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Article - Business Occupations and Professions


    (a)    In this article the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Clock hour” means a minimum of 50 minutes of actual class time for each 60–minute hour.

    (c)    “Consumer member” means a nonprofessional member of a regulatory unit who is appointed from the general public.

    (d)    “County” means a county of the State and, unless expressly provided otherwise, Baltimore City.

    (e)    “Department” means the Maryland Department of Labor.

    (f)    “Partnership” includes a partnership registered as a limited liability partnership authorized by Title 9A of the Corporations and Associations Article.

    (g)    “Person” means an individual, receiver, trustee, guardian, personal representative, fiduciary, or representative of any kind and any partnership, firm, association, corporation, or other entity.

    (h)    “Secretary” means the Secretary of Labor.

    (i)    “State” means:

        (1)    a state, possession, territory, or commonwealth of the United States; or

        (2)    the District of Columbia.

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