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Statutes Text

Article - Agriculture


    (a)    The Committee may perform acts, hold public hearings, and, subject to the approval of the Secretary, adopt rules and regulations necessary for the execution of its functions under this subtitle.

    (b)    The Committee may delegate to its chairman, any member, or any employee powers and duties it deems proper.

    (c)    The Committee shall:

        (1)    Adopt a seal which shall be judicially noticed;

        (2)    Offer assistance to the supervisors of soil conservation districts;

        (3)    Keep the supervisors of each district informed of the activities and experience of the other districts and facilitate cooperation and interchange of advice and experience between the districts;

        (4)    Coordinate the programs of the several soil conservation districts by advising and consulting with the districts;

        (5)    Secure the cooperation and assistance of the United States, its agencies, and State agencies in the work of the districts;

        (6)    Disseminate information throughout the State concerning the activities and programs of the soil conservation districts and encourage the formation of districts in any areas where their organization is desirable;

        (7)    Grant to the districts either directly or through the counties funds made available to the Committee for use by the districts in implementing the soil conservation program;

        (8)    Provide for the execution of surety bonds for every employee or officer entrusted with funds or property;

        (9)    Keep a full and accurate record of all proceedings and every rule or regulation or order issued or adopted; and

        (10)    Assign to the districts such clerical and administrative employees as authorized by the annual State budget or through agreement with local governments.

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