Transportation (gtr)

2017 Regular Session

Total Entries: 403

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SectionBill ActionBill Number / Chapter
1-101(a) without amendmentsSB0586, HB1322
1-101(c) without amendmentsSB0312, HB0371
1-101(e) without amendmentsSB0586, HB1322
2-102(c) amendedHB0149 / CH0112
2-102(e) amendedSB0939
2-103.1(c)(1)(i) without amendmentsHB0152 / CH0023
2-103.1(c)(9) addedHB0152 / CH0023
2-103.1(m)(2) amendedHB0152 / CH0023
2-103.4(a) amendedSB0661
2-103.4(g) amendedSB0483, HB0614
2-103.7amendedSB0307 / CH0030
2-103.7(a)(1) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
4-101(h) without amendmentsSB0264, SB0536, HB0259, HB0290 / CH0719
4-312(a)(2) without amendmentsSB0264, HB0259
4-312(c) amendedSB0264, HB0259
4-406addedSB1090, HB0049
7-101(a) without amendmentsSB0025 / CH0716
7-101(b) without amendmentsSB0025 / CH0716
7-101(d) without amendmentsSB0025 / CH0716
7-101(l) without amendmentsSB0025 / CH0716
7-101(n) amendedSB0025 / CH0716
7-203.1addedHB0149 / CH0112
7-208amendedSB0484 / CH0016, HB0271 / CH0024
7-709addedSB0265 / CH0351, SB1149 / CH0785, HB0285 / CH0352, HB1651
8-101(a) without amendmentsHB0264, HB1334 / CH0761, HB1374
8-101(b) without amendmentsHB1334 / CH0761
8-101(i) without amendmentsHB0264, HB1374
8-101(q) without amendmentsHB1374
8-102amendedSB0850, HB0907
8-204(h) without amendmentsSB0430
8-402amendedSB0161, SB0563, SB0564, SB0586, HB0552, HB0942, HB0946, HB1322
8-403amendedSB0161, SB0563, SB0564, SB0586, HB0552, HB0942, HB0946, HB1322
8-405without amendmentsSB0563, SB0564, HB0942, HB0946
8-408(b) amendedHB0264
8-412(a)(1) amendedSB0586, HB1322
8-412(c) amendedSB0586, HB1322
8-602(a) amendedHB1251
8-604without amendmentsSB0431
8-644addedSB0098, HB0534 / CH0136
8-659addedSB0328 / CH0555, SB0535, SB1157 / CH0712, HB0543, HB0951 / CH0711, HB1334 / CH0761, HB1374
10-208addedHB0119 / CH0003
10-301repealedSB0125 / CH0682, HB0082 / CH0681
10-302repealedSB0125 / CH0682, HB0082 / CH0681
10-303repealedSB0125 / CH0682, HB0082 / CH0681
11-101without amendmentsHB1447 / CH0758
11-103.3addedSB0979 / CH0694
11-103.3renumbered to be 11-103.4SB0979 / CH0694
11-103.4addedSB0902, HB1013
11-103.5addedSB0902, HB1013
11-131without amendmentsHB1447 / CH0758
11-135amendedSB0902, HB1013
11-140.1amendedHB1150 / CH0757
11-145.1renumbered to be 11-145.2HB0578
11-145.1without amendmentsSB0302, HB0036
11-153without amendmentsSB0155, SB0264, SB0987, HB0259, HB0341, HB0940
11-154amendedSB0341 / CH0696, HB0023
11-154without amendmentsSB0155, SB0264, SB0987, HB0259, HB0341, HB0940
11-173without amendmentsSB0155, SB0264, SB0341 / CH0696, SB0987, HB0023, HB0259, HB0341, HB0940
11-174without amendmentsSB0155, SB0341 / CH0696, SB0987, HB0023, HB0341, HB0940
12-206.1amendedHB1071 / CH0702
12-301amendedSB0165 / CH0055
12-301(a) without amendmentsSB1133, HB0532
12-301(b) amendedSB1133, HB0532
12-301(h) without amendmentsSB1133, HB0532
13-101.1without amendmentsSB0902, HB1013
13-104(c) amendedHB0492 / CH0684
13-107(a) amendedHB0492 / CH0684
13-115addedHB0492 / CH0684
13-401(b) without amendmentsHB0031
13-402amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-402(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0299, SB0902, SB1097, HB0176 / CH0710, HB1013
13-402(c) amendedSB0299, SB1097, HB0176 / CH0710
13-402.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-410(h) addedHB1447 / CH0758
13-616amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-616.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-616.2amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-704amendedSB0165 / CH0055
13-802amendedHB1150 / CH0757
13-802(c) addedSB0449 / CH0663, HB1360
13-810(a)(3) amendedSB0034 / CH0344
13-810(a)(24) amendedSB0449 / CH0663, HB1360
13-810(a)(25) amendedSB0449 / CH0663, HB1360
13-810(a)(26) addedSB0449 / CH0663, HB1360
13-815amendedSB0315, SB0393 / CH0363, HB0110, HB0406 / CH0362
13-919(c)(2)(ii) without amendmentsSB1050, HB1479
13-919(h) amendedSB1050, HB1479
13-939.3addedSB0902, HB1013
13-955amendedHB0152 / CH0023
14-102amendedSB0165 / CH0055
14-103amendedSB0165 / CH0055
14-104amendedSB0165 / CH0055
14-107amendedSB0165 / CH0055
14-110amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-207(a) amendedSB1004, HB1120 / CH0560
15-207(e) amendedSB1004, HB1120 / CH0560
15-212(c)(7) without amendmentsSB0566
15-212(c)(10) amendedSB0566
15-212(c)(11) amendedSB0566
15-212(c)(12) without amendmentsSB0566
15-212.1(c)(1) amendedSB0566
15-302amendedSB0020, SB0165 / CH0055
15-304(c) amendedHB0756 / CH0747
15-304(d) amendedHB0756 / CH0747
15-304(e) amendedHB0756 / CH0747
15-304(f) addedHB0756 / CH0747
15-311.2amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-312amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-313amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-314amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-402amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-411amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-502amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-509amendedSB0165 / CH0055
15-515addedSB0165 / CH0055
15-804(b) amendedSB0045 / CH0195
16-101amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-101(a) amendedSB0979 / CH0694
16-102amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-105(d) amendedHB0205
16-106(a) without amendmentsSB0089
16-106(b)(1) amendedSB0089
16-111(b) amendedHB0205
16-111.1(d) amendedSB0089
16-112amendedSB1163, HB0244
16-113amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-113(d) amendedHB0330
16-113(d-1) amendedSB0987, HB0341, HB0940
16-114amendedSB1163, HB0244
16-116(a) amendedSB0089
16-117.1amendedHB1017 / CH0717
16-203(b) without amendmentsSB0799 / CH0488, HB0844
16-205(e)(3)(iv) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(3)(v) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(7)(i) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(7)(ii) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(8) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(9)(i) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205(e)(11) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-205.1(b)(1)(i) without amendmentsHB1490
16-205.1(b)(2)(iii) amendedHB1490
16-205.1(b)(3)(vii) amendedHB1490
16-205.1(c)(1) amendedHB0489
16-205.1(f)(4)(i) without amendmentsHB1490
16-205.1(f)(8)(v) without amendmentsHB1490
16-205.1(g) amendedHB1490
16-205.1(j) amendedSB0692
16-205.1(p) amendedHB1490
16-205.2amendedSB0972, HB1068
16-205.3addedSB0972, HB1068
16-206(a)(2) without amendmentsSB0799 / CH0488, HB0844
16-206(a)(5)(i) without amendmentsHB1071 / CH0702
16-206(b)(1) through (b)(3) without amendmentsHB0031
16-206(c)(1) through (c)(4) without amendmentsHB0031
16-206(f) without amendmentsHB1071 / CH0702
16-301amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-303amendedSB0165 / CH0055, SB0799 / CH0488, HB0844
16-303(k) amendedHB1418
16-303.1addedSB0165 / CH0055
16-402(a)(14) without amendmentsSB0799 / CH0488, HB0844
16-402(a)(25) without amendmentsHB0333
16-402(a)(36) amendedHB0489
16-402(a)(37) amendedSB0974
16-404.1(a)(2) without amendmentsHB0757
16-404.1(d)(1)(i)4. amendedSB0494 / CH0062
16-806amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-807amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-808amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-812amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-812(a) amendedSB0958, HB0881
16-813.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-815amendedSB0165 / CH0055
16-816(a) amendedSB0342
17-101amendedHB0603 / CH0345
17-103without amendmentsSB0961, HB1385
17-103(b) amendedSB0403 / CH0815, HB0005 / CH0020
17-104amendedSB0961, HB1385
17-104.3addedSB0961, HB1385
17-106(e)(1) without amendmentsSB0034 / CH0344
17-106(e)(3) amendedSB0034 / CH0344
17-107amendedSB0165 / CH0055, HB0603 / CH0345
17-110amendedSB0165 / CH0055
17-110without amendmentsHB0603 / CH0345
18-101.1addedSB1056, HB1520
18-102amendedSB0961, HB1385
18-104amendedSB0165 / CH0055
18-201through 18-206 addedSB1056
18-201through 18-207 addedHB1520
20-102amendedSB0165 / CH0055
20-102without amendmentsHB0031
20-103amendedSB0165 / CH0055
20-103without amendmentsHB0031
20-104amendedSB0165 / CH0055
20-105amendedSB0165 / CH0055
20-108amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-101(a) without amendmentsSB0338, SB0925, HB0051, HB0997 / CH0754
21-101(i) without amendmentsSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-101(j) amendedHB0051
21-101(l-1) addedSB0338
21-101(m) amendedSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-101(o) without amendmentsSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-101(w) without amendmentsSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-104.1amendedSB0979 / CH0694
21-104.3addedSB1097, SB0299, HB0176 / CH0710
21-107amendedSB0078, HB1301 / CH0760
21-201(a)(1) without amendmentsSB0338
21-201(e) addedSB0338
21-202amendedSB0779, HB0237
21-202(a) without amendmentsSB0338, HB0578
21-202(m) amendedSB0338, HB0578
21-202(n) addedSB0338, HB0578
21-202.1(a)(3)(ii) amendedSB0494 / CH0062
21-204amendedSB0338, HB0578
21-204.2addedSB0338, HB0578
21-206amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-304amendedHB1456 / CH0759
21-314amendedHB0889 / CH0748
21-401without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-401.1without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-402through 21-404 without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-404.1without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-405without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-406addedSB0165 / CH0055
21-501.1(a) without amendmentsHB0051
21-502amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-502(a) amendedSB0338, HB0578
21-503without amendmentsHB1079
21-506without amendmentsSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-703amendedSB0098, HB0534 / CH0136
21-706amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-706without amendmentsSB0154 / CH0744, HB0495
21-706.1(a)(3) amendedHB0263 / CH0683
21-706.1(a)(6) without amendmentsSB0154 / CH0744, HB0495
21-706.1(e) amendedSB0154 / CH0744, HB0186, HB0495
21-706.1(e) without amendmentsHB0263 / CH0683
21-706.1(f) amendedHB0263 / CH0683
21-706.1(h)(5) without amendmentsHB0263 / CH0683
21-801.1(a) amendedHB0337
21-801.1(b) amendedHB0337
21-802.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-803(a) amendedHB0332, HB0337
21-803.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055, SB0865, HB1199
21-810(b)(1) through (b)(3) without amendmentsHB1654
21-810(c)(1) without amendmentsHB1654
21-810(c)(2) amendedHB1654
21-901.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055, HB0329
21-902amendedSB0165 / CH0055, SB0974
21-902without amendmentsHB0031
21-902(a) through (d) amendedSB0312
21-902(a) without amendmentsHB1151
21-902(b) without amendmentsHB1105
21-902(d) amendedSB0974
21-902(f)(2)(ii) amendedHB1151
21-902(h) addedSB0312, HB0371
21-902.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-902.2addedSB0165 / CH0055
21-902.2(a) amendedSB0523, HB0784
21-902.3addedSB0165 / CH0055
21-902.4addedSB0165 / CH0055
21-904amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-904(b) without amendmentsHB0031
21-904(c) without amendmentsHB0031
21-905without amendmentsHB0333
21-1003amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1003.2addedSB0302, HB0036
21-1004(g) addedHB1455
21-1010amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-10A-01through 21-10A-06 without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
21-10A-07addedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1103amendedSB0337, HB0527
21-1103.1addedSB0337, HB0527
21-1104amendedSB0012, HB1335 / CH0756
21-1116amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1122amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1124.2amendedHB0242, HB1477
21-1124.3amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1126amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1127amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1128amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1128without amendmentsHB0969
21-1128(b)(1) without amendmentsHB0031
21-1128(c) without amendmentsHB0031
21-1130addedSB0902, SB0979 / CH0694, HB1013, HB0011 / CH0697, HB0947
21-1201(c) without amendmentsHB0051
21-1202amendedSB0925, HB0997 / CH0754
21-1305(b) amendedSB0668 / CH0751
21-1411amendedSB0165 / CH0055
21-1414amendedSB0139, SB0165 / CH0055, SB0778, HB0963, HB1011
22-201.2amendedSB0086 / CH0750, HB0494 / CH0749
22-218(c)(6) amendedSB0707 / CH0752, HB0952 / CH0753
22-218(c)(11) without amendmentsSB0707 / CH0752, HB0952 / CH0753
22-404.4amendedSB0165 / CH0055
22-404.5amendedSB0165 / CH0055
22-405.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
22-409amendedSB0165 / CH0055
22-412amendedSB0155, SB0987, HB0341, HB0940
22-412.3amendedSB0987, HB0341, HB0940
22-412.3(a) amendedHB1285
22-412.3(c) amendedHB1285
22-415amendedSB0165 / CH0055
22-611amendedSB0165 / CH0055
23-101(a) without amendmentsHB0122 / CH0670
23-101(b) amendedHB0122 / CH0670
23-101(e) without amendmentsHB0122 / CH0670
23-106(a)(7) amendedSB0034 / CH0344
23-106(a)(8) amendedSB0034 / CH0344
23-106(a)(9) addedSB0034 / CH0344
23-106(b)(1) without amendmentsSB0034 / CH0344
23-106(b)(2) without amendmentsSB0034 / CH0344
23-108.1amendedHB0122 / CH0670
23-109amendedSB0165 / CH0055
23-305amendedSB0165 / CH0055
23-403amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-107amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-111amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-111.1amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-112amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-113.2amendedSB0558 / CH0076, SB0917 / CH0353, HB0768, HB1035 / CH0077
24-303without amendmentsSB0165 / CH0055
24-304amendedSB0165 / CH0055
24-401addedSB0165 / CH0055
25-102(a)(14) amendedSB0979 / CH0694
25-106.2addedSB0418, HB0411
25-110amendedSB0165 / CH0055
25-111amendedSB0165 / CH0055
25-112amendedSB0165 / CH0055
25-209amendedSB0165 / CH0055
26-301(a) without amendmentsHB0024
26-301(b) without amendmentsSB0136, HB0024
26-301(c) amendedSB0136
26-305amendedSB0165 / CH0055
26-305(a) amendedSB0338
27-101repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-101through 27-104 addedSB0165 / CH0055
27-101(a) without amendmentsHB0242
27-101(b) without amendmentsHB0242
27-101(c)(22) repealedHB1105
27-101(c)(23) through (c)(26) amendedHB1105
27-101(c)(25) amendedSB0974
27-101(c)(26) amendedSB0974
27-101(c)(27) addedSB0974
27-101(d)(4) amendedHB1105
27-101(d)(5) amendedHB1105
27-101(d)(6) addedHB1105
27-101(f) amendedSB0312, HB0371
27-101(f)(1) amendedSB0974
27-101(f)(2) amendedSB0974
27-101(h) without amendmentsHB0603 / CH0345
27-101(j)(2)(ii) amendedHB1151
27-101(k) amendedSB0312, HB0371
27-101(k)(1) amendedSB0974
27-101(q) amendedSB0312, HB0371
27-101(q)(1) amendedSB0974
27-101(q)(2) addedHB1105
27-101(q)(2) amendedHB1105
27-101(q)(3) amendedHB1105
27-101(gg) amendedHB1418
27-101(gg) without amendmentsSB0799 / CH0488, HB0844
27-101.1repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-101.2repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-102through 27-107 repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-107(a) amendedSB0523, HB0784
27-107.1repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-108through 27-115 repealedSB0165 / CH0055
27-116addedSB0312, HB0371

November 28, 2017 1:24 P.M.