendedSB0892, HB0874 / CH0281
2-1502(c) amendedSB0680 / CH0072, HB0244 / CH0071
2-1505.2(a) without amendmentsSB1082, HB0855
2-1505.2(b) without amendmentsSB1082, HB0855
2-1505.2(d) amendedSB1082, HB0855
2-1505.2(e) amendedSB1082, HB0855
2-1505.2(f) through (j) without amendmentsSB1082, HB0855
2-1505.2(k) addedSB1082, HB0855
2-1805addedSB0295, HB0352, HB0704
6-106.1amendedSB0974, HB1572
6-108.1addedSB0870, HB1439
6.5-101(i) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
6.5-202(a)(2) amendedHB0167
7-301without amendmentsSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423, HB1828
7-302amendedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-302without amendmentsHB1828
7-303through 7-306 without amendmentsSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-307amendedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-308amendedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-309without amendmentsSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-310without amendmentsSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-311amendedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423, HB1828
7-312addedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
7-312amendedSB0578 / CH0424, HB0255, HB0633 / CH0423
8-201without amendmentsHB1576
8-205(b)(5) amendedHB0288
8-205.1(a) amendedHB0288
8-306(c)(2)(ii) amendedHB0167
8-3A-01amendedSB0687 / CH0016, HB0422, HB1788
8-401(a) without amendmentsHB0790
8-401(f) amendedHB0790
8-403(a) without amendmentsSB0065, SB1209, HB0097 / CH0591, HB1158
8-403(b)(13) addedSB0065, SB1209, HB1158
8-403(b)(13) through (b)(56) renumbered to be (b)(14) through (b)(57)SB0065, SB1209, HB1158
8-403(b)(33) amendedHB0097 / CH0591
9-112amendedSB0260, SB0454, HB0317, HB0389, HB0611
9-120(b) amendedSB1158 / CH0185, HB1721 / CH0184
9-122(f) amendedHB0010
9-1A-01(a) without amendmentsHB1171 / CH0299, HB1346
9-1A-01(k) without amendmentsHB1346
9-1A-01(u) amendedHB1171 / CH0299
9-1A-04(d) amendedSB0932, HB1025
9-1A-04(d)(11) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9-1A-10amendedSB0383 / CH0336, HB1622 / CH0335
9-1A-26(a) without amendmentsHB1171 / CH0299
9-1A-26(e) amendedHB1171 / CH0299
9-1A-27without amendmentsSB1258, HB1815
9-1A-27(a)(4) without amendmentsSB0381 / CH0334, HB0392 / CH0333
9-1A-27(a)(6) amendedSB1248, HB1233
9-1A-27(c)(1)(v) amendedSB1248, HB1233
9-1A-27(d) amendedSB0803, SB0805, SB0857, HB0867
9-1A-28(a) without amendmentsSB0381 / CH0334, HB0392 / CH0333, HB1232
9-1A-28(b) without amendmentsHB1232
9-1A-28(c) amendedHB1232
9-1A-28(e)(1) without amendmentsSB0381 / CH0334, HB0392 / CH0333
9-1A-28(g)(1) amendedSB0381 / CH0334, HB0392 / CH0333
9-1A-30amendedSB0589, SB0590, SB0779, SB1141, SB1258, HB0557, HB1203, HB1815, HB1830
9-1A-30(a) without amendmentsHB1346
9-1A-30(b)(1) amendedHB1346
9-1A-31amendedSB0480 / CH0751
9-1A-31(a)(1) amendedHB1346
9-1A-31(a)(1) through (a)(3) without amendmentsSB0032, HB0130 / CH0767
9-1A-31(a)(1) without amendmentsHB0035
9-1A-31(a)(2) without amendmentsHB0035
9-1A-31(a)(3) without amendmentsHB0035
9-1A-31(a)(4) amendedSB0032, HB0130 / CH0767
9-1A-31(a)(7) amendedHB0035
9-1A-31(c) amendedHB0181
9-1A-36(l) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9-1C-01amendedSB0404, HB0581
9-1C-02addedSB0992, HB0868
9-1D-01amendedSB0900 / CH0853, SB1015
9-1D-01through 9-1D-05 addedHB1346
9-1D-01transferred from Article - Criminal Law { 12-114SB1015, SB0900 / CH0853
9-505amendedSB0608 / CH0280, HB0658 / CH0279
9-913(e) without amendmentsHB1056, HB1265
9-913(f) without amendmentsHB1056
9-913(g) amendedHB1056, HB1265
9-913(h) without amendmentsHB1056
9-913(i) without amendmentsHB1056
9-957amendedSB0053 / CH0152, HB0242 / CH0153
9-957(e)(1)(i) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9-960addedHB1096 / CH0786
9-961addedHB1096 / CH0786
9-1011(c) amendedHB1363
9-2001(a) without amendmentsHB0019
9-2001(b) without amendmentsHB0019
9-2007amendedSB0879, HB0019, HB1236
9-20B-01(a) without amendmentsSB0732, HB1453
9-20B-01(d) without amendmentsSB0732, HB1453
9-20B-05(a) without amendmentsSB0732, HB0878, HB1453
9-20B-05(e) amendedHB0878
9-20B-05(f) amendedSB0732, HB0878, HB1236, HB1453
9-20B-05(f-1) repealedSB0732, HB1453
9-20B-05(h) amendedHB1236
9-20B-05(i) amendedSB0732, HB1453
9-20B-05(m) addedSB0732, HB1453
9-20C-03(a) without amendmentsHB0878
9-20C-03(g) amendedHB0878
9-2901amendedSB0281 / CH0151
9-3001(g) amendedSB0812 / CH0012
9-3202without amendmentsSB0593, HB1082
9-3203(a) amendedSB0593, HB1082
9-3301addedSB0417, HB0597, HB1787
10-110amendedSB1082, HB0855
10-221(c) amendedHB0167
10-224(a) without amendmentsSB1082, HB0855
10-224(b) amendedSB1082, HB0855
10-1001amendedSB1082, HB0855
10-1102(a) without amendmentsSB0029 / CH0733
10-1102(b) without amendmentsSB0029 / CH0733
10-1102(c) without amendmentsSB0029 / CH0733
10-1102(e) without amendmentsSB0029 / CH0733
10-1103amendedSB0029 / CH0733
10-1104amendedSB0029 / CH0733
10-1105addedSB0029 / CH0733
10-1105amendedSB0029 / CH0733
10-1301(a) without amendmentsHB1717 / CH0552
10-1301(c) amendedHB1717 / CH0552
10-1701addedSB0929, HB1623
12-101(a)(3) amendedSB0554
12-104(a) amendedSB1042, HB1270
12-105without amendmentsSB0554
12-109amendedSB1042, HB1270
17-109addedSB0687 / CH0016, HB0422
18-103(e)(6)(ii) amendedHB0167
20-101(a) without amendmentsSB1138
20-101(b) without amendmentsSB1138
20-101(d) amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-304without amendmentsSB0823, HB0935
20-402without amendmentsSB0823, HB0935
20-604amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1001amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1006amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1007amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1009amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1012amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1013amendedSB1060, HB1565
20-1016amendedSB0823, HB0935
20-1017amendedSB1060, HB1565

June 12, 2018 10:46 A.M.