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Statutes Text

Article - Business Regulation


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Construction license” means a license issued by the clerk to do construction business.

    (c)    “Do construction business” means to agree to:

        (1)    pave or curb a sidewalk, street, or other public or private property;

        (2)    excavate earth, rock, or other material for a foundation or other purpose; or

        (3)    do work on or in a building or other structure that requires the use of a building material, including:

            (i)    paint;

            (ii)    stone;

            (iii)    brick;

            (iv)    mortar;

            (v)    wood;

            (vi)    cement;

            (vii)    structural iron;

            (viii)    structural steel;

            (ix)    sheet iron;

            (x)    galvanized iron;

            (xi)    metallic piping;

            (xii)    tin;

            (xiii)    lead;

            (xiv)    electric wiring; or

            (xv)    any other metal.

    (d)    “Nonresident construction license” means a construction license issued by the clerk to a person who is incorporated or has its principal office in another state.

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